Den of inquisition

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To the editor:
To Sunset Beach citizens: Remember the once beautiful Angels Trace Golf Course (now Jaguar’s Lair)? Remember the hype and how grand it was supposed to be?
Now, seven years later you have the biggest eyesore and wasteland ever seen in Sunset Beach. Jaguar’s Lair generated tens of millions of dollars in lot sales. What type of corporate entity wouldn’t reinvest this money to finish off what was supposed to be a crown jewel in your community?
What does an unfinished Jaguar’s Lair mean to you?
1) Your home values will not achieve maximum potential until Jaguar’s Lair is populated with high value homes.
2) Your Sunset Beach small businesses will suffer because new Jaguar’s Lair families are nowhere to be seen.
3) Jaguar’s Lair provides an unknown and visual disincentive to families wanting to move to Sunset Beach.
Prospective politicians are gearing up for the next state and countywide elections. Maybe a peaceful protest is in order to highlight the carnage this developer has inflicted on Sunset Beach and Brunswick County. Perhaps then newly elected officials will enact legislation to prevent any community in North Carolina to avoid this type of carnage. If Mr. Mark Saunders does not get a favorable ruling on lawsuits regarding Jaguar’s Lair, he has endless appeals at his disposal. What you see in Jaguar’s Lair today, you will see the same 10 years from now.
Jaguar’s Lair lot owners have accepted their losses. You do not have to accept yours.

Norm Fitzgerald
Jaguar’s Lair lot owner
Sarasota, Fla.