Dentist is a blessing to many

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To the editor:
We are blessed and have so many people in Brunswick County who have a heart to help people and never get recognition, mainly by their own choosing.
I read with interest about local dentist Dr. John Madison, who reached out to pay-it-forward and help Joyce Davis, a cancer patient with a painful dental problem. He took away the pain without thought of monetary consideration.
Not only does he reach out and help an individual whom he did not know, he helps others and at his request, has become our emergency dentist for Brunswick Christian Recovery Center (BCRC).
Occasionally, we have residents without income who have emergency dental need that need to be treated to help in their recovery. BCRC is a Christ-centered recovery program and receives support from churches, individuals and organizations.
Joyce, our prayers are with you as you work through your healing. I feel as you do that God has sent Dr. Madison to us.
Thank you, Dr. John Madison, and your staff for all that you do in Brunswick County to help others.
Tom Sherman, chairman
Brunswick Christian Recovery Center