Dentistry before deployment

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Dr. Robert Quintano has heard his share of military stories from many soldiers who have served overseas.


Earlier this month, he spent a weekend with soldiers ready for deployment at the South Carolina National Guard Armory in Greenwood. Quintano was contracted to perform dental work for the soldiers before they leave for Iraq.

“They come home on leave for a year and then they have to reprocess through all the medical to go back to Iraq,” he said. “If there’s any kind of big problem, they fix them right there on the spot.”

Quintano and Dr. David Holloway, a dentist from Hilton Head, S.C., spent two days at the National Guard Armory. They performed fillings, crowns and other dental procedures. Quintano also spent time in Raleigh earlier this month performing similar work on about 50 soldiers.

“They’re great. These guys are just the best,” he said of the soldiers. The truth is I’d do it for free easy. These guys are great.”

Quintano has been contracted for his dental services for about five years, and he said the best part about the job is the people he meets. One soldier he met at the National Guard Armory in Greenwood, Pvt. Marshall Davis, celebrated his 19th birthday by receiving a root canal, two stainless steel crowns and six fillings.

“Overall they’re patriots,” Quintano said. “These guys are actually going overseas to fight and risk their lives. That’s pretty amazing to me.”