Dispose of litter properly

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To the editor:

There appears to be a false concept that I collect aluminum cans and recycle glass bottles. The fact is that I live on a “destination street,” which means there is one street into and out of this subdivision. Therefore, either my neighbors or their friends who have been disposing of their trash in my front yard really need to take note and find a proper way to dispose of their refuse.

These deposits have been occurring since the first of the year. I assumed the game was to see how close the can/bottle could come to a destination/target. Now the object of the game must be just to get rid of the trash.

I enjoy gardening and working in the outdoors; however, cleaning up these aluminum cans and bottles is really not the task I have the time nor interest to perform.

Please don’t litter. Find a proper bin or recycling center for your trash — not in my yard or on the side of the street.


Grover H. Holden