Does ‘the season’ mean what I think it means?

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By Brian Slattery

In my conversations with people around Brunswick County these days, I’m hearing more and more references to “the Season.”

Now I’m not from here, but I know a little bit about what that means because folks in the newspaper office have been hinting about the hectic nature of the tourist season since I got here.

Or they used to. In my six months here, the editor and reporter who interviewed me for this job have both left the newspaper business. I can only assume it was “the season” that broke them, which gives the comments they made about “the season” an ominous tone.

I grew up in Florida, so I have some experience with tourists.

But I think because, meteorologically speaking, there are no seasons in Florida — or just the one that allows people to wear the same outfit on Christmas Day that they wore on Independence Day— we never really ramped up for a rush of tourists.

I’m sure the Disney people kept track of when the true tourist season arrived in Florida, but the rest of us knew if we just stuck to the side roads we could remain oblivious to the number of visitors clogging I-95.

So as we get closer to Memorial Day, I’m interested, or perhaps the word I’m looking for is trepidatious—about “the season’s” arrival and how it will play out.

Of course, I might be reading the signals wrong. All the talk of the season might not be concerned with tourist season at all, and maybe it’s used in reference to tiny-biting-insect season.

I wish I had been forewarned about that before I packed my stuff.

Again, Florida is known for having a few pests you should be warned about when you show up there.

The primary nuisance is the mosquito. I can tell you right now if I had been told about mosquitoes—mostly about their love for draining my blood and poisoning me every time I stepped outside—6-year-old me would have vetoed dad’s transfer from GE-Wilmington to GE-Daytona Beach.

So far here in Brunswick County I have been buzzed by more honeybees— giant, John F. Kennedy-half-dollar-sized honeybees—than mosquitoes.

But that has left me blind to the assault by “no see ’ums” that look like gnats but have been turned into flesh-eating zombie bugs, in my opinion.

If this is what “the season” truly means, somebody pass along “the antidote.”


Brian Slattery is a staff writer for The Brunswick Beacon. Reach him at 754-6890 or bslattery@brunswickbeacon.com.