Doesn’t support stimulus plan

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: The past week, Rep. Mike McIntyre broke his campaign promises and voted for the infamous pork-filled $850 billion stimulus bill.

This bill is a huge rip-off on the American people by wasting billions on unneeded programs and doubling the size of many government programs. He approved spending money we do not have on things we do not need.

Lets see how Mike voted to spend your money:

1) $41 billion (5 percent of the total package) goes to major infrastructure projects promised by Obama; a good thing, but then where is the other 95 percent going?

2) $400 billion will directly benefit federal, state and municipal unions.

3) $5.2 billion for ACORN—This is Obama’s political payoff to the left-leaning nonprofit group under federal investigation for massive voter fraud in our last national election.

4) Tax credits for illegal immigrants of $500 each and $1,000 couple. While the law prohibits this, it does not require a Social Security number to get the credits; thus, the loophole. Didn’t he learn anything from the housing loans made to people without Social Security numbers? So here we go again.

5) $600 million will be spent for new cars for top government bureaucrats.

$1 billion for Amtrak, our federal railroad that has not made a profit in 40 years.

6) $2 billion for childcare subsidies.

7) $2.4 billion for carbon capture demonstration projects.

8) $30 billion to subsidize health insurance for those who lose their jobs.

This spending is not a one-time event. This will be built into each and every federal budget forever. We will be paying for this forever.

McIntyre has betrayed the trust of each of us placed in him by his support of this outrageous legislation.