Doesn't think superintendent is doing a good job

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: Concerning the grievance regarding superintendent, Katie McGee: People of this county, here we go again. This superintendent is not doing a good job for Brunswick County children.

I wonder how much money she is spending this time because paying for an attorney is by the hour and there have already been two days of hearings, not to mention the preparation time she used.

Wake up, people. I bet at least one, if not two teachers’ jobs, could be saved with these funds. She and this school board keep reminding us of the shortages in this year’s school budget. Remember who loses in this situation: our children.

I have known Sherry Dove for a number of years and know what an outstanding, honest employee she is. Hopefully at

some point, these [alleged] wrongdoings will be made public.

As I read the article with all the credible, trustworthy witnesses who stood with Sherry on and for her behalf, to me, when there is smoke, there is fire, and this is a raging one.

This superintendent has boxed herself in a comer several times and somehow she has managed to get herself out. This time after listening to all the evidence, will this school board finally take action to remove this disaster of a superintendent?

There is no doubt in my mind who stands tall and aboveboard in this latest action, and it sure is not Katie McGee. Sherry deserves our wholehearted support for the initiative she has taken to bring these actions to the attention of the citizens of Brunswick County,

Editor’s note: Per her contract with the district, Brunswick County Schools covers McGee’s legal fees in such situations.