Doesn't want to pay for safety class

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: Re: the July editorial on boat safety:

I find the idea of taking $30-$40 out of the pockets of the people of North Carolina is just a tax drive by the North Carolina General Assembly to draw more taxes from people and God knows who else will have to pay to operate a 10 horsepower boat in the Atlantic waterways.

Why should we have to shell out of our Social Security and little income money to learn how to operate a boat safely? We have always known how to do that.

Big politics are always thinking of how to get our money on one pretext or another.

The only thing the General Assembly is good for is to make abstract laws that cost us taxpayers to the teeth.

Vote “no” on the bill and kill this nonsense.

Where are they going to set up checkpoints to check every boat from Canada to Key West for safety tickets and give out tickets to help raise all that extra money for wildlife officers to retire on and have all that free stuff we regular taxpayers can’t get?

Safety lessons don’t keep drunks safe, and safety schools are fine as long as those that teach them use the high tax money we have already paid and without material fees. Period.