Don’t drink and drive

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This past Sunday, a 20-year-old Bolivia man was killed in a single-vehicle wreck on N.C. 133 near Belville.

Investigators believe high speed, failure to use seat belts and alcohol are all factors that may have contributed to the wreck that killed Anthony Burgess. 

The driver, Efird Johnson, 26, of Bolivia, now faces criminal charges.

While families across this community plan to celebrate the holiday season, it will be a time of mourning and sadness for the families and friends of these two young men.

If alcohol is a factor as investigators believe, the wreck can serve as a reminder to all how important it is not to drink and drive.

With the holidays here, parties and get-togethers are unfolding across Brunswick County. Many of these celebrations will include alcohol.

If you’re planning one of these parties, do the responsible thing—provide your guests with a place to stay overnight or make sure no one leaves your get-together without a sober, designated driver. You can do your part by encouraging partygoers to leave their keys with you. You can also help by having the number of transportation services, such as taxi cabs, close by.

If you’re attending a party or holiday celebration that includes alcohol, plan ahead. Bring someone along with you who doesn’t plan to drink. Let that person drive you home. Or, make arrangements in advance for an alternative ride home, such as a cab, or stay where you are until morning.

This time of year is meant to be one of celebration with family and friends. Celebrate responsibly. Don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve had drinks, and don’t let your friends or family members drive intoxicated.

And remember, local law enforcement officials will be on area roadways during the holiday season. Operation Booze it and Lose It begins Friday and continues until after the beginning of the new year. ACE and sheriff’s deputies will also be stepping up patrols.

Have a safe and happy holiday season and make sure everyone you love and care about gets home safely.