Don't legislate animal cruelty

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To the editor:

Last year, the N.C. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed HB 930, the puppy mill bill; however, this bill cannot become law until the Senate passes it.

It is bewildering why our own state senator, veterinarian Bill Rabon, refuses to support it and was quoted as saying, “Angels in heaven cannot make that bill pass.” It should not be legal for humans to subject animals to lives of torture. The ruse of the free market must not be allowed to protect people who practice animal cruelty.

Please take a minute now to let Rabon know you favor basic oversight to prevent cruelty by puppy mill operators in our state. If we fail to legislate compassionate limits to puppy mills, then by omission we are legislating cruelty. That’s not our way.


Diana Mardall

Carolina Shores