Don't stifle voices

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: Canaries sing incessantly. For someone desiring absolute peace and quiet, they are by no means the ideal pet. But if we would hear the “Song of Life,” a canary is essential.

I understand early coal miners carried canaries underground with them. A break in their song or one found dead in his cage indicated the presence of noxious fumes and the possibility of a lethal explosion. When the canaries stopped singing, the miners quickly got out of the mine.

Although all canaries sing the same basic song, each is actually unique. Yes, some canaries are more overbearing with their singing than others. And yes, we wish sometimes there was no such thing as a canary. In fact, we might go so far as to “silence” our canary.

So it is with all the media canaries. So it is with the news commentators. So it is with the talk show hosts. So it is with this newspaper. All that singing sometimes gets on our nerves and offends a few among us to the point of their attempting to “silence” them all. However, fellow miners, I warn you, if any of the canaries stop their singing, you best get out of the mine.