Dosher adds public wireless Internet

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In keeping with its mission to continually enhance its patient and visitor experience, Dosher Memorial Hospital in Southport has updated its onsite wireless network.
It has substantially upgraded its existing wireless network throughout the hospital to a new, state-of-the-art wireless network to meet current and future Wi-Fi demands.
The new network expands wireless coverage throughout the entire hospital, with the exception of patient rooms in the inpatient care unit, which will be implemented during the hospital’s upcoming renovation process. Patients are now able to enhance their hospital experiences by having total access to the Internet.
“Dosher’s new wireless network has been engineered to be the fastest, most secure, wireless infrastructure available today,” said David Gaffney, director of information technology at Dosher Hospital.
“It will handle any device that has wireless capabilities, from the latest medical device, tablet, PC or smart phone, to the oldest.”
“People come to the hospital every day with wireless-enabled laptops, tablets and smart phones, and we wanted to give them the opportunity to access the Internet,” said Kirk Singer, community relations director at Dosher Hospital. “More and more these days, people are provided with wireless access in public places, and we felt like this was a valuable service that we could and should provide to our patients and visitors. They will now be able to surf the Internet, or access their personal email, social media and texting accounts while they are waiting for a hospital service or visiting a patient at Dosher.”
There is no cost to access the hospital’s new wireless network. Patients and visitors wishing to gain access to the network can obtain login information at the volunteer desks in the main entrance lobby of the hospital or in the Patient Care Unit waiting area.