Dosher Hospital's patient satisfaction rating high

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Dosher Memorial Hospital has announced patients have rated Dosher Hospital above other hospitals in the region in quality of communications, responsiveness and the ability to control pain, according to information collected as part of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Hospital Quality Initiative (HQI).

The CMS survey represents the nation’s only standardized approach to collecting and measuring the patient’s perspective of hospital care.

The patient satisfaction survey was conducted by a professionally trained third party call center and measured seven critical aspects of hospital care: (1) quality of communication from nurses, (2) quality of communication from physicians, (3) communication about medications, (4) responsiveness of hospital staff, (5) pain management and (6) discharge information.

During the most recent three-month period, Dosher Hospital scored better than all other hospitals in the region in every area of this national survey, according to a press release from the hospital.

“As Brunswick County’s only publicly owned hospital, it is very important that our patients—who are also our owners—are satisfied with the quality of care and service they receive,” said Dan Jacobs, Dosher Hospital spokesperson.

“A uniformed approach to measuring patient satisfaction allows the public to compare facilities and make informed decisions about the best and safest place to obtain care.”