Dribble drivel

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To the editor:
What is dribble?
Well, for one, it can be the syrupy saliva descending from the parted lips of an infant, customarily followed by an endearing toothless smile of satisfaction. It matters not that the infant has no idea of what it is doing or of the gentle swabbing by a loving adult, who then places a gentle kiss on the cherub’s cheek.
Or, it might be the repeated pounding of an air-inflated leather sphere on a hardwood floor that signals a competitor’s attempt to score in a game of hoops.
Now, try to get your arms around this dribble.
Cindi Ross Scoppe, editorial writer for The State, a South Carolina news publication, wrote a column carried by The Sun News on Jan. 1 that wholly redefines the meaning of the word “dribble.”
First, she muses that it’s legitimate to argue Medicaid shouldn’t be treated as a job generator, and then she concludes it’s not legitimate to ignore jobs that an expansion of Medicaid would create.
This non sequitur could only enthrall the infantile minds of progressives who love forever to pound away their air-filled theory that government is the only legitimate source of jobs.
John A. Donnelly
Carolina Shores