Driving slower is the answer

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: Slow down, Mrs. Gallo. Your hyperbole-laden opinion regarding the inherent dangers of speed humps/bumps is nearly out of control and should be pulled over by the common-sense police and ticketed for reckless spinning in a residential zone.

We, the residents of Carolina Shores, may be careless speeders, but we are not stupid, careless speeders.

Costing lives? Damaging vehicles? Adding to our pollution and depleting the world’s energy supplies? Please! You neglected to mention the added dry cleaning costs from the coffee stains or the vertigo caused by the “roller coaster” experience.

What poses the greater real and imminent threat? Seconds delayed in response times for EMS, or rounding the long curve on Sunfield Drive at 45 mph while folks are out walking and riding on that section of road?

In fact, let’s just all slow down! Isn’t that the problem? Can’t we remedy the problem without traffic control devices? Apparently not.

I’m not necessarily opposed to your dislike of these devices, I’m just sick of careless residents speeding to and from their beloved homes with no regard for their actions and possible consequences.

You want to save gas? Slow down! You want to reduce pollution? Slow down! You want to save lives? Well, you get the point.

I would like to challenge all Carolina Shores residents to take responsibility for their actions and effect real change. Speed on highways if you must, but when you turn onto Persimmon or Country Club Drive, consider yourself home and slow down.

If not, let the bumps begin. I am ordering heavy-duty shocks for my vehicles so they don’t fall apart from the “cumulative damaging effect.”