Dub Fulford wins at Myrtle Beach Speedway

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After taking a couple weeks off, the drivers of Myrtle Beach Speedway delivered a thrilling night of racing Saturday.

The eager participants of the bike race took the track before the pre-race ceremony. Adam Fulford Jr. won his fourth Young Gun bike race of the year. Along with Fulford in the Young Guns Series were Easton Swain, Glenn Evans and Joshua Carlyle. The Hot Rod series was won by first-timer Jamie Lynchfield. Jeffry Carlyle, Christopher Chestnut, and Hudson Hale also competed.

The main feature event was the twin 35-lap Whelen All-American Late Model race. Claiming his second pole of the season was Jeremy McDowell. He was less than 0.02 of a second quicker than Justin Milliken during qualifying.

As soon as the drivers were coming out of turn four to complete the first lap, Matt Cox spun in the frontstretch grass. Cox got a little help getting loose from Milliken in the turn. Cox would return the favor later in night. 

McDowell held the lead for the first 15 laps, while points leader Rick Smith worked his way through the field. At the halfway mark, Smith passed McDowell for the lead. Once Smith got in the fresh air, he was unstoppable. 

With the results of the first race determining the starting position for the second late model race, Smith started on the pole and Terry Evans was second. The first 26 laps were smooth and clean, but with nine laps to go a caution came out for debris on the track. The caution gave Evans the opportunity to catch up with race leader Smith, who had been pulling away from the field before the caution. On the final lap of the Whelen All-American series race, Cox paid Milliken back from an earlier incident and put Milliken into the wall. Although Milliken brought home a wrecked race car, he still managed to finish in the top five. 

Michael McKinnon won his first pole of the season in the Mini-Stock Series. Although Chris Mills grabbed the lead on the first lap, McKinnon fought back to lead the second lap. McKinnon led the next couple of laps, but the experienced Dub Fulford was coming on strong. Adam Fulford, who started last, challenged McKinnon for second on lap 15. Dub Fulford claimed his third win of the season, with his son Adam finishing second.

Pole-sitter Randall Roberts and Dal Wright became the showstoppers of the Limited-Late Models race. The two drivers drove neck-in-neck for the first 10 laps. Roberts had just a little bit more momentum and snagged the lead on lap 15. While the battle for the lead took place, birthday boy Brian Vause was working he way through the crowd. Vause finished third, his best finish at Myrtle Beach Speedway. Roberts won the race, his fourth victory of the season.

Mark Hale drove a flawless race during the Street Stock division. After starting from the back, he cut through the field like butter, claiming another win. Hale broke his personal record of wins in a season by winning his sixth race of the year. 


Mini Stock

1. 72-Dub Fulford, 2. 71-Adam Fulford, 3. 18-Michael McKinnon, 4. 63-Harry Floyd, 5. 98-Chris Mills, 6. 6-Craig Schiel, 7. 13-Joey Stevens, 8. 5-Steven Plis, 9. 17-Jeff Carlyle.

Limited Late Models:

1. 13-Randall Roberts, 2. 8-Dal Wright, 3. 55-Brian Vause, 4. 44-David Parks, 5. 11-Lucas Williams, 6. 02-Sam Scarpelli,  7. 15-Kevin Barnhill, 8. 95-Sammy Scarpelli, 9. 3-Tommy Poole, 10. 7-Caleb Harrelson.

Street Stock

1. 55-Mark Hale, 2. 3-Tommy Poole, 3. 47-Clay Gossett, 4. 14-Cameron Herrington.

Whelen All-American Series (first race):

1. 28-Rick Smith, 2. 02-Justin Milliken, 3. 83-Jeremy McDowell, 4. 20-Terry Evans, 5. 1-Brent Brinson, 6. 51-Matt Cox.

Whelen All-American Series (second race):

1. 28-Rick Smith, 2. 20-Terry Evans, 3. 1-Brent Brinson, 4. 51-Matt Cox, 5. 02-Justin Milliken, 6. 83-Jeremy McDowell.