Easter traditions provide lasting memories of childhood

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Growing up in a devout Catholic household, we celebrated holidays in many more ways than just going to church.

On Sunday nights during the Christmas season, we’d light our own advent wreath and read passages from the Bible.

On Friday nights during Lent, we’d attend the Stations of the Cross and follow it by attending the parish fish fry.

We’d always have to give up at least one of our favorite treats during Lent, and our parents made sure we stuck to it.

Although our family’s religious traditions are just as important today and definitely have stuck with me over the years, it’s the more fun, holiday-themed traditions that stick out in my mind.

Easter morning was always as good as Christmas morning. Although my parents never gave us big gifts, we knew we’d have a huge basket waiting in our rooms when we woke up.

The baskets would always be color coordinated and have our favorite things in them. But my mom knew not to put any of those chocolate-covered “egg” candies in my basket.

I’ve never been a fan of eggs, and even though this one is covered in chocolate and filled with sugary goo, it’s no exception.

In addition to candy, there were always eggs with money in them. Some were filled with coins, some with dollar bills.

We always had one golden egg in our basket with one $20 bill. In my opinion, that egg was better than any Easter present my friends ever got.

The best part about the Easter baskets was they were right there in our rooms waiting for us. We didn’t have to wait until our parents woke up to open or look through them.

To a child who used to get in trouble for unwrapping Christmas gifts early—and being threatened not to receive a Disney video one year for doing so—this was heaven.

But once our parents did wake up, the real fun began.

We always had Easter egg hunts throughout our home. Even as college students, my sister and I would push, shove, and scratch each other to find and get a good hold on the eggs.

I remember them being filled with little things years ago, such as a plastic toy or a ring. But once we were college aged, eggs filled with quarters for the laundry machines back at school were the coveted ones.

Not to brag, but I always ended up with the most eggs. I think it’s my youngest child, sick of hand me downs, wanting to be the first and the best at something syndrome. But regardless of who ended up with what, our Easter egg hunt was always one of our favorite traditions.

My cousin Kevin has a tradition, too.

At every Easter dinner, someone in our family buys a lamb cake. Every year it comes from the same grocery store, and every year, someone in the family is in charge of watching Kevin.

See, Kevin likes to cut the end off the lamb, remove one of its chocolate chip eyes and stick it ee you get the idea. As gross as it may be, it wouldn’t be Easter without it.

Needless to say, that’s always Kevin’s piece.

KATHRYN JACEWICZ is a staff writer at the Beacon. Reach her at 754-6890 or kjacewicz@brunswickbeacon.com.