Economy hits home

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: It is kind of storming out today and it reminds me of the song “Tell Me Why” or was it “Stormy Weather”?

While you are at it, explain to me why insurance premiums go up, yet something gets older and is now worth less. Not only that, my house and property are still worth the same at the county courthouse, and I am having to pay more taxes on it.

I live at RiverSea Plantation and it hasn’t changed a bit but my HOA dues have gone up again. Also, the cost of living has increased even if I am on a fixed income. There must be something fixed about this whole economic system.

Meanwhile, I haven’t moved a muscle or bought or sold anything on the stock market, yet my retirement still has deteriorated by almost $100,000. It would seem like my value of my car, house and property and retirement and assessed value should all be fixed just like my income. What do you say to that?