Elections: N.C. Senate, District 8, Danny Hefner

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Name: Danny Hefner

Town of residence: Ocean Isle Beach

Political office sought: N.C. State Senate, District 8

Political affiliation: Democratic

Candidate website address: www.dannyhefner.com

Profession: Truck driver and therapeutic foster parent


Education: Belford University, bachelor of science, engineering management; USMC Engineer Equipment Officer School; USMC Warrant Officer School; USMC Journeyman Engineer Equipment Operator’s Course


Family information: Divorced; one biological son, Michael Hefner, 24


Organizations or affiliations: N.O.T.T.T. Foundation, board of directors; Communities in Schools, volunteer mentor for at-risk children; ordained inter-faith minister


Political experience: I have never been elected to public office. I sought election to the N.C. State Senate, District 44; Burke and Caldwell Counties; in 2008, but was not elected in my primary.


Why are you running for office?

1. More than 3,000 job opportunities were lost, by the current General Assembly from 2011 through the first quarter of 2012. The two major manufacturers were Continental Tire and Caterpillar. This was an abject failure. Legislation was never presented before the full Senate for a vote to be taken on the incentives packages. Not only did we lose those jobs, but we also lost the jobs that would have been in the supply chain for those two companies and today, here in Brunswick County, there are more than 400 families suffering. 2: More than $600 million dollars was cut from our education system statewide. Current senatorial representation voted for those cuts. This cost N.C. more than 6,000 jobs in education and is directly attributable to the low ranking nationally of the N.C. Education System. Public school funds have now been transferred to fund private schools. Low interest, direct federal student loans were abolished for N.C. Community College students on all 58 community college campuses statewide. 3: Heavy budget cuts have discontinued in-home nursing care and Meals on Wheels for about 15,000 N.C. Senior Citizens and again, current senatorial representation voted for those cuts. 4: To concentrate an effort on building an alternative energy production and bio-fuels production statewide.


What do you believe are the top three issues?

 1. Introduce legislation to have state level incentives in place now for all manufacturing companies planning or that may plan to relocate to N.C. This legislation will also include incentives for all companies that re-employ our nation’s military veterans. 2. Introduce legislation to immediately boost the funding for our education system, which will include re-establishment of vocational training programs in our high schools, and also creating high schools based on a core system of vocational path instruction. 3. Introduce legislation to develop the infrastructure needed to support an industry for alternative and bio-fuels production, again, creating jobs.