Emperor has no clothes

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To the editor:

As a senior citizen, I never thought that I would have to follow the example of a child who told the truth in the fairy tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Election-year decisions made by political leaders in Raleigh and Brunswick County reminded me of the tale.

It has been reported that North Carolina is facing a major budget shortfall of more than $400 million. Yet, political leaders in Raleigh have made election-year promises to give teachers a salary increase and to restore benefits eliminated by the 2013 General Assembly. I thought that this practice of politicians making decisions while ignoring the facts would be isolated in Raleigh.

Then, my experience at a recent board of education meeting convinced me that this type of thinking is taking place in Brunswick County. The board was presented with an unanticipated sewer bill of $400,000 and another bill of $800,000 related to a mandatory reduction in bus mileage. Therefore, it was shocking when the board voted to return to a “traditional” start schedule instead of retaining a $600,000 savings with a modified “staggered start” time.

Each time this type of decision is made by North Carolina politicians, citizens should not shout like the little boy — violation of a recent General Assembly bill — but simply mutter his words to voting family members and friends: “The Emperor has no clothes.”


William Flythe



Editor’s note: Flythe is a Brunswick County Board of Education candidate.