ENDIT: Shallotte pharmacists develop diaper-rash cream sold nationwide

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By Renee Sloan, Page Designer/Staff Writer

It’s the end-all, be-all cure in a little white jar, and it heals everything from babies’ chafed bottoms to sores on a dog’s back.
It is ENDIT, and two pharmacists in Shallotte developed the formula.
Many Shallotte natives may remember William Douglas Roycroft — or Doug, as many called him — as the pharmacist and owner of Shallotte Rexall Drugs and Ocean Isle Pharmacy. Others may remember him for his service to Brunswick Hospital, the Brunswick County Board of Health or the ABC Board.
“He was a person who cared about the community in which he lived, and he took an active part in serving it,” said his wife, Carol Roycroft.
But many people probably don’t know Doug has helped people worldwide. Doug was one of the developers of ENDIT, a diaper rash and bedsore ointment, and became president of ENDIT Laboratories, making the cream many called a “miracle cure” available worldwide.
In the early 1950s, Doug’s father, William Ruffin Roycroft, developed a treatment for diaper rash at his pharmacy in Wilmington. He mixed it up, labeled it “Diaper Rash Ointment” and sold it from his pharmacy counter.
A few years later, he moved to Shallotte and opened Shallotte Rexall Drugs. Doug joined him at the pharmacy after he graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Pharmacy. He took his dad’s formula, added a few extra ingredients and made the ointment even more effective.
Carol said the men often heard how much the ointment helped local residents, and they made more to keep up with the demand.
When William retired, Doug bought Shallotte Rexall Drugs, which later became Shallotte Drugstore Inc. He continued making and selling the ointment at the pharmacy, and when he later opened Ocean Isle Pharmacy he also sold the ointment there.
When Doug retired in 1993, he wanted to keep helping people and decided to make the ointment available wholesale. The first thing he needed was a new name.
“He said, ‘What will we call it, Carol?’” his wife said.
The two threw out a few names before Doug decided on one.
“He said, ‘I think we’ll call it ENDIT because it ends the skin problems,” she said.
Because he knew he could no longer keep up the demand for the cream locally, Carol said he began looking for a manufacturer.
“Doug met with a pharmacist in Lindsay, Okla., and he liked him,” she said.
The pharmacist began manufacturing the formula for Doug around 1996, and about five or six days later, it would arrive at a climate-controlled warehouse in Shallotte. Doug shipped the product to pharmacies, hospitals and nursing homes all around the country. He worked with a webmaster to create a website, www.endit.com, so individuals could purchase the product.
“He didn’t want anybody to ever have another bedsore or diaper-rash problem,” Carol said.
Doug died in 2011, and Carol took over the business to continue her husband’s legacy.
“It’s been a blessing for me to carry on his work because I see the results of it helping so, so many people,” she said.
Carol said she ships the product almost every day and has customers all over the country. She said she even has a customer in Lima, Peru.
“He had used it here and knew about the product,” she said. “He was visiting his mother who was bedridden and ordered some for her.”
She said the man offered to pay the extra shipping charges if she would send it, so she agreed. She has also received an email about shipping ENDIT to locations in Europe, but hasn’t done it yet because of postage restrictions.
Carol said she hopes to see Doug’s business continue to grow, but she doesn’t have any concrete business plan. In fact, she and Doug have never had to do any advertising for the product because she said the product markets itself.
“I don’t need plans to grow the business; it just grows,” she said with a laugh. “It grows by people telling others about it.”
She said she regularly gets phone calls and emails from people who tell her how much the product has helped them. She even has a testimonial from man’s best friend.
“A gentleman called me and told me it had cured a sore on his dog’s back,” she said.
Carol said she enjoys hearing how much Doug and William’s work has helped people, and she plans to continue it as long as she can.
“It’s been very gratifying for me to be able to carry on his important work,” she said.