Excellent show of community spirit in Cedar Grove

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Cedar Grove has a lot of heart.
Local residents showed just how much heart they have last weekend at the opening of the area’s new community center.
As it is in many rural areas, meeting places are often the cornerstone of community. For many years, people in the Cedar Grove area got together regularly at an old canning house that dated back to the 1950s. From the 1970s through the ’90s, that building became a hub of the Cedar Grove community.
In those years that building hosted countless community meetings. It became a place for celebrations like barbecues and family gatherings.
Eventually it became clear the old building would have to be replaced, so citizens rallied to get a new community center under way.
Eugene Hewett was an important part of the planning process. He was a key player in forming the Cedar Grove Improvement Association, a group dedicated to discussing—and seeking solutions for—community issues.
After meeting for several years, the community group eventually got the wheels turning to create a new community meeting space.
In 2004, property was purchased on Cedar Grove Road. Residents rallied together and put up a building.
It got a lot of use during the years, even though it had a limited amount of electricity. Resilient community members still liked the space; they were resourceful enough to bring along grills and fryers to cook for events on-site.
But the community continued to dream of having a more solid place to gather. Eventually it applied for a USDA grant and loan, which helped make the community center become a reality.
That didn’t come without a lot of hard work. The community group raised $71,000 to be used alongside a $51,000 grant. The rest of the project is covered by a USDA loan.
It was an ambitious goal, but one that is already paying off. On Saturday community members filled the new facility to mark its official opening.
This type of community connection and working together are among the many things that make Brunswick County such a special place to live.
We send congratulations and gratitude for all those who worked hard to create this new meeting space for Cedar Grove residents. It’s a beautiful step forward in continuing an area’s deep history of community and fellowship.