Extra taxes?

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: My family became a resident of Calabash on July 1 of this year, not by choice, but by way of annexation.

On Sept. 16, I received a tax bill from the town for 2009. I called town hall and was told the fiscal year was from July 1-June 30. I was not a resident on June 30, so I am either being billed for taxes when I was not a resident or I am paying taxes in the future.

A local attorney said, “Annexation is rape by a town.” I feel that way also but now I have to pay the town for the honor.

We bought our home in 1974 and closed the last of June. The seller paid the county taxes for that year and I received a tax bill in September 1975. I and other people who were annexed into town feel we are being ripped off.