Fake letter incites honchos at Carolina Shores Town Hall

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By Laura Lewis, Reporter

The letter looks fishy from the get-go, to anyone older than 5 who knows how to read, write, spell and use grammar real good.

“The Town of Carolina Shores have received numerious complaints regarding a red Toyota Truck being operated in a reckless manor throughout the neighborhood,” reads the missive recently mailed to the home of local residents Bill and Louise McGarva.

There’s nothing worse than an illicit truck in a reckless manor.

“A) Speed to fast for road conditions

  B) Driver and passenger intoxication,” continues the memo dated May 25.

“This is a retirement community and your neighbors are asking you to slow down and obey all traffic laws. Your vehicle description, license number will be reported to the Brunswick County Sheriffs Department.”


The note is signed, in barely discernible chicken-scratch font, “Mayor Selby.”

At the top, in the same matching scribble, “Mayor Selby” supposedly wrote, “Bill, this letter is for your son. Toyota P-Up Trk.”

The very top of the letter consists of what can best be described by any trained Brunswick County detective—should one decide to investigate—as crooked, cut-and-paste letterhead.

One dead giveaway is the pasted-on town seal, which is the town’s old version that’s no longer used—aha!

After closer scrutiny of this letter, at last week’s town commissioners’ meeting the real Mayor Selby announced he did not write nor sign it with his usual scribble, which is a different rendition than the one on the letter.

“Yours isn’t that great, either,” town commissioner Tom Puls quipped at the June 9 gathering, drawing much-needed comic relief and laughter among citizens in the town meeting room.

Selby also took issue with anyone in the area impersonating him this way.

I mean, seriously, after all, who else would want to be mayor of Carolina Shores, fake or otherwise? Obviously, the person who wrote this has to be plum bat-guano crazy. Avoid him/her if you can, once we find out who it is.

“I am sorry that some resident made the effort to look like I was sending something out, which I did not,” Selby said.

In his defense, he said the letter is not on stationery that the town of Carolina Shores uses. It’s postmarked on a date when he was in Greenville, S.C. He doesn’t know the McGarvas or who their son is, and Selby, a former law enforcement officer, said he doesn’t patrol on Calabash Drive.

“Everybody can draw their own conclusions. I can assure this board that it did not come from me,” he said.

Carolina Shores town commissioner Joyce Dunn’s own conclusion and comment was to turn this matter over to the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office.

“Someone impersonating an elected official is a serious matter,” she said.

Furthermore, Louise McGarva, in attendance at the meeting, said the letter insinuated erroneous things about her son, who is a volunteer and paid fireman who “has never touched a drop of alcohol in his life.”

She said she has a suspect, though she declined to disclose who it is at this time.


She said they need an apology, not from the mayor but from “somebody”—perhaps from the fake mayor.

“I will apologize on behalf of the ignorant person who sent that in,” Selby said.

During public comment time, former town commissioner Gere Dale, who usually has a comment or more, suggested the town send a letter to the McGarvas indicating “the town is not complicit in this, for the record.”

Furthermore, the town needs to send this to the sheriff’s department for whatever follow-up it may require, he said.



Laura Lewis is a staff writer at the Beacon. Reach her at 754-6890 or email llewis@brunswickbeacon.com.