Fire all involved in IRS scandal

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To the editor:
Now it should be clear to all that the Obama administration has been on a rampage of intimidation, smearing, investigating and financially damaging every political opponent.
Early in 2010, President Obama began deriding conservative groups as “tea baggers,” and vice president Joe Biden compared them to terrorists. In case the IRS missed the point, Obama raised the threat of illegality when he said there are groups with harmless-sounding names that are running millions of dollars of ads against Democrat candidates.
Now we know from IRS congressional testimony that the IRS had been applying extra scrutiny to conservative groups claiming tax-exempt status. More than 500 conservative tea party groups, groups opposed to Planned Parenthood and groups opposed to same sex marriage, were harmed by unnecessarily delaying tax-exempt status.
Among the items the IRS asked for on the application process were web pages, Facebook posts, lists of books read, donors, lists of members, content of prayers, names and credentials of those who gave speeches, agendas and minutes of meetings.
The IRS will now monitor and force your compliance with the Affordable Care Act under the watchful eye of recently promoted Sarah Ingram, the executive who previously headed up the tax-exempt department during whose tenure the abuses started.
It is time to stand up and demand the IRS be cleaned up and fire ALL those involved, including stripping them of all government retirement benefits.
Dorothy O’Donnell
Ocean Isle Beach