Food first, what's next?

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: Democrats have proposed the taxing of sugary drinks and other “unhealthy” foods to help fund the healthcare “overhaul.”

When it is determined the tax on soda, chips, etc. aren’t teaching us to live more healthy lifestyles (or getting them enough money for their massive programs), Congress will be open to another tax to another food service or activity they deem “unhealthy.” There is no end to the excise taxes they can impose on us.

The food police are on the march. Don’t be fooled by the Democrats’ sensible sounding rhetoric. This plan is not to make us healthy or give more people access to “free” healthcare. This healthcare “overhaul” is nothing more than government asserting itself in our lives to control us and “redistribute” wealth from the productive to the nonproductive.

These kinds of excise taxes unfairly punish the poor. It’s also a job killer by demonizing private companies who make and distribute these foods and other products and services. Isn’t the economy and job creation what our focus should be?

Remember Congress has the best healthcare plan in the country, and it won’t be the one they make us sign up for.

Call Sen. Kay Hagan at (919) 856-4630 and Rep. Mike McIntyre at 815-4959 and say “no” to government excise taxes and healthcare, and ask them if their new healthcare plan for us is so great, why don’t they adopt it for Congress?