Free medical clinics may have never been more needed than now

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Long before gas topped $4 a gallon and the price of just about everything we need to live and entertain ourselves increased, we heard tales of struggling senior citizens and working-class families.

Many, not making enough money to pay bills and get appropriate medical care, were left deciding which they needed more—food or healthcare and prescription medicine.

With financial times getting more strained by a continually increased cost of living, many of these individuals—who don’t have health insurance or who don’t qualify for Medicaid or Medicare services—are finding themselves in even more of a bind.

Thankfully, quality medical care and compassionate staff services are available locally through Brunswick’s free medical clinic—New Hope.

The clinic does more than just bring hope to its patients. It provides them with often life-saving medical attention. There, patients can be screened for a number of health issues, diagnosed and given suggested treatment options. For many who go, they say New Hope Clinic is a blessing in otherwise desperate financial times.

With doctors on hand during the first four Thursday evenings of the month, the clinic is limited to caring for only 25 people each time. Many more often need services. Because of that, the clinic, which relies heavily on volunteers, is finding its existing location at 4705 Southport-Supply Road much too small to handle additional capacity.

But instead of giving up, clinic managers are looking forward. They’re hoping to raise funds for a larger building.

If their fundraising campaign is a success, patients may come to a location with more privacy and where more people may be treated.

With a 150 percent increase in the number of patients this year compared to last, it’s easy to see the demand for the free clinic isn’t likely to go away soon. Assisting with its fundraising campaign—on any level—may help keep this important service open for those in need in Brunswick County.

Financial donations aren’t the only way to help. The clinic also needs supplies and volunteers to assist with many of the detailed day-to-day operations that keep the clinic going.

For more information about the clinic’s needs, to seek out its services or volunteer to help, give New Hope Clinic Executive Director Connie Hendrix a call. She can be reached at 457-6044 and will be glad to hear from you.