Future linebacker's mom prepares for a great year

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

This year will be a new beginning for me. No, it’s not because of my New Year’s resolutions. It’s because 2008 will be my first full year as a mother.

My son, Levi, was born on Oct. 24. He was a big boy, weighing 8 pounds, 11 ounces and 21 inches long.

At birth he was a healthy, good-sized baby. The pediatrician and surgical team who delivered him were taking bets on his weight. “Whoa! That’s a 10-pounder right there,” someone exclaimed.

“Yeah. I’d say 10-plus,” said another.

“No, maybe not quite 10. But definitely well over nine. That is one big baby,” someone else said.

My whole pregnancy, I had wished for a big, healthy baby. I had hoped he would have some body fat to regulate his body temperature.

Also, I felt like I could deal with a big baby a little better. All the babies I had ever seen seemed so small and breakable, I was scared to even touch them.

As I lay there on the table listening to them describe this “big baby,” I kept imagining this gigantic baby, like the one in that science fiction movie that smashed through New York and played with the tall buildings as if they were Legos.

I was relieved when they brought him to me and let me see him. He was extraordinary (though not in a science fiction movie way); I thought he was perfect.

Levi is now two-and-a-half months old. He has changed my life for the better. Taking care of him is a full-time job with endless benefits. I look forward to watching him reach each developmental milestone.

It already feels as though time is flying. Sometimes I wish life had a pause button, so I could freeze time for just a little while.

Unfortunately, I can’t freeze time. He seems to be growing every day, which is fine with me as long as he is healthy. Levi is now more than 16 pounds and 26 inches long. It seems everywhere we go people comment about his size.

“What a big boy you have there,” some lady says.

After they find out he is only two months old, they begin to speculate about a future career in sports. “The Green Bay Packers will be lookin’ for him,” one man said.

“A boy that big has a future as a linebacker. You’re gonna let him play football ain’t ya?” another asked.

Well, he is my big boy, and I look forward to watching him grow into a healthy young man.

If he wants to be a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, I’ll be there ready to cheer him on through all four quarters. If he plays basketball, I’ll be there watching every foul shot. If he plays baseball, I’ll watch him run the bases. If he plays golf, I will be bored because I hate golf—but I love Levi, so I will be there to doee whatever it is people do who watch golf.

Since I can’t freeze time, my resolution for 2008 is simple: to be a good mom.

Taking care of Levi and being a good mother is all that matters to me. That is one resolution that will be easy to keep.

I imagine I’ll even make good on last year’s resolution (better late than never!), which was to lose weight. Lifting a future linebacker should be a good workout.

RENEE SLOAN is a staff writer and page designer at the Beacon. Reach her at 754-6890 or rsloan@brunswickbeacon.com.