Garbage change potential stinker

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To the editor:
My wife and I live in Charlotte (and subscribe to The Beacon) and have a place (and pay taxes on) in Seaside Station of Sunset Beach, where we like to enjoy long weekends. During the last weekend of September, we found a yellow flier in our screen door stating to “maintain costs,” Saturday garbage pick-ups beginning Oct. 3 will now occur on Thursdays.
How exactly is this going to work for those of us who can only make it down once, or if we’re lucky, twice a month, or for those who may only come down once or twice a year, and not around a Thursday? If we’re not there to put the bin out, theoretically, our garbage will overflow and/or reek.
Being responsible dog owners, we pick up after our two large dogs, and end up with a pretty good size “doggie bag” come Sunday — clearly a potential health hazard. We can’t put the bin out early or have it sitting there for more than a day, as we’d probably get fined.
So what’s the answer? Maybe it is to maintain Saturday pick-ups and ditch the roundabout we don’t need.
I may have missed it in the Beacon, but I don’t recall reading about such a radical change, and based upon all the yellow fliers on mailboxes, bins and screen doors we saw while walking the dogs, there are many other taxpayers out there who probably will be as concerned as we are once they find out.

Mike Shinder
Charlotte and Sunset Beach

Editor’s note: A notice of the change was published in the Aug. 22 edition of the Beacon.