Gender switch day at school

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To the editor:
Brunswick County Early College just had its spirit week this week. They had the usual Twin Day, Role Model Day, but something this year stuck out—Gender Switch Day.
Is it really appropriate to reaffirm gender stereotypes by guys dressing up in dresses with padded, over-stuffed 34DD cleavage in a learning environment? The same goes for the girls, wearing traditional “jock” shorts and tennis shoes, but the girls’ outfits were fairly average and less offensive.
I just don’t believe that this is what School Spirit Week should be about, especially from a school whose principles are the 5 Rs (Respect, Rigor, Responsibility, Relationships and Relevancy).
Just dropping a line, maybe some recognition will give the school a hint. We informed the Brunswick County Board of Education. I don’t know if that will go anywhere.
Blaire McFarland