Get facts straight, Mr. Mayor

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To the editor:
Recently, I had the displeasure of again watching Mayor Rich Cerrato rail against Sunset Beach Park.
Boy, is that getting old! Let me be clear. While I love the idea of a park, I opposed the price so I signed the petition, which was never presented to town council. But the mayor continues to ignore facts while he rants.
What a shame a Wilmington TV station never bothers to get “the other side of the story” but blithely gives Cerrato airtime.
Now he is criticizing the survey that was sent to citizens. Was the survey perfect? No, but it is only one of the ways we can give our input on what the park will include.
On Aug. 2, everyone had the opportunity to give an opinion at a four-hour meeting. Only 49 people attended. That is not council’s fault.
On Oct. 11, a second meeting will be devoted to park discussion, and in between, anyone can speak at a council meeting.
The mayor is whining the survey didn’t allow citizens to say what they don’t want in the park. Not true. One question specifically asked: “Are there any activities or facilities that you would not like to see?” What part of that doesn’t he understand?
Let’s be clear: We are getting a park. No decisions have been made about exactly what will be on the park site. Citizens are being given numerous opportunities to give their input. The entire council shares the goal of creating a “passive” park that complements our population.
Charlie Nern
Sunset Beach