Getting it right with God

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To the editor:

As Christians, it is vital that we continue to speak the truth.Sometimes it’s too easy to lapse into negativity: president-bashing, name-calling, jokes.

We forget that even as wrong as someone may be (and some are very wrong), they are still made in the image and likeness of God. We get nowhere by hurling blame and insults and bashing opponents over the head with judgment and loveless conversation.

We can begin to engage the opposition by remembering that we all are sinners and all fall short. Every one of us has issues, and yet God forgives and loves us.

That is the message of hope in the cross of Christ. If our motive becomes the desire to restore a broken world to a right relationship with God, we can approach even our worst enemy with grace and still hold fast to the truth.

God designed the church for this very moment in which we are living.

The Rev. Donna Phelps

Building Hope Ministries/Brunswick County Streetreach, Supply