Giant bluefin missing in action

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

You may remember last week’s column on my weather philosophies.

If so, you may have noticed that we have had a series of weak cold fronts pass through the area. As a result, we haven’t had much of a window for good fishing conditions.

When these weak fronts pass, the weather doesn’t get very bad, but it doesn’t get very good either, at least as far as wind and sea conditions go.

So we really haven’t done much fishing since last week’s report. I will be honest. The reality is what little fishing has been done in the past week was not very good.

Capt. Roger Gales fished with a group from Charlotte on Saturday and didn’t find much action on any front.

The day was started in search of bluefin, but that again fell flat. Then they headed offshore to the break where the wahoo fishing has been good, but it surprisingly fell flat as well. As a final backup, the group did some bottom fishing in 110 feet of water and landed a few grouper, snapper and sea bass.

That’s one thing about bottom fishing. It’s not glamorous, but you will almost always bring home something good for the dinner table.

Up in Morehead City they have been doing pretty good on the giant bluefin tuna. There was a decent bite last weekend, and there have been fish upwards of 500 pounds landed.

I run into people every day asking if I’ve caught any bluefin. I have to hang my head and admit the 2007-08 winter season has not produced any large bluefin for my crew or myself.

Honestly, I’m sure it’s been my stubbornness that has contributed to the poor results. For me, there is just so much more meaning to landing a bluefin from Brunswick County, and I’ve been steadfast in continuing to fish. One day, hopefully, we’ll find them off our waters.

The reality is that this year has been different. Last year, Morehead City had a very poor year for bluefin and we had a good year.

This year, for whatever reason, Morehead has had a much better year and we just haven’t seen many bluefin.

There have probably been a dozen or so caught off our area, but relative to the bait and conditions, we really should be seeing more.

The question I am asking myself is if those fish are going to come our way or are we just going to miss out this year.

I don’t know, but if I don’t hear a reel go off soon I’m going to lose it. I think it’s a combination of Bluefin Fever and Cabin Fever.