Give shelter and animals a chance

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To the editor:
I would like to thank county commissioners for allowing the sheriff’s office to run Brunswick County Animal Control. I have been to the shelter and have seen many positive changes happening.
What is needed now at the shelter is the public. I know so many people say they just can’t go in there, but the changes have made the shelter a much more pleasant place.
I know people think the rescue group will pull animals that so desperately need help. They can’t save every animal there; it takes the public to help.
The shelter has lots of wonderful puppies, dogs and cats to choose from. They now have a fenced-in outdoor area where you can interact with a pet you may be thinking about adopting.
At the Brunswick County shelter, they have so many homeless pets that need that chance at a new life. Please take that step and visit the shelter. I think you will be impressed at how clean it is, and you will get to see so many wonderful animals that need your help.
If you are looking for a new forever friend, please consider looking at the Brunswick County Animal Shelter. You may be that one person who can help that one animal get that one chance at a new life.
I know animals you adopt will enrich both your life and the life of that forever friend you choose to bring home. Give them a chance.
Peggy Burns