Glimpses of heaven and hell

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To the editor:
I read two books recently that carried a powerful 1-2 punch.
In the first book, “23 Minutes in Hell,” author Bill Wiese describes in vivid detail the intense heat, terrible thirst, horrid stench, merciless demons, fearsome darkness, absolute evil, and complete hopelessness of knowing there will never be a way out.
Although very skeptical at the beginning, I was convinced by Wiese he had really taken this horrendous 23-minute journey. His experience can be accessed on youtube.com.
At the other end of the spectrum is the book, “Heaven is for Real,” by Todd Burpo.
His son, Colton, (3 years old at the time of his experience) related in brief comments during a period of almost two years his trip to heaven.
Colton’s comments revealed things he could never have known had this visit not been real. Colton gives a short description of his journey on youtube.
The combined effect of these two books is to confirm the word of God is true, that Jesus loves us, and we need a personal relationship with him to join him in heaven.
Jay Shutt
Shallotte and Hamlet