God bless those who support freedoms

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor:

God bless those who fought for the freedoms I enjoy: freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and freedom of religion.

I am free to choose the politicians I “like” based on the policies they support and how they represent my ideals as a citizen living in a democratic society.

As a mother of two children, I have the right to raise them based on my beliefs and morals. If I believe public education is inadequate, I have the right to enroll my children in private schools or I can choose to home school.

I applaud the Brunswick County School Board for upholding my rights as a parent. When faced with an address to my underage children by an administration I neither trust nor like, the school board allowed me to determine what was best for my own children.

After George H.W. Bush’s speech to American school children in 1991, Democrats ordered an investigation and a hearing in opposition. They claimed the department of education was producing a paid endorsement of the president.

I didn’t ask for an investigation. I simply requested to “opt out” for my children. Yet, I am being called a racist because I can have no valid reason for opposing this president other than the color of his skin. Maybe his proponents have run out of valid arguments to back him.

Once these rights are taken away, we no longer have a democracy. The U.S. Constitution assures us freedom of speech. I have the right to listen…or not.

Mary Wayne

Ocean Isle Beach