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By Staff Brunswick Beacon


Gary Stewart, 72, of Carolina Shores shot his age or better four times during the month of May. He had one round of 72, two of 71 and one of 69. He played all four of those rounds at his home course of Carolina Shores.


The Brunswick Ladybirds played May 28 at St. James Plantation. These are the results:

First flight, low gross: 1. Judy Nicoletti (Carolina Shores) 76; 2. Jane Carter (St. James) 77. Low net: 1. Karen McCloskey (Ocean Ridge) 66; 2. Linda Bergstrom (Carolina National) 69; 2. Susan Crean (St. James) 69; 2. Patsy May (Ocean Ridge) 69; 2. Janice Ortmeyer (Meadowlands) 69. Fewest putts: Phyllis Welch (Carolina Shores) 32.

Second flight, low gross: 1. Connie Koch (Carolina National) 88; 2. Karla Reens (St. James) 89. Low net: 1. Mickie Underhill (Ocean Ridge) 70; 2. Sue Kane (Ocean Ridge) 73; 2. Mary Jane Labant (Meadowlands) 73; 2. Bobbi Platukis (Lockwood Folly) 73. Fewest putts: Linda Parks (Oak Island) 33.

Third flight, low gross: 1. Honey Martin (Carolina National) 83; 2. Mary Jean Rose ( St. James) 88. Low net: 1. Mil Crane (Carolina National) 67; 2. Joan Hill (Ocean Ridge) 69. Fewest putts: Mo Stombaugh (Oak Island) 34.

Fourth flight, low gross: 1. Gerri Sovak (The Lakes) 92; 2. Linda Johnston (Ocean Ridge) 95; 2. Dottie Reynolds (Carolina National) 95. Low net: 1. Sharon Burns (The Lakes) 74; 1. Kathy Imbro (Oak Island) 74; 1. Peggy Rowland (Ocean Ridge) 74; 2. Elizabeth Fuller (the Lakes) 76; 2. Rochelle Simpson (St. James) 76. Fewest putts: Marylu Prescott (Oak Island) 33.

Fifth flight, low gross: 1. Sylvia Keegan (St. James) 86; 2. Judith McCormack (St. James) 88. Low net: 1. Doris Fairchild (Ocean Ridge) 66; 2. Blanche Maxwell (St. James) 68. Fewest putts: Ellen Lyons (Lockwood Folly) 34.

Sixth flight, low gross: 1. Anne Hall (St. James) 85; 2. Gail Cataldi (Lockwood Folly) 87. Low net: 1. Gwen Fitzgerald (Ocean Ridge) 67; 2. Lynne Moore (St. James) 71. Fewest putts: Gerry Gosselin (Brunswick) 34.

Seventh flight, low gross: 1. Barb Paolicelli (Carolina National) 100; 1. Cathy Sazani (St. James) 100; 2. Nancy Salerno (Carolina National) 101.

Low net: 1. Karen Entwistle (Carolina National) 73; 2. Pat Haniquet (Brunswick) 76; 2. Ruth Linder (Brierwood) 76. Fewest putts: Marie Vare (Oak Island) 36.

Eighth flight, low gross: 1. Karen Anderson (St. James) 100; 1. Judy Keegan (Ocean Ridge) 100. 2. Evelyn Claus (Brunswick) 102; 2. Mary Tacea (Bricklanding) 102. Low net: 1. Mimi Benson (Carolina National) 68; 2. Judi Bishop (Meadowlands) 72. Fewest putts: Dottie Russo (Carolina Shores) 33.


The Carolina Shores LGA played a crossover best-net tourney June 5. Results: Barb Juergens 19.5, Karen Hertling 24, Lois Howard 25 and Blanche Johnson 25.5. Sue Greiner had the fewest putts (25). Marie Strickler was the low-gross winner (83). Lois Howard was the low-net winner (62). Dawn Rubin made an eagle on the ninth hole.


The Renegades played on June 5. The format was best nine (front or back) and one-half handicap.

First (by a match of cards): Pauline Millosky, 31; second: Betty Johnston, 31; third: Gloria Schroppe, 31.

In low gross, Barbara Malina was first (96), Kim Balbach second (97) and Teddy Altreuter third (99) by a match of cards with Kathy Hahl. In low net, Betty Johnston was first (63), Barbara Malina second (66) and Gloria Schroppe third (67). Barbara Malina had the fewest putts (31). Chip-ins were made by Barbara Malina at No. 12, Kim Balbach at No. 4 and Donna Watkins at No. 9. Barbara Malina made a birdie at No. 12.


The Calabashers played June 6 at Carolina Shores, using Stableford as the format. Twenty men played, and the winning foursome was Mike McCormack, Tom Baston, Joe Roundy and Art Willms. Its score was 10. The low gross was by Wash Dayton (80).


The Carolina Shores Niners played May 29. In low-gross in flight A, Phyliss Gumbrell was first and T.J. Bagley was second. They were also the top two in low net. In low-gross flight B, Rose Mary Jones was first and Joanne LaWall second. They were also the top two in low net. Bev Shaw had a chip-in at No. 16.

On June 5, Gumbrell and Jean Sanborn were the top-two finishers in low gross in flight A. In low net in flight A, Sanborn was first and Gumbrell second.

In low-gross flight B, Gwyn DeRenne was first and Bev Shaw was second (by a match of cards). In low net in flight B, DeRenne was first and Rose Mary Jones second.


The Carolina Shores men had a tourney June 6. The format was one net score on holes 1-6, two nets on holes 7-12, three nets on holes 13-18.

Mike Devereux, Jerry Strickler, Ron Buck and Don Errickson were the winners (118). In second were Gary Stewart, Bob Barrett, Rich Hamilton and Buddy Broadnax (119, won match of cards). In third were Art Hahl, Arnie Northrop, John Crane and Roger Thompson (119). In fourth were Bill Marsh, Clyde Juergens, Dick Polonski and John Kain (121). Low-gross winner: Gary Stewart. Low-net winner: Buddy Broadnax. Closest to the pin: Frank Talak at No. 3, Arnie Northropat No. 7, Bill Marsh at No. 12, Clyde Juergens at No. 17.

Skins winners: Charlie MacDonald, John Dougherty, Mal MacRaild, Rich Boyle, Don Erickson, George Balbach, Art Hahl, Bill Marsh.


Highlights from the Sea Trail Ladies Golf League member-member match May 28 at the Maples Course.

Birdies: Sherry Abernethy (No. 14), Jan Bohlinger (No. 3 and No. 13), Gail Cafaro (No. 3), Birgit Carpenter (No. 3), Flo Hill (No. 16), Martie Kennedy (No. 16), Barbara King (No. 11), Gloria Lee (No. 11), Joan Mason (No. 13), Linda Perna (No. 5 and No. 17), Mary Ann Seely (No. 12 and No. 18).

Chip-ins: Amy Boardman (No. 4), Julie Burton (No. 1), Dorrie McGurn (No. 13), Martha Method (No. 3), Joanne Muckridge (No. 14). Betty Ann Potvin (No. 14), Sand Reynolds (No. 14), Sharron Young (No. 14).

These are the results of the Sea Trails LGA match June 4 at the Maple Course.

First flight, low gross: Lynn James, 82; Joan Mason, 86; Linda Perna, 88. Low net: Louisa Clatterbuck, 66 (match of cards); Hal White, 66; Bobbie deLagarde, 69.

Second flight, low gross: Gail Cafaro, 93; Betty Ann Potvin, 95; Lynn Wiedman, 98. Low net: Lorraine Kazan, 67; Sharon Winter, 69; Flo Hill, 74.

Third flight, low gross: Pat Lupi, 99; Ruth Apalinski, 103; Birgit Carpenter, 104. Low net: Linda Hogan, 68; Jo Cambria, 73; Kate Goodrich, 74 (match of cards).

Fourth flight, low gross: Eileen Barr, 104; Joyce Hellmann, 108; Dorrie McGurn 110. Low net: Janet Keppler, 70; Carrie Wile, 72; Karen Rastocky, 73 (match of cards).

Birdies: Flo Hill (at 17), Lynn James (at 14), Sharon Winter (at 17), Gail Cafaro (at 18), Bobbie deLagarde (at 17), Betty Ann Potvin (at 3), Linda Hogan (at 3).

Chip-ins: Jo Larson (at 14), Ruth Apalinski (at 3).

Closest to the pin: Jo Cambria (at 3), Joan Mason (at 5), Linda Perna (at 11), Sharon Winter (at 17).


Sea Trail men played an individual low gross and low net tournament from the blue (back) tees of the Maples Course on June 3.

In flight A, Gregg DeCrane was the low-gross winner with a 77 and a winning match of cards. Dick Couch was second and Tony Novalis was third with 79. The low-net winner was John Markatos with a 63. Dennis deLagarde was second with a 70 and a winning match of cards. Gene Method was third.

In flight B, the low-gross winner was Art Olsen with an 80. Second place went to Wayne Hellmann with an 87 and Jim Foley was third with a 91 and a winning match of cards. Low-net winner was Dave Salisch with a 67. Second place went to Ray Coakley with a 74 and a winning match of cards. Bo Sellers was third.

Flight C low-gross winner was Steve Jones with a 93. Vince Brown was second with a 94 and Mike Bennett was third with a 95. Low-net winner was Rich Chamberlain with a 71 and a winning match of cards over John Rothermel. Frank Santisi was third with a 75.

In flight D, winner of the low gross was Ches Burton with a 97 and a winning match of cards. Nick Forlidas was second and Dick Zinser was third. Low-net winner was Bob Gallick with a 69 and a winning match of cards. Second place went to Ralph Gardner. Bob Bobinski was third with 72 with a winning match of cards.


Results of the June 3 Hate’em match. Before play, choose the three holes you hate and exclude them from your score at the end of the game. Use full handicap. Low net wins.

First: Wanda Green 37. Second: Judy DeStefon 43. Third: Barb DeMore 44. Fourth: Kathy Manning 45. Fifth: Sharon Pies and Ro Martere 46.

Birdies: Candace Cochrane at Piper 6, Bay 4 and Bay 6. Mary Stern at Piper 3 and Piper 6. Ro Martre at Piper 6. Joanane Clements at Piper 5. Lorraine Dobson at Piper 6. Lynn Hamlin at Piper 8. Judy Nicoletti at Piper 6, Bay 3 and Bay 4. Jean Hartwell at Piper 6 and Bay 3. Sonja Zeoli at Piper 8. Candy Jones at Bay 6.

Chip-ins: Sharon Pies at Bay 8. Donna Phelps at Bay 3. Diane Rauch at Piper 6. Sonja Zeoli at Piper 2 and Piper 8. Barb DeMore at Bay 7.


Eight teams played in the Stableford tourney. The winners at +7 were John Kain, Steve jones, Leo Jarmusz and George Bridges. Second place went to Gary Hertling, Don Koelbel, Bill Teschler and Jerry Strickler by a match of cards with Dan Roberts, Jim Garrigan, Buddy Broadnax and a blind draw. Fourth place at +3 was Bill Marsh, Joe Lowry, Gene Sanborn and Gary Stewart. In the skins game, there were four winners: Frank Talak, Ron Buck, Bob Barrett and Dan Roberts.


Results of a match June 3. The format was crossover (best nine of 18 hole, less one-half handicap).

In flight A, Sara McCullough was first (26 net). Nancy Kumlin was second (28). Mary Schaack had fewest putts (29).

In flight B, Cindy Northrup and Janice Owens tied for first (28). Betty Gabor and Ruth Linder tied for second (29). Janice Owens had fewest putts (30).

In flight C, Rita DuGan, Marge Harper and Jean Billie were first (23). Marianne Nobes was second (26). Jean Billie had the fewest putts (35).

Mona Dye made birdies at No. 6 and No. 15.


In the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble on June 4, the team of Rita DuGan, Marianne Nobes and Bob Nobes finished first at 1-under par. In second place, at even par, was the team of Honey Gruzlewski, Glen Green, Ralph Trimmer and Odie Johnson. Third place went to Fran Thomas, Marian Johnson, Haywood Edmundson and Bernie Gruzlewski.


In a match June 2, the game was two best balls, except on the par 3s, three best balls.

Winning at 30-under were Dave Harper, Dick Bayton, Les Craft and a blind. In second at 29-under were Al Bloom, Marty Brkal, Joe Brust and a blind. In third at 27-under were George Edwards, Mike Prokop, Morris Hall and Tom Bowen.

In a match June 5, the game was points: par is one point, birdie is three points, eagle is five points and double eagle is seven points. The winning team at 122 points was Jim Robinson, Odie Johnson, Tom Bowen and Marty Brkal. In second at 121 were Dave Harper, Mike Prokop, Tom Kromyak and Jack Harrison. In third at 120 points were George Edwards, Bernie Gruzlewski and Jim Pope.


Results of a match June 4. The game was total team net score, play every ball until it is in the hole. Take total gross score and subtract handicap. The low totals win.

Piper to Bay flight results: John Donnley, P.J. Jones, Doug Williams and Don DeMore were first (270). Tom Townsend, Jim King, Jack Hinte and a blind were second (271). Don Moore, Norm Burgess, Mike Matlock and Tony Hanna were third (272).

Bay to Piper flight results: Gordy Coulson, Hal Foley, Lee Parker and Charles Richardson tied with Tony Rossi, Jeff Smith, Bill Pohlman and Paul Maultsby (264). Al Hooker, John Whalen, Jim Braddock and Dick Eby were second (270). John Hannigan, Ron Redman, John Murphy and Bill Zanzalari were third (275).

Results of a match June 2. The game was Chicago, one point for a bogey, two for par-3 for birdie and five for an eagle.

Piper to Bay flight results: John Radziewski, Doug William, Frank Alcaraz Sr. and Frank Alcaraz Jr. were first (23 points). Bob Eason, Don Moore, Don Capretta, Jim King tied with Bill Snyder, John Donnelly, Bill Pohlman and Don DeMore at 22 points.

Bay to Piper flight: John Hannigan, Norm Burgess, Jack Hinte, Jim Braddock were first (30 points). Al Hooker, Al Bowman, Mike Matlock and Dick Eby tied for second with Phil Whitaker, Ralph Bowman and Tony Hanna (23 points).

The SBMGA had a match Friday. The game was blind draw partners using the combined net score for the round for each partner. First: Gene McDonald and John Kealey at 128. Second: Bill Pohlman and Charlie Richardson tied with Ralph Bowman and Jim Creighton at 131. Fourth: Jack Hinte and Wayne Purdy at 132. Fifth: Billy Sirk and Al Hooke at 136.


Winners in a match June 4 at the Brierwood Golf Club. Flight A: Al Timczyk, 63; Ed Kerr and Fred Welch, 66. Flight B: Guy Lachapelle, 64; John Duthie, 65. Flight C: Ken Swenson, 58; Hank Mattutat, 63. Closest to the pin: John Duthie (No. 3), Fred Welch (No. 9), Jerry Way (No. 14) and Bob Berry (No. 17).


The Brick Landing Ladies Golf Association game format for June 5 was 23-44-33, selecting two par 5s, four par 4s and three par 3s, less one-half handicap for best score.

First flight: Jean Lakey and Mar Beisack (27). Irene Dowdy was second (28). Second flight: Cathy Shanley was first (25). Barbara Karkut was second (29). Pat Christenbury and Kathy Mularczyk tied for third (30). Third flight: Mary Tacea was first (23). Mary Cofer was second (26). Pat Baumgartner and Polly Berkheimer tied for third (31).

Dale Calhoon had a birdie chip-in on No. 17. Birdies were posted on No. 2 by Cathy Shanley and Peg Agrimonti. Peg Agrimonti also had a chip-in on No. 10.


The Brick Landing Men’s Club Tournament on June 3 was three best net on the front nine, two best net on the back nine.

Two teams tied for first at -37: Bob Koegel, Bob Melleky, Neil Nucci and Alan Morrissey and Bill Kosanke, Chuck Dixon, Ted Lide and Jack Blair.

In the men’s Saturday Shootout, Ray Audette, Ed Lakey, Bob Mularczyk and Ron Wetherington were first (22). In second were Bill Fredericks, Bill Kosanke, Larry Agrimonti and Owen Letter (15). In third were Bob Koegel, Dave Igelman, Dick Brown and Alan Morrissey (9.5).

Individual winners: first, Ray Audette (8.5); second, Bob Mularczyk (5.5); third, Owen Letter (7).


Results of the match June 2 at Lion’s Paw. The format was cart partners. Two low nets per foursome, but one net must come from each cart.

First place: Barb Seelos, Grace Loyack, Judy Keegan and Linda Johnston (125). Second place (on a match of cards): Pat Brooks, Pam Bank, Jan Cameron and Ann Turner. Low gross: Karen McCloskey (84). Low net: Barb Seelos (67).

Birdies: Linda Johnston at No. 2, Mickie Underhill at No. 3 and Pat Brooks at No. 14. Chip-ins: Judy Keegan at No. 6, Eleanor Butler at No. 11 and Linda Johnston at No. 11.

Results of the ORLGA Tournament June 4 at Tiger’s Eye: Flight A, low gross: Karen McCloskey (83). Low net: Mickie Underhill (67). Flight B, low gross: Doris McLaughlin (90). Low net: Joan Hill (67). Flight C, low gross: Peggy Jones (105). Low net: Carole Schuster (76). Flight D, low gross: Ruth Ray (98). Low net: Pam McCafferty (65).

Ann Turner made at eagle from 115 yards at No. 14. Michelle Sherwood made birdies at No, 10 and No. 11. Chip-ins were by Sue Kane at No. 15 and Pam McCafferty at No. 3.


Results of the June 2 match played at Lion’s Paw. The format was two net on the front nine, three net on the back nine. First: Wilbur Browning, Dave Patterson, Fred Bank, Bob Fatzinger (-33). Second: Guy Giancarlo, Greg Kent, Glenn McLellan, Rich Kane (-32). Third: Doug MacDonald, Al Keegan, Norm Fitzgerald, Emil Gnam (-29). Fourth: Ed McCloskey, Mike Sullivan, Jim McCombs, Paul Hardican (-27).

Results of the June 4 match played at Tiger’s Eye. The format was three nets on the par 3s; two nets on the par 4s; one gross and one net on the par 5s. First: George Brooks, Hank Vogt, Chappy Jones and Rich Kane (-24). Second: Guy Giancarlo, Bill Johnston, Lew Hankes and Lou Branflick (-23, match of cards). Third: Roger Buck, Rick McCafferty, Dick Atkinson and Clyde Crowl (-23, match of cards).


These are the results of the June 8 Couples event on Lion’s Paw at Ocean Ridge. The game was played using one low net on the par 3s, two low nets on the par 4s and three low nets on the par 5s. There were separate games played on the front and back nines.

Front nine: Doris McLauglin, Chappy Jones, Frank and Dusty Burianek were first at -15. Jerry and Kathy Wickersham, Ed and Diana Gruver were second at -14. George and Pat Brooks, Lew and Mary Hankes were third at -10. Back nine: Charles Roberts, Sue Kane and Howard and Ruth Ray were first at -8. Don and Peggy Rowland, Bob and Jane Kirkpatrick were second at -7. Norm and Pam Fitzgerald, Joe and Debbie Vankoski were third at -3.

Birdies: Doris McLaughlin at No. 3, Dusty Burianek at No. 7 (chip-in), Don Rowland at No. 13. Other chip-ins: Sue Kane at No. 14, Lynn Furman at No. 2 and Peggy Rowland at No. 12.


The Lockwood Folly Ladies played a match June 5. The format was to count holes starting with an S or T and deduct one-half handicap.

Judy Galletto was first (27), Ellen Lyons second (29) and Patti Ayling and Bobbi Platuki third (37).

Lyons made a birdie at No. 11 and Gail Cataldi made a birdie at No. 15. Chip-ins: Ayling at No. 16, Lyons at No. 11 and Cataldi at No. 15.


The Lockwood Folly member-guest tournament was June 6-7, and 64 golfers competed. In flight one, low gross, the winning team by a match of cards was T. Galletto and Joyce Regrave (79). The overall low-gross winning team was Patti Hogan and Fay Van Cott (79). The winning low-net team by a match of cards was Martha Webster and Connie Koch (62). In second were Dee Peters and Mary Ann Sutton (62).

In flight two, the low-gross winning team was Susann Thompson and Anne Beale (83). The low-net winning team was Dianne Lock and Anne Keenan (62). In second were Ellen Lyons and Nancy Salerno (64).

In flight three, the low-gross winning team was Pat Robbins and Mary Dolan (92). The low-net winning team was Kay Gregory and Kathy Gustafson (60). In second were Sue Clark and Carole Richards (65).

Nancy Salerno won the chipping contest. Jean White won the putting contest. The closest member to the line at No. 3 was Fran Sampson. The closest guest to the line at No. 10 was Susan Hadenchuk. The closest member to the pin at No. 2 was Fran Hursh. The closest guest to the pin at No. 11 was Hadenchuk.


Results of the Crow Creek Golf Club Men’s League matches played on June 3.

The format: three-man team gross quota (each player’s net points are added for the team score). First (+16): Bob Bazydlo, Andy McCorison and Ron Perry. Second (+7): Jerry Dickson, Greg Massey and Ray Hickey. Third (+2): David Hannah, John Huntey and Mike Murphy. Individual winner in A flight was Jerry Dickson with a +5. Individual winner in B Flight was Andy McCorison with a +9. Individual winner in C Flight was Ron Perry with a +6.


On June 2 at Farmstead, Jim Kennedy, Jerry Rubin, John Methvin and Joe Gallo placed first with a 162. Teams scored one net, two nets, three nets and four nets on four various holes and two gross on holes 9 and 18. Placing second on a match of cards with 164 were Jody Serensits, Steve Maiorca, Hugh Chinn and Larry Laws.

On June 4 at Meadowlands, Hugh Chinn, Jim Kennedy, Larry Laws, Steve Maiorca, Joe Meo, Jen Dearborn and Joe Gallo placed first with a 262. The seven-man teams counted three nets and one gross on per hole. Art Thompson, Cliff Musselman, John Methvin, Boomer Needham, Ned Meier, Sid Pennington and a blind draw were second with 268.

On Friday at Meadowlands, Ned Meier, Boomer Needham, Jen Dearborn and Joe Gallo placed first on a match of cards with 128. Teams scored two nets on holes 1-9, one net and one gross on holes 12-18. Joe Meo, Ron Doeblin, Steve Maiorca and Jim Kennedy placed second.

The Farmstead-Meadowlands men played a modified Stableford match on June 3.

Front-nine results: Bob McKissock, Fred Johnson, Sivert Claesson were first (10). Howie Murphy, Dan Andrews, Pat Finnegan and Mike Noudus were second (8.5). In the back nine, Jim Poole, Jack Monahan, Jim Marsh and Bill Kasper were first (9). Dick Turner, Bud Pierce, Bill Tenza and W. Curtis Brenk were second (4.5). Overall: Howie Murphy, Dan Andrews, Pat Finnegan and Mike Noudus were first (12.5). Bob McKissock, Fred Johnson, Sivert Claesson were second (11.5). Jim Poole, Jack Monahan, Jim Marsh and Bill Kasper were third (10.5). Winners in flights: A, Bob Mckissock, (5.5); B, Dan Bruscella, (10); C, Pat Finnegan (3.5); D, Mike Naudus (9). Superflight winner was Dan Bruscella (10).


On June 2, the Meadowlands Missfits played T’s and F’s. First: Eileen Reddy, 64. Second: Mary Griffin, 64. Third: Linda Connolly, 69. Fourth: Judy Hardin, 71. Fifth: Lori Schommer, 73. Sixth: Donna Phelps, 73. Seventh: Libby Spivey, 74. Eighth: Barb Finn, 74. Ninth: Delores Dulaski, 74. (All ties were broken by a match of cards to determine the winner.)

Birdies: Lori Schommer (No.18), Linda Connolly (No. 8 and No. 14), Eileen Reddy (No. 3, No. 15 and No. 18).

Anna Merritt (No. 17). Chip-ins: Lori Schommer, (No. 18); Linda Connolly, (No. 14); Eileen Reddy, (No. 18); Mary Jane Labant, (No. 8); Anna Merritt, (No. 17); Pat Hamrick, (No. 16). Eileen Reddy had the fewest putts: 29.


The winning team of the Fadeaways modified Stableford tournament June 6 at the Meadowlands was the threesome of Stan Kwasny, Jim Simmons and Ed Castinidos. It swept the front (10), the back (13) and overall (23).

Flight winners: In A, Stan Kwasny (8); in B, Denny Wise (5); in C, Terry Carnahan (11); in D, Ed Castinidos (13).

Carnahan had an eagle on No. 14, using a driver and a 5-wood to reach the green and sinking a 10-foot putt.


The had only had three tournaments because of many of our ladies participating in Lady Birds, Seagulls, Club 25 and Brunswick County senior golfing events.

Low-net results for April 9: Judy Sawers was first and Sally Thomas second. Bobbie Davis and Sylvia Varrell had the fewest putts. 18-hole captain’s-choice results for April 23: Jane Boyce, Bobbie Davis and Sally Thomas. Low-net results for May 21: Gerri Sovak was the winner. Rachel Walters had the fewest putts.

Chip-ins: Jane Boyce at No. 2, No. 9 and No. 17. Birdies were made by Elizabeth Fuller at No. 14 and Sharon Burns at No. 11.

Ladies day for the WGA at the Lakes Country Club in Boiling Spring Lakes is June 11 and the starting time is 8:30 a.m. If you are interested in joining, call the club at 845-2625.

“We have a small but active group and would love to share good times with new members,” said Bobbie Davis. “Give us a try and see if you want to join.”


The Beachcombers played June 6 at Cypress Bay. Results in low gross: Jim Beairsto (80), Randy Cogdill (82), Bob Smith (85), Bill McDavit (86), Hal Riebeshel (88), Stu Cleveland (89).

Results in low net: Beairsto and Smith (63), Cogdill and Jim Quigley (66), Bill Cameron and Riebeshel (68), McDavit, Cleveland and Ed Kinney (69).

Results in team modified Stableford: Beairsto, Smith, Kinney and Riebeshel (23).

Player of the Week was Beairsto.


The CVGA tournament was Monday at Crown Park Country Club. The format was two-man teams, low-net per hole. The father-son team of James and Phil Smith finished first by a match of cards over Wash Dayton and Charlie Weber. Closest-to-the-pin honors went to Bill McDavit, Jim Edwards, Wash Dayton and Loren Ruck.


A mixed twilight scramble (captain’s choice) was played June 6 at Carolina National. The heat index was 110, but everyone had fun, Patricia Schutzman said.

In first at 31 were Bob Allen, John Buono, Lois Godfrey and Mary Schuler. There was a three-way tie for second at 32: George Schuler, Dick Erdtmann, Wendy Burroughs and Kathy Ellison; Jim Martin, Jane Schlesser,Steve Salerno and Mary Cangelosi; and Kash Mukoda, Penny Sillery, Phil Sloat and Carole Loof. In third at 33 were Lee Godfrey, Honey Martin, Bob Genander and Ronnie Oehme