Golf action

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon


Linda Van Horn had a hole-in-one July 10 on hole No. 3 on the Lion’s Paw Golf Course. She used a 9-iron from 100 yards to sink the shot. This is her third hole-in-one within a year. The first was on Lion’s Paw No. 11 and the second on Panther’s Run No. 2.

The Ocean Ridge Ladies Golf Association had its quarterly charity tournament June 30. ORLGA presented $258 to Hospice, an organization whose goal is to help those with life-limiting illnesses. Hospice provides in-home healthcare and helps with daily needs of the patient. It also provides support to the patient’s family through services and education. Past beneficiaries of the ORLGA charity tournaments have been Brunswick Family Assistance, West Brunswick High School, Cat Tails and Paws Place.

The format was flighted low gross, low net.

A Flight: low gross was Linda Johnston, 87. Low net was Doris McLaughlin, 91. B Flight: low gross was Skip Lindstrom, 102. Low net was Carole Schuster, 70. C Flight: low gross was Betty Coffini, 112. Low net: Olive Larson, 61.

Chip ins: Peggy Jones at No.15. Birdies: Sue Kane at No. 11. Chip-in birdies: Erma Krahl at No. 11, Doris McLaughlin at No. 7, Mickie Underhill at No. 16.

Linda Johnston broke 90 for the first time in league play with a score of 87.

On July 10 at Lion’s Paw, the format was cha-cha-cha: Teams of four count one low net from the first hole, two from the second, three from the third and so on. Not all players finished the round because of slow play. Low gross: Linda Van Horn, 89. Low net: Grace Bradicich, 62.

Birdies: Linda Buck had a chip-in on No. 10, Pam Fitzgerald had a birdie at No.17 and Linda Van Horn a birdie at No. 13. Chip-ins: Judy Keegan at No. 2, Alice Christiansen at No. 2.


The Ocean Ridge men played July 7 at Lion’s Paw. The format was two net scores, one each from the A/D and the B/C players. First: Ed McCloskey, Mike Sullivan, Bill Prophet and Mike Ratchford (-17). Second: Tom Johnson, Wayne Underhill, John Weaver and Thack Brown (-16). Third: Bob Larkin I, Greg Kent, Bill Mackenzie and Paul Socha (-14). Fourth: Roger Buck, Rich Scaler, Joe Coffini and Carl Schuster (-11).


Here are the results of the July 13 Mixed Couples event played on Tiger’s Eye at Ocean Ridge. The game counted three low nets on each hole.

First: George Brooks, Dennis Larson, Pam Fitzgerald, and Pam Hartman at -18 (-15 on the back nine). Second: Norm Fitzgerald, Joe Neal, Peggy Jones and Grace Bradicich at -18 (-8 on the back nine). Third: Gordon Wicke (blind draw), Bob Bradicich, Doris McLauglin and Jean Bourne at -1. Fourth: Gordon Wicke, Bob Hartman, Linda Buck and Becky Williams at -10.

Birdies: Frank Burianek at No. 1. Marie Pugh at No. 6. Chappy Jones at No. 10. Pete Williams at No. 1. Ed Gruver at No. 10. George Brooks at No. 3 and at No. 15. Pam Fitzgerald at No. 15. Grace Bradicich at No. 1 (chip-in). Peggy Jones at No. 10. Other chip-ins: Bob Hartman at No. 4. Joe Neal at No. 18.

Low nets were Becky Williams, Pam Fitzgerald and Grace Bradicich (69), Bob Bradicich and Chappy Jones (68), Doris McLaughlin (67) and George Brooks (66).


The Beachcombers played a 1-2-3 tournament July 11 at Cypress Bay. Taking first place with a score of 102 (minus 34) was the team of Hal Riebesehl, Stu Cleveland, Paul Michal and Ed Hennessey. In second place with a score of 108 was the team of Bob Byrne, Ed Smith, Jim Quigley and Fred Ortiz. Low gross of the day was Stu Cleveland with a 78. Bob Byrne was second with an 80. Low nets for the day were Bob Byrne and Stu Cleveland (63s), Ed Smith (64), Ed Hennessey (67) and Hal Riebesehl (69). Bob Byrne was voted golfer of the week.


The Brierwood Men’s Golf Association played July 7 and the format was two best balls. In first at 24-under par was the team of Bob Nobes, Chuck Hornfeck, Dick Baynton and a blind draw. In second at 23-under par were Odie Johnson, Bernie Gruzlewski, Tom Kronyak and Jack Harrison. Two teams tied for third at 20-under par: the team of Paul Salerno, Mike Prokop, Joe Brust and a blind draw and the team of David Harper, Tom Bowen, Bill Miller and Jim Pope.

On July 10, the format was one point for a par, three points for a birdie, five points for an eagle and eight points for a double eagle. In first at 119 points was the team of David Harper, Walt Wilson, Dick Baynton and a blind draw. In second at 99 points were Paul Salerno, Bill Miller, Bob Sterner and Tom Kronyak. In third at 81 points were Bernie Gruzliewski, Chuck Hornfeck, Joe Brust and Jim Pope.

The Brierwood MGA tournament July 12 was one best-ball gross, one best-ball net (must be different ball).

In first at 14-under par was the team of Hollen Groff, Tom Arney, Chuck Hornfeck and a blind draw. In second at 4-under par was the team of Wayne McGlothlin, Larry Dickerson, Paul Salerno and Tom Bowen. Tying for third at 2-under par was the team of Bill T. King, Harvey Hundley, Mike Prokop and Bob Hopkins and the team of Jim Robinson, David Harper, Odie Johnson and Al Butler.

Closest to the pin at No. 3 was Odie Johnson (14 feet, 7 inches), at No. 9 was Tom Arney (21-2), at No. 14 was Mike Prokop (38-8) and at No. 17 was Jim Robinson (19-8).


The Brierwood Women’s Golf Association played a crossover game (best nine of 18 holes less one-half handicap) on July 8. The flight A winners were Marje Roach and Mary Schaack, who tied for first with a low net of 28.

Marje Roach had the fewest putts (27). She also who also had a chip-in and a birdie on hole No. 5 and another birdie on No. 2. Schaack had a chip-in on No. 12 and Sarah Lula had a birdie on No. 15.

The flight B winner was Janice Owens with a net of 22. Mickey Salerno was second with a net of 26. Sara Baynton had the fewest putts (29). Rita Du-Gan was the low-net winner in flight C (24). Marianne Nobes came in second with a net of 25. Rita Du-Gan had the fewest putts (34).


In the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble July 9, the team of Deloris Gausch, Marje Harper, Ralph Trimmer and Walt Wilson claimed first place with a 1-under-par score. In second place, with even par, was the team of Liz Boyer, Marianne Nobes, Bob Nobes and Dave Harper. Third place went to Fran Thomas, Rita DuGan, Barb Wilson and Haywood Edmundson.


The July 10 league game for the Brick Landing Plantation Ladies Golf Association was a match play versus par of the course. Score +1 if your net beats par, -1 if you lose to par and 0 if you equal par. Add plusses and minuses for total score.

First flight: Dale Calhoon and Pat Christenbury tied for first with a +6. Mary Biesack and Lois Huber tied for third with a +5. Second flight: Jean Hasty and Bernice Logan tied for first with a +2 and Ursula Styczynski was third with a +1. Third flight: Betty Grace Grabb came in first with a +6 and Pat Bumgartner, Peg Campana and Sue Nelson tied for second with a +1.

Birdies were scored by Lois Huber on No. 4, Bernice Logan on No. 13 and Pat Christenbury on No. 9. Peg Agrimonti had a birdie chip-in on No. 15 and Pat Christenbury had a chip-in on No. 15.


The Brunswick Plantation Ladies Golf League results for July 7: Fewest putts at Azalea-Magnolia were Denise Kantner, Barbara Johnson, Pat Haniquet and Celie Cionek (39 putts). Fewest putts at Dogwood-Azalea: Janet Iekel, Helen Kaehler, Pat Wish, Marcia Clark (47 putts).

Chip-ins: Barbara Johnson at Azalea No. 2. Birdies: Janet Iekel at Dogwood No. 4, Jan Spessard at Dogwood No. 4, Nancy Smyka at Azalea No. 2.


Results of the Brunswick Ladybirds matches June 25 at Brunswick Plantation: First flight, low gross: 1. Judy Nicoletti (Carolina Shores) 77; 2. Mona Dye (Brierwood) 80. Low net: Billie Ellwanger (Meadowlands) 70: 1. Sally Robbins (St. James) 70; 2. Laura Botto (Lockwood Folly) 71. Fewest putts: Jan Diedrich (Oak Island) 33, and Cathy Story (Ocean Ridge) 33.

Second flight, low gross: 1. Barb Seelos (Ocean Ridge) 86; 2. Irene Dowdy (Brick Landing) 92; 2. Jan Howard (The Lakes) 92. Low net: 1. Mae Drezek (Brunswick) 74; Bobbi Platukis (Lockwood Folly) 74; 2. Pam Fitzgerald (Ocean Ridge) 75; Mickie Underhill (Ocean Ridge) 75; Linda Connelly (Meadowlands) 75. Fewest putts: Kathy Siciliano (St. James) 33.

Third flight, low gross: 1. Karen Buchelt (Brunswick) 94; 2. Carolynn Elliott (St. James) 97. Low net: 1. Grace Bradicich (Ocean Ridge) 74; 1. Jo Ann Barton (Sea Trail) 74; 2. Mary Helen Naecker (Brunswick) 75; 2. Rochelle Simpson (St. James) 75; 2. Chris Sparks (The Lakes) 75. Fewest putts: Janet Iekel (Brunswick) 33 and Toni Roe (Ocean Ridge) 33.

Fourth flight, low gross: 1. Peggy Jones (Ocean Ridge) 96; 2. Elizabeth Fuller (The Lakes) 98. Low net: 1. Wanda Krasniewicz (Brunswick) 73; 1. Ann Smith (Brunswick) 73; 2. Doris Fairchild (Ocean Ridge) 74. Fewest putts: Sharon Burns (The Lakes) 33.

Fifth flight, low gross: 1. Marge Layden (Sea Trail) 99; 2. Blanche Maxwell (St. James) 103. Low net: 1. Sue Todd (Oak Island) 71; 2. Camille Cantello (Brunswick) 75: 2. Geri Conroy (Brunswick) 75. Fewest putts: Gerry Gosselin (Brunswick) 30.

Sixth flight, low gross: 1. Laura Lagenur (Brunswick) 104; 1. Ruth Apalinski ( Sea Trail) 104; 2. Sue Sadlon (Brunswick) 105. Low net: 1. Jean Rentch (St. James) 76; 2. Fran Hursh (Lockwood Folly) 78; 2. Carrie Wilson (Brunswick) 78. Fewest putts: Peggy Blair (Oak Island) 35.

Seventh flight, low gross: 1. Maggie Holcomb (Carolina National) 109; 2. Donna Holshouser (Oak Island) 111. Low net: 1. Karen Entwistle (Carolina National) 78; 1. Barb Paolicelli (Carolina National) 78; 2. Diane Lucarelli (Brunswick) 79. Fewest putts: Pat Copple (Oak Island) 35.

Eighth flight, low gross: Barb Berinoto (Brunswick) 10; 2. Emily Campbell (Brunswick) 104; 2. Rose Marie Fassbender (Carolina National) 104. Low net: Gloria Lee (Sea Trail) 74; 2. Dorrie McGurn (Sea Trail) 77. Fewest putts: Marianne Nobes (Brierwood) 29.


The Calabashers played the Crown Park Golf Course July 11. Twenty men played, and the format was two-man low net, using best ball. The winning team was Rod Rodriguez and Phil Smith. In second was the team of Bill Bowden and Wash Dayton. Both teams finished with a net of 60, but the winning team won with a match of cards. Wash Dayton had the low gross of the day (82).


On July 12, Ed Kerr shot a low net 67 to win the Elks tournament at Brierwood. Don Hunt placed second with a 68. In the B flight, Bill Wood was first (65) and Bob Malone second (68). In the C flight, Jim Simmons was first (63) and Ray Richard second (66). Closest to pin: Bob Malone, 10 feet at No. 3; Bob Murphy, 4 feet at No. 9; Tom Klink, 1 foot at No. 14; Bill Soucy, 2 feet at No. 17.


The Carolina Bogey Busters played July 8 at Carolina Shores.

Low gross, flight A: 1. Tom Ditzler, 80. 2. Mark Segar, 81. 3. Bruce Kertcher, 82. Low net, flight A: 1. Tom Ditzler, 63. 2. Steve White, 64. 3. Mark Segar, 65.

Low gross, flight B: 1. Jim Burke and Pete McGerr, 91. 3. Dennis Sullivan and Pat Perryman, 93. Low net, flight B: 1. Dennis Sullivan and Corbin Leford, 66. 3. Jim Burke and Pat Perryman, 68.

Closest to the pin: Larry Frazier at No. 3.

Fewest putts: Mark Segar (26), Tom Ditzler (27), Pete McGerr (29), Dick Wilson (31), Charlie Dugan (32), Jim Burke (32), Ralph Phillips (32).



On July 7 at Farmstead, Larry Laws, Boomer Needham, John Methvin and John Ogden placed first with a 118. Format for the day was cha-cha-cha. Sid Pennington, Steve Maiorca, Cliff Musselman and Joe Gallo were second with a 122.

On July 9 at Meadowlands, Jim Kennedy, Ned Meier, John Methvin and Joe Meo placed first with a 132. Teams scored one net and one gross per hole. Jerry Rubin, Boomer Needham, John Ducey and Cliff Musselman placed second on a match of cards with a 136.

On July 11 at Meadowlands, Steve Maiorca, John Methvin, Joe Gallo and a blind draw placed first with a 125. Teams scored two nets on the even-numbered holes, a net and a gross on the odd-numbered holes. John Ducey, Bill Mercer, Ned Meier and Jim Kennedy placed second with a 132.


Donna Watkins won the game format of low gross and low net with a gross of 90 and a net of 63.

Kathy Hahl had a low gross of 94, followed by Kim Balbach (97). Kay Craig and Kathy Hahl on a match of cards scored a net of 69.

Chipping in on No. 9 was Martha Hannon. Kay Craig chipped in on No. 13. Kathy Hahl made a birdie on No. 12 and Donna Watkins had a chip-in birdie on No. 9. Watkins also had the fewest putts (28).


Nine teams played in the Al Graham Stableford match July 9. The winning team at plus 8 was Frank Talak, Jim Barnett, Bill Teschler and Paul Wuthrich. Second place went to Chet Drouin, Tony Sneska, his son D. Spicer and Leo Jarmusz by a match of cards (plus 7). The team of Ernie Schober, Joe Lowery, Joe Fiorvanti and Ray Girard was third. Fourth place went to John Kain, Dan Roberts, Don Rose and Gean Sanborn (plus 6). Fifth place at plus 5 were Rich Hamilton, Sandy Howard, John Crane and Dick Polonski. In the skins game, only three skins were awarded: one each to Joe Lowry, Ray Girard and Arnie Northrop.


Crow Creek Golf Club Men’s League played July 8, and the format was three-man team gross quota (each player’s net points are added for the team score).

First-place team: Greg Massey, Andy McCorison and Al Ricozzi (team score of +10). Second-place team: Artie Stoecker, John Huntey and Mike Murphy (team score of +5). Third-place team: Jerry Dickson, John Buddemeyer and Ed Darrow (team score of +3)

Individual winner in the A flight: Greg Massey. In the B flight: Andy McCorison. In the in C flight: Ed Darrow.


Results of the Farmstead-Meadowlands modified Stableford tournament July 8:

Flight A: Dick Turner, Bill Blewitt +4; Paul Groves, Rick Ellwanger +4; Ray Laconte, Jim Weter +1.5.

Flight B: Jim Bonne, Dan Bruscella +4.5; Steve Lawson, Bud Pierce +3; Ed Dodson, Ed Hobgood +0.5.

Flight C: Jim Marsh, Bob Mecleary +2; Glen Hafield, Dan Andrews +1.5; Nick Caldararo, Bill Cleaver E.

Flight D: Gordon Much, Pat Neese +8.5; Ed Peters, Bill Kasper +4.5; Larry Robinson, Ken Ellis +4.

Flight A individual: Ray Laconte +8. B individual: Jim Boone +7.5. C individual: Bill Tencza +4. D individual: Ed Peters +6.5. Superflight: Ray Laconte +8.


The Players Golf Association held its annual four-club and putter tournament July 10 at Meadowlands Golf Course. There was a three-way tie for first with 67s, so with a match of cards the winners in order were Bob Davis, Jack Gorman and Bob Butkevicius. Fourth with a 69 was Don Clark. Fifth with a 70 was Nick Samela. Sixth by a match of cards at 71 was Bob Lange over Dick Pearce.

Closest-to-the-pin winners were Ernie Weeks at No. 5, Nick Samela at No. 8, Bob Butkevicius at No. 11 and John Ogden at No. 15.


The Lockwood Folly LGA played July 10 and the format was get the point: four points for a birdie, three for a par, two for a bogey and one for a double bogey. Add to full handicap.

There was a five-way tie first at 56 among Patti Ayling, Kay Gregory, Kathy Spinoso, Susann Thompson and Mary Ward. Carolyn Puckett chipped in at No. 12


The Piperettes played a match of count only the par 4s, one-half handicap, on July 8.

First: Marci Berry (23). Second: Ethel Nobles (25.5). Tie for third: Deanna Donnelly, Ro Martere and Wanda Green (26.5). Sixth: Mique Luckett (27.5). Tie for seventh: Shirley Holmes, Kathy Manning and Jean Hartwell (28).

Birdies: Candy Jones at Bay No. 5. Mary Ard at Piper No. 5. Kathy Manning at Bay No. 2. Loretta Delamere at Bay No. 5. Chip-ins: Kathy Manning at Bay No. 2. Lynn Hamlin at Piper No. 4. Barb DeMore at Bay No. 4.



The following are the results for the week of July 7 for the Sandpiper Bay Men’s Golf Association.

On July 11, the format was low net score: First at 65 was Bill Snyder. Second, a tie at 67, were Jack Hinte and Ralph Bowman. Next, a tie at 68, were Al Hooker, Chris Christie, Wayne Purdy, Don Moore and Bill Sarkisian. In a tie at 69 were P.J. Jones, Jon Radziewski, Ron Redman and Gordy Coulson.

On July 9 the game was count one best ball for the first three holes, two for the next five, three for the next five and all four for the last five.

In the Piper to Bay flight, first with a minus 26 were Bob Nicoletti, Bill Sarkisian, Marv Pethal and Don Bartholomew.

Second at -25 were Tony Rossi, Al Roeder, Charles Richardson and Doug Williams. Third at -21 were John Donnelly, John Kealey, Bob Morley and Tom Ioven.

In the Bay to Piper flight, first place at -24 were Bill Snyder, Greg Scalzi, Jim King and Charles Maglio. Second at -21 were Don Capretta, Frank DeStefon, Dean Montgomery and a blind draw. Third at -17 were Al Bowman, Bob Arace, Dan Norman and Robert Schenck.

July 7 was a wonderful day for Bob Zambri, because on the sixth hole at Piper he made an ace. He used a 9-iron from 120 yards.

The format was three best scores on par 3s, two on the par 4s and one on the par 5s.

In the Bay Piper flight, first went to Joseph Cramer, Gene McDonald, Wayne Purdy and Frank Testa with a -27. Second went to John Hannigan, Mike Finkelstein, Vince Niland and Bill Sarkisian with a -25. Third went to Don Moore, Guy Tavel, Ron Donley and Frank Destefon with a -24. Fourth went to John Radziewski, Ed McTighe, Jim Barker and Bill Spellicy with a -21.

In the Piper Bay flight, first at -28 were Bob Zambri (leading the pack with his ace), Bob Nicoletti, Doug Williams and Ed Killgoar. Second at -25 were Don Capretta, Jack Hinte, Bernie Fowler and a blind draw. At -24 were Rich Brouwer, Joe Martere, Charles Richardson and Paul Maultsby. Fourth at -23 went to John Donnelly, Bill Lester, Bob Morley and Tom Ioven.



The Sea Trail Men played on the Jones front nine and the Byrd back nine July 8.The format was four-man teams, two- best net balls. In flight A, Gene Method, Bill Narath, Tony Novalis and Bob Perry were first with at 114. John Barton, Dennis deLagarde, Ron Dubas and Dan Morrin were second with a 121. In flight B, John Goodrich, Ben Madura, Art Olsen and Harry Snyder were first with a 118. John Bowles, Jim Gooding, Charlie Schorpp and Bo Sellers were second with a 120 and a winning match of cards. In flight C, Nick Forlidas, Gary Keife, Norm Melanson and Jerry Tanner were first with a 121. John Johnsen, Ron Klein, John Olson and Bob Thwaites were second with a 123. In flight D, George Bartley, Norm Christen, Ralph Gardner and Larry Tedesco were first with a 114. Ches Burton, Bill Connor, Bob Leahy and Mike Pozdol were second with a 115.