Golf action

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon


On July 21 Al Bowman, 79, beat his age by five strokes, shooting a 74 for the day. Bowman was playing with Ralph Bowman, Hal Foley and Butch Reeves.

On July 23, the game was “Man in the Box.” Post the three best balls per hole but each player must be designated to play every fourth hole, where his score must be used. Post just three best balls for holes 17 and 18.

In the Piper to Bay flight, the top score was a -24 by John Donnelly, Vince Niland, Charles Richardson and John Murphy. In second was a -22 by Al Hooker, P.J. Jones, Paul Backman and John Grossglass. Third went to Chris Christie, Mike Matlock, Bill Pohlman and Bill Spellicy with a -21.

On July 21, the format low gross and low net. In the Piper to Bay flight, low gross was Dan Alsup (74). Low net was Al Bowman (62). Second low gross was John Nicholsen (75). Second low net was Hal Foley (66). Third low gross was Bob Nicoletti (77). Third low net was a tie between J.J. Whalen and Jim Creighton (68). Fourth low gross were Low Gross and John Donnelly (78). Fourth low net was a tie among John Radziewski, Gene McDonald, Ron Redman, Bill Lester and Norm Burgess (69).


The July 24 league game for the Brick Landing Ladies Golf Association was a flag day: Each player plants her flag in the ground where her ball lies after taking the number of strokes equal to par plus her handicap. The player carrying her flag farthest wins, through extra holes if necessary.

First flight: 1. Jean Lakey, 2. Irene Dowdy, 3. Mary Biesack. Second flight: 1. Barbara Karkut, 2. Cathy Shanley, 3. Vivian Rowe. Third flight: 1. Ellen Rogoff (the only player to play past the 18th hole), 2. Peggy Campana, 3. Pat Baumgartner. Bernice Logan had a birdie on No. 9 and Cathy Shanley had a chip-in on No. 15.

The July 17 league game for the Brick Landing Ladies Golf Association was a low net score in each flight, with the “Ace of the Month” being the lowest net score of the day, if not previously won.

First flight: 1. Mary Biesack was first with a 63. Lois Huber was second with a 64. Jean Lakey was third with a 74. Second flight: Cathy Shanley was first with a 69. Bernice Logan was second with a 70. Barbara Karkut was third with a 71. Third flight: Sue Nelson was first with a 67. Peg Agrimonti and Ellen Rogoff tied for second with a 73. Jean Lakey made birdies on No. 13 and No. 15. Lois Huber had a chip-in on No. 15. Lois Huber was Ace of the Month.



The Brick Landing Men’s Club Tournament was July 22. The game was one best net on the par 5s, two best nets on the par 4s and three best nets on par 3s.

Bill Shanley, Tom Edwards, Ron Jordan and a blind were first at (-35). Ed Lakey, Bill Kosanke, Dick Brown and Gus Mast tied for second at (-34) with Chuck Dixon, Neil Nucci, Roland Heitmen and Bob Melleky.

Skins were won by Jim McAvoy (two), Gus Mast (one), Bill Shanley (one), Neil Nucci (one), Ron Jordan (one) and Ed Lakey (one).

In the men’s Saturday Shootout, L.C. Hasty, Larry Agrimonti, John Kupstas and Bob Koegel were first (+21.5). Cal Calhoon, Bill Shanley, Ray Collins and Alan Morrissey were second (+17). Bill Kosanke, Mike O’Brien, Joe Whalen and Bob Grabb were third (+6.5).

In the individual competition, John Kupstas was first (+9), Alan Morrissey second (+7.5) and Bill Kosanke third (+6.5).


The Calabash Elks played July 23 at Brierwood. In the A flight, Jerry Way was first (64) and Don Hunt second (67). In the B flight, Bill Woods was first (65) and Bill Parr was second (67). In the C flight, Herb Broughton was first (64) and Jim Newmeyer was second (70). Closest to the pin: On No. 3, John Bleadley (10 feet). On No. 9, Sigi Mayo (16 feet). On No. 14, Don Hunt (8 feet). On No. 17, Don Hunt (15 feet, one-half inch).


The Brierwood Men’s Golf Association played July 12, and the format was one best ball on holes No. 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, and 16; two best balls on holes 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, and 17, three best balls on holes 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18.

In first at 16-under par were Paul Salerno, Mike Prokop, Bob Janovic and a blind draw. In second at 14-under par were Bob Nobes, Scott Annabelle, Tom Kronyak and Jack Harrison. In third at 9-under par were George Edwards, Al Ostrager, Chuck Hornfeck and Bob Sterner.

On July 24, the format was two best balls. In first at 24-under par were Dave Harper, Mike Prokop, Tom Bowen and a blind draw. Tying for second at 22-under par was the team of Bob Nobes, Scott Annabelle, Joe Brust and Jim Pope and the team of Wayne McGlothlin, Bernie Gruzlewski and Jack Harrison. In third at 17-under par were Jim Robinson, Paul Salerno, Chuck Hornfeck and a blind draw.


The Brierwood WGA played a low-gross, low-net game July 22 with 15 players. Full handicap was subtracted for the net scores.

In flight A, the low-gross winner was Mona Dye with an 83. There was a tie for low net of 70 between Nancy Kumlin and Sherry Pittman. Kumlin had fewest putts (31). The flight B winners were Catherine Clemmons and Janice Owens, sharing low-gross scores of 102. The low-net winner was Betty Gabor (73), who shared fewest putts with Janice Owens (32). Florence Hopkins was the flight C low-gross winner with a 110, and Rita Du-Gan won low net with a score of 72 and fewest putts (35).

To make the game more interesting, players were able to choose a numbered ball and had to use it throughout the game for every hole. Those who returned with the ball shared the winnings. Catherine Clemmons and Nancy Kumlin returned triumphant.

A chip-in was recorded by Pat Kronyak at No. 13. Mona Dye and Nancy Kumlin made birdies at No. 4 and No. 6, respectively.


The Calabashers played the Carolina Shores Golf Course July 25. The format was low nets: one on the par 5s, two on the par 3s and three on the par 4s. The winning team was a threesome of Rod Rodriguez, Tom Baston and Larry Bollinger. They had a draw from the other foursomes and came out with a winning score of 105. Low gross of the day was Jim Edwards, with a 78.


These are the winners of the stroke and medal play July 22. In flight I, first low gross, 79, Pat Schutzman. First low net, 66, Dottie Reynolds. Second low net, 70, Jonquille Curwen. Flight II: first low gross, 90, Evelyn Buckner. First low net, 69, Kathy Andrew. Second low net, 71, Carole Richards. Flight III: First low gross, 97, Louise Widmyer. First low net, 71, Jane Dereshinsky and Janet Gorman.


Seven teams played in the tourney, and the winning team via a match of cards was Ron Buck, George Balbach, Bill Teschler and a blind draw (+7). Second place went to Don Errickson, John Kain, Chet Drouin, and Mal Mac Raild. Third place, at +3, were Bob Barrett, Bill Gibbs, Joe Fioravanti and a blind draw.


The Carolina Bogey Busters played July 22 at Carolina Shores Golf Club. Low gross, A flight: 1. Bill Allen, 80; 2. Charlie Dugan, 83; 3. Dick Wilson, 85. Low gross, B flight: 1. Dennis Sullivan, 85; 2. Pete McGerr, 90; 3. Ralph Phillips, 92.

Low net, A flight: 1. Bill Allen, 64; 2. Charlie Dugan, 66; 3. Raleigh Putnam, 67. Low net, B flight: 1. Dennis Sullivan, 58; 2. Ralph Phillips, 63; 3. Corbin Ledford, 67.

Closest to the pin on No. 7 in the A flight was Ron Doeblin; in the B flight, Pat Perryman.

Fewest putts: Tom Ditzler 27, Dick Wilson 28, Charlie Dugan 28, Ron Doeblin 28, Pete McGerr 29, Bill Allen 30, Ralph Phillips 30.


The Crow Creek men’s league played July 22. The format was three-man team gross quota. (Each player’s net points added for the team score.) Two teams tied for first at +9: Jerry Dickson, John Huntey, Ray Hickey and the team of Artie Sroecker, Jake Manning and John Sparks. The team of Bob Lesko, John Buddemeyer and Ron Perry finished third.


The Players Golf Association tournament July 25 at Farmstead consisted of two low nets on the front side and three low nets on back side. Winning with a score of 156 was the team of Bob Bukevicius, Don Clark, Ray O’Donnell and Carl Price. Second at 157 was the team of Nick Samela, Jack Gorman, John McCloy and Alex Olmsted. Third at 159 was the team Don Chappell, Bob Flack, Ernie Schober and George Griffin. Closest to the pin were McCloy at No. 3, Bukevicius at No. 6, Ernie Weeks at No. 12 and Carl Price at No. 17.


The Carolina Fairways Area Greens played July 21 at Farmstead. Sid Pennington, Jerry Rubin, Cliff Musselman, Art Thompson and Joe Gallo placed first with a 188. The five-man teams scored three nets per hole. Ned Meier, Boomer Needham, John Ducey, John Methvin and John Ogden placed second with a 191.

On July 23 at Farmstead, Sid Pennington, Bob Jaeger, John Ducey and John Ogden placed first with a 114. Teams scored two nets per hole. George O’Connell Art Thompson, Joe Gallo and a blind draw placed second with a 121.

On July 25 at the Meadowlands, Jerry Rubin, Art Thompson, Pete Scott and John Methvin placed first with a 66. Teams scored one net on the par-4 and par-5 holes, one net and one gross on the par 3s. Ned Meier, Ron Doeblin, Jen Dearborn and Joe Gallo placed second with a 68.


The format for the Farmstead MGA on July 22 was modified Stableford. Front-nine results: Dick Turner, Howie Murphy, Ed Peters, Al Lowrie at +10. Lee Heroux, Steve Lawson, Richard Smith, W. Curtis Brenk at +6. Paul Hourisan, Fred Johnson, Bob McCleary, Gary Stout at +3.5. Back-nine results: Bill Favro, Dan Bruscella, Gerry Sessi, Gordon Much at +10. Adam Peters, Jim Poole, Earl Dushane, Bill Tencza at +8.5. Lee Heroux, Steve Lawson, Richard Smith, W. Curtis Brenk at +8. Overall: Dick Turner, Howie Murphy, Ed Peters, Al Lowrie at +16. Lee Heroux, Steve Lawson, Richard Smith, W. Curtis Brenk at +14. Bill Favro, Dan Bruscella, Gerry Sessi, Gordon Much at +11. Flights: A. Lee Heroux at +3.5; B. Ed Dodson at +9; C. Ken Dube at +5.5; D. Gordon Much at +8.5. Superflight: Ed Dodson at +9.


On July 24, Farmstead hosted the Foxy Ladies two-out-of four best-ball tournament. Winning, with a 130 net, was the team of Pat Abell, Pat Kronyak, JoAnn Davis and Ruth Tonking. Second place, with a score of 131, went to Tina Teipel, Mimi Ostrager, Joan Russell and Shirley Groff.

There were two highlights of the day, one being a chip-in by Joan Russell for a net 0. The other was the participation of the two golf teaching pros from the Holden Beach Driving Range, R.J. McCord and Tina Teipel.


The Lockwood Ladies Golf Association played played July 24 at Lockwood Folly Country Club. The format was to count only holes starting with an S or T. Subtract one-half handicap. First: Marilyn Myers, 34. Second: Karen Minor, 34.5. Third: Patti Ayling, Fran Sampson and Sheila Schreiber, 35.

Birdies: Trish Benardo at No. 11. Chip-ins: Karen Manor at No. 17 and Fran Sampson at No. 15.


The Ocean Ridge Ladies Golf Association played Lucky 13 July 21 at Tiger’s Eye. Individuals throw out scores on two par 3s, two par 5s and one par 4. Players count their net score on the remaining 13 holes. Michelle Sherwood was first at 44. Erma Krahl was second at 45. Sue Kane was third at 46. Peggy Jones and Doris McLaughlin tied for fourth at 48.

Michelle Sherwood made birdie on holes No. 4 and No. 11. Sally Duffy made birdie on holes No. 2 and No. 8. Jeanne Maxon made a birdie on hole No. 8. Peggy Jones chipped in on hole No. 7.

Low gross were Jeanne Maxon and Karen McCloskey (87). Low net was Michelle Sherwood (70).


The Ocean Ridge MGA played at Tiger’s Eye July 21. The format was two nets on the even holes, three nets on the odd holes. First: George Brooks, Ed Gruver, Greg Kent, Mike Ratchford (-25). Second: Bernie Powers, Wally Milnichuk, Bob Simon, Carl Schuster (-24). Third: Wilbur Browning, John Wehner, Mike Hetrick and a blind draw (-20).

On July 23, the matches were at Lion’s Paw. The format: two net, three net, four net, then repeat. First: Fred Bank, Carl Schuster, Steve Edwards, Don Rowland (-10). Second: Bill Johnston, Earl Miller, Bill Prophet and a blind draw (-2). Third: George Brooks, Paul Hardican, Don Bridwell, Charlie Roberts (-1, match of cards). Fourth: Ed Sandidge, Brian Roe, Chappy Jones, Gary Halberstadt (-1, match of cards). Fifth: Frank McGrath, Mike Ratchford, Norm Fitzgerald, Dave Powers (-1, match of cards). Sixth: George James, Bob Fatzinger, Wally Milnichuk, Steve Miller (-1 match of cards).


On July 24 Ed Riggs made a hole-in-one on the 11th hole of Panther’s Run, a 143-yard par 3, using a 22- degree hybrid club.


The Piperettes played the game of ONES July 16: Play all 18 holes, but for game purposes only count the holes beginning with the letters O, N, E and S (holes 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 16, 17 and18). Use one-half handicap and low net wins.

First: Candy Jones (35). There was a three-way tie for second: Deanna Donnelly, Loretta Delamere and Ro Martere (35.5). Kathy McIlroy was fifth (39). Madonna Snyder was sixth (40). Ethel Nobles and Judy Hanna tied for seventh (41).

Birdies: Deanna Donnelly at Piper No. 6, Madonna Snyder at Bay No. 5, Candy Jones at Piper No. 3 and No. 4. Chip-ins: Deanna Donnelly at Bay No. 5.


On July 25, the format was low net scores with blind-draw partners, one partner from each flight. In first at 131 were Chris Christie and Jim Braddock. In second at 135 were Bill Lester and Billy Sirk. In third at 136 were Bill Snyder and Al Paynter. In fourth at 138 were Jim Creighton and John Grossglass. In fifth at 140 were John Kealley and P. J. Jones. Closest to the pin: In the A flight at Piper No. 8, Rich Brouwer. In the B flight at Bay No. 5, Bill Sarkisian.


The Sandpiper Bay Men’s Golf Association match on Monday was two net scores on even holes and three net scores on odd holes. In the Bay-to-Piper flight, with Gary Swanson leading the way with a 74, his team finished first at -29. Playing with Swanson were Bill Snyder, Jeff Smith and Dick Eby. In second at -27 were John Whalen, Joe Cramer, Guy Tavel and Ron Donley. There was a tie for third at -25. Chris Christie, Ron Redman, Jim King and Bernie Fowler tied with Jim Creighton, Don Moore, Ed Killgoar and a blind draw.

In the Piper-to-Bay flight, first at -28 were Norm Burgess, Doug Williams, Jim Wiseman and a blind. Tying for second at -23 was the team of Lee Parker, Marvin Pethal, Pat Dibble and a blind draw and the team of Bob Eason, Frank DeStefon, Gary Pollock and Jim Braddock.


The Sea Trail Men’s Golf Association played on the Maples Course July 22. Each foursome counted its total net score. In flight A, John Barton, Al Bayley, Dick Couch and Bill Narath were first with a 283. In flight B,Scott Bernreuther, Gary Fagan, Ben Madura and Dave Salisch were first with a 283. In flight C, Joe Carpinello, Bill Locke, Alan Pitts and a blind draw were first at 283. In flight D, Phil Ebel, Nick Forlidas, John McDermott and Dick Zinser were first at 271.


The Sea Trail Ladies League played July 23, and the format was convert one hole to par. The course was Byrd on the back nine and Jones on the front nine. The format was convert one hole to par.

First flight: Mary Bergere (61), Gloria Wimmer (62, match of cards), JoAnn Larson (62), Beth D’Amico (65). Second flight: Lynn Wiedman (58), Lorraine Kazan (63, match of cards), Hal White (63), Bobbie DeLagarde (66). Third flight: MaryLou Miller (65), Joanna Brawley (67, match of cards), Ruth Apalinski (67), Ellen Bombolis (68, match of cards). Fourth flight: Donna Morris (59), Janet Keppler (62), Sandi Pilney (64), Karen Rastocky (68, match of cards)

Birdies: Bobbie DeLagarde at Byrd No. 14, JoAnn DeYounge at Byrd No. 11, Hal White at Byrd No. 17, Meggie McClave at Byrd No. 18, Janet Keppler at Jones No. 5, Judy D’Amico at Byrd No. 16.

Chip-ins: Gloria Wimmer at Byrd No. 13, Pam Fisher at Byrd No. 15, Meggie McClave at Byrd No. 14, Donna Morris at Byrd No. 15.