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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Lidgard, Fiore share first in Meadowlands Missfits event

Marlene Lidgard and Anne Fiore were the most honest golfers in the Meadowlands Missfits “Honesty” tournament Feb. 25 at Meadowlands.

Prior to teeing off, each player predicted her final gross scores and those hitting them correctly or coming closest to the actual scores were declared the winners. Any player with a double bogey or higher on the final two holes was disqualified.

Both Lidgard, who picked a 96, and Fiore, who chose 100, picked their scores on the nose to tie for first.

Billie Ellwanger and Pat Hamrick tied for second, each coming within two shots of their predicted gross scores. Ellwanger predicted an 84 and shot 86 while Hamrick shot a 97 while predicting a 95.

Janice Ortmeyer (95) was third, only three shots off her prediction of a 92. Myriam LaConte (92) took fourth, four shots off her predicted 88.

Rosemary Toedter was fifth at 107, five shots higher than she said at 102 with Judy Hardin in sixth at 98, seven higher than her 91.

Coming in within eight shots of their predictions were Linda Blewitt (109-101) and Yvonne Kaldahl (100-108). Phyllis Welch was eighth, nine shots off her mark (86-95).

Kaldahl chipped in for birdie on No. 8. Welch birdied No. 14, Hardin No. 11 and Frances Pritchard No. 15.

In the March 3 tournament at Meadowlands, Donna Phelps took Flight A low gross with a 97 and Welch won low net with a 76.

Barbara Finn won Flight B low gross, shooting a 94 with Lidgard and Kaz Radcliff tying for low net with 73s.

Fiore shot a 100 to win Flight C low gross with Wilma Mowery winning low net with a 70.

Joanne Schell won Flight D low gross with a 103. Linda Jones took low net with a 71.

Radcliff had 28 putts with Finn needing 29.

Eileen Reddy chipped in for birdie on No. 14 and birdied No. 9. Radcliff chipped in for birdie on No. 1 and Schell on No. 8.

Janis Ortmeyer and Thelma Albrecht birdied No. 15 and Gwen Jerome No. 5.

Fiore had a chip-in on No. 13.

Brierwood Scramble

Sherry Pittman had a hole-in-one to highlight play in the Brierwood Scramble on Feb. 24.

Pittman used a 3-wood to ace the 123-yard No. 9. She led her team of Jim Davis, Tom Bowen and Marianne Nobes to a score of 5 under par and the win.

Andy Guida, Morris Hall, Jim Pope and Sara Lula were second at 3 under.

Joe Reiter, Jerry Lula, Jan Guida and Rita DuGan and the team of Bob Nobes, Chuck Hornfeck, Cheryl Robinson and Pat Kronyak tied for third at 2 under par.

Carolina Bogey Busters

Bruce Kertcher and Pete McGerr were the flight winners in the Carolina Bogey Busters tournament Feb. 26 at Carolina Shores.

Kertcher captured A Flight low gross (78) and low net (62) while McGerr won in B Flight with a 93 gross and 69 net.

Larry Frazier was second in A Flight low gross with an 83 with Dick Wilson third at 84.

Tom Ditzler was the runner-up in A Flight low net at 67 with Steve White at 68.

Dennis Sullivan took second to McGerr in B Flight low gross with a 99 with Ron Watson third at 100.

Matt Dunn finished second in B Flight low net with a 70 with John Ciemniewski third at 74.

Frazier won the A Flight and Ralph Phillips the B Flight in the closest to the pin competition on No. 17.

Kertcher won low putts with 28.

Wilson, White and Charlie Dugan each had 29 putts with McGerr and Frazier at 31.

Brierwood Men

Howard Scutt, Bernie Gruzlewski, Joe Brust and Jim Pope combined for a 14 under par to win the Brierwood Men’s tournament on Feb. 28.

Teams counted two best balls on the par 3s and par 4s and one best ball on the par 5s.

Morris Hall, Dave Harper, Tom Kronyak and Tom Bowen were second at 9 under.

George Edwards, Harper, Guy DeRasmo and Kronyak teamed for a 14 under to win the Feb. 25 tournament.

Teams counted one best ball on the first 6 holes, two best balls on the next six holes and three best balls on the final six holes.

Paul Salerno, Bill Miller, Al Butler and Bowen were second at 12 under with Scutt, Gruzlewski, Bob Janovic and Les Craft third at 4 under.

Sea Trail Ladies

Diane Scheck had a 23 to win the Sea Trail Ladies crossover tournament Feb. 27 on the Maples Course.

Judy D’Amico came in second at 24.

Loretta DeVita was third at 25, followed by Maureen Foley at 26, Ilene McAllister at 27 and Mary Alice Jerome and Janet Keppler at 28. Jerome won the match of cards.

Mary Ann Seely had birdies on Nos. 3 and 12, Scheck on No. 11 and Bobbie delaGarde on No. 8.

DeVita chipped in on No. 18 and McAllister on No. 9.

Brunswick Plantation Ladies

Sandy Owens, Sue Sadlon, Gail Colwell and a blind draw posted a 133 to win the Dogwood-Azalea Flight of the Brunswick Plantation Ladies tournament on Feb. 25.

Mae Drezek, Carrie Wilson, Pat Melvin and Marge Neilson turned in a 138 to take the Azalea-Magnolia Flight.

Kathy Rosenberg had a birdie on No. 4 Dogwood.

Diane Lucarelli had a chip-in on No. 4 Azalea.

Sandpiper Men

Hal Foley, Marvin Pethtal, Bill Lewis and Mike Donovan teamed to finish 11 points above their quota and won the Bay to Sand Flight of the Sandpiper Bay Men’s Stableford tournament on March 3.

John Donnelley, Bill Lester, Dick Christensen and Dave Foreman were second at plus 9 points.

Allen Hooker, Gene McDonald, Bob Arace and Dick Eby were third at plus 5 points.

Dan Copeland, Anthony Scinto, Bob Hamlin and John Wilkes took the win in the Piper to Bay Flight with plus 10 points.

Bob Nicoletti, Tom Townsend, Charles Richardson and Ronnie Redman were second at plus 9 points.

Chris Christie, John Hannigan, Lee Parker and Bill Croxton came in third at plus 2 points.

Mike Finklestein, Norm Burgess, Jim Barker and Patrick Dibble captured the Sand to Piper Flight with a plus 1.

Gordy Coulson, Harvey Stratton, Danny Norman and Bill Pohlman finished right on quota for second.

David Lasser, Barney Evangelista, Bill Zanzalari and Tom Ioven were 1 point below quota for third.

In an individual medal play tournament on Feb. 27, John Radziewski and Hooker each shot 79 to tie for honors in the Bay to Sand Flight. Hooker beat his age by 1 stroke.

Nicoletti was third with an 80.

Frank McCarron, Herb Wheelock, Tim Salius and Gary Swanson tied for low net with 70s.

Guy Tavel was the Sand to Piper Flight low gross winner with an 88.

Harvey Stratton was the runner-up at 89 with John Kealey third at 90.

Hannigan took low net honors with a 72. Jeff Smith was second at 73 with Chic Scinto at 74.

Len Borriello and Richardson tied for low gross honors in the Piper to Bay Flight with 93s. Doug Williams was third at 95.

Jack Dobson and Dave Foreman tied for low net with 74s. Jack Hinte came in third at 75.

In the Feb. 25 event, the team of Copeland, Bob Zambri, Mike Matlock and John Grossglass finished at minus 17 to win the Sand to Piper Flight.

Teams counted three best balls per hole, including a designated Man in the Box score on each hole.

Coulson, Stratton, Barker and Ioven were second at minus 16 with Radziewski, Ron Yuricek, Bill Sarkisian and Wilkes third at minus 15.

Lou Zotter, Hannigan, Williams and Paul Maultsby took honors in the Piper to Bay Flight with a minus 19.

Wheelock, Dean Montgomery, Lee Parker and Bernie Fowler came in second at minus 16.

Al Bowman, Joe Cramer, Jim King and Lewis won the Bay to Sand Flight with a minus 19.

Swanson, Gene McDonald, Vinny Niland and Eby were second at minus 15.

Brierwood Women

Carolu Waldron captured Flight A low gross with a 98 and Sue Janovic took low net with a 67 in the Brierwood Women’s tournament Feb. 26.

Players substituted par for their worst score on each nine.

Rita DuGan won Flight B low gross with a 101 while Ruth Linder and Jean Billie shared low net honors with 62s.

Carolina Shores CC Men

Jerry Strickler, Dick Polonski, Ken Sass and John Myers came in at 208 and won a match of cards from Paul Jordan, Keith Rogerson, Dick Boyle and Bob Fyock for the win in the Carolina Shores Country Club men’s tournament Feb. 29.

The format was count three best nets on each hole.

Art Hahl, Clyde Juergens, Larry Enright and a blind draw took third at 209.

Mike Devereux, Gene Sanborn, Charlie McDonald and a blind draw were fourth at 210.

Mal MacRaild won both low gross and low net.

Closest to the pin winners were Gary Stewart on No. 3, MacRaild on No. 7 and Tony Sneska on Nos. 12 and 17.

Winning skins were Rich Hamilton, Sanborn, Frank Talak, Paul Jordan, Jay Leskowicz, MacRaild, Sass, Roger Thompson and Bill Gibbs.

The foursome of Don Rose, Stewart, Ron Carpenter and Joe Fioravanti finished first in the Feb. 27 Stableford tournament with a plus 1.

George Bridges, Wayne Burchfield, Nick DePalo and a blind draw took second at minus 4.

Juergens, Sass, Bob Alexander and Tony Languell were third at minus 6.

Winning skins were Carpenter, Alexander, Burchfield, Sneska, Rose and Dan Roberts.

Ocean Ridge Ladies

The team of Pat Brooks, Pam Bank, Judy Keegan and Liz Waldron turned in a minus 11 to win front nine honors in the Ocean Ridge Ladies odd-even nine-hole tournament Feb. 27 on Tiger’s Eye.

Teams counted one net on odd holes and two nets on even holes.

Peggy Jones, Peggy Rowland, Pam McCafferty and Alice Christiansen were second at minus 10.

Cathy Story, Carole Schuster, Ann Turner and Di Gruver posted a minus 6 and won a match of cards from Linda VanHorn, Linda Buck, Margo Russell and Gwen Fitzgerald for first on the back nine.

Story had a birdie on No. 17 and Turner on No. 11.

In the Feb. 25 tournament on Panther’s Run, Karen McCloskey, Jones, Joanie Marsh and Turner teamed for a minus 11 and the win.

Teams counted two low nets on each hole. Jeanne Maxon, Rowland, Skip Lindstrom and Keegan were second at minus 10.

Maxon shot an 80 for low gross and birdied No. 2.

Jones chipped in on No. 9.

Schuster won low net with a 72.

Calabash Elks

Ron Mayo won A Flight with a net 68 in the Calabash Elks tournament Feb. 27 at Brierwood.

Mike Casper won the B Flight with a 72 and Ray Richard took C Flight with 72.

Ed Kerr was second in A Flight with 72, Guy Lachapelle was runner-up in B Flight with 71 and Jim Filkins finished second in C Flight with 73.

Closest to the pin winners were Don Studds, Bill Malloy and Bill Parr.

Sea Trail Men

George Lefelar had a net 73 and won a match of cards from Monte Beebe to take Flight A in the Sea Trail Men’s individual low net tournament Feb. 26 on the Byrd Course.

Jim Hitchcock was third at net 74.

Dennis deLagarde finished first in Flight B with a 69. Bob Perry came in second at 70 with Lou Perna at 71.

Dave Salisch bested Ron Bombolis on a match of cards in Flight C after each came in with a 72. John Barton won a match of cards to finish third at 75.

Art Olsen was the Flight D winner with a 70. Ron Jenei was second at 71 with Bo Sellers third at 72 on a match of cards.

Charlie Schorpp led Flight E with a 69. Frank Martorelli had a 70 and won a match of cards from John Olson for second.

Frank Santisi won Flight F with a 73 with Rich Chamberlain at 74 and Fred Stephens at 75.

Top finishers in G Flight were Ed Seidel with a 68, Rich Ikeda with a 72 and Jack Bender with a 76.

In H Flight, Ches Burton led the way with a 70, followed by Bill Connor with 73 and Dick Lawson with 75.

Ocean Ridge Men

Bob Distel, Bob Cermak, David Ayres and John Pugh finished with a minus 17 to win the Ocean Ridge Men’s tournament Feb. 27 on Tiger’s Eye.

Teams counted one gross and one net on par 3s, two nets on par 4s and three nets on par 5s.

Tom Russell, Ed Gruver, Bob Larkin 2 and Gene Jenkins came in at minus 13 and won a match of cards from Steve Westfall, George James, Bill Hotop and a blind draw for second.

Mike Clodfelter, Hank Vogt, Bob Ludman and a blind draw were fourth at minus 13.

Al Keegan, Greg Kent, George Woodard and Bob Hartman had a minus 12 and won a match of cards from Phil Harrington, Rick McCafferty, Norm Fitzgerald and Robert Theiss for fifth.

In the Feb. 25 waltz tournament on Panther’s Run, the team of Clodfelter, Larkin 2, Gary Halberstadt and Hotop took first with a minus 21.

Teams scored one net on the first hole, two nets on the second and three nets on the third and repeated through 18 holes.

Doug MacDonald, Ray Stanley, Clyde Crowl and Brian Roe took second at minus 20, winning a match of cards from Rich O’Connor, Wayne Underhill, Frank Burianek and Jack Anderson.

Pat Clayton, George James, Mike Ratchford and a blind draw were fourth at minus 20.

Stan Mays, Gordon Wicke, Bill Edwards and Ron Sorice came in fifth at minus 17, beating Bill Walker, Keegan, Rich Scaler and Paul Socha on a match of cards.


Bill Bowden, Mike McCormack and Al Wright won the Calabashers Stableford tournament Feb. 29 at Brunswick Plantation with a plus 1.5.

Tom Nally, Charlie Weber and John Duthie were second at even.


Mike Coleman, Mike Matlock, Dave Foreman and Scot Matlock turned in a minus 11 to win the GlensRovers 1-2-3 Waltz tournament March 1 on the red and white nines at Heather Glen.

Teams counted one net on the first hole, two on the second hole and three on the third hole and repeated for the 18 holes.

Bill Sale, Lowell Wilcox, Jack Brooks and Leroy Sanbgr were second at minus 10.

Mike Matlock, Sale, Mickey Turner and Gene Sanocki fired a minus 16 to win the 2-3-4 Waltz tournament Feb. 26 at Possum Trot.

Teams scored two best balls on the first hole, three on the second and four on the third and repeated through 18 holes.

Wilcox, Al Magee, Tom McMasters and Tom Leach came in second at minus 13 with Wayne Lorenz, Jay Valkenburg, Brooks and Bill Bushkie third at minus 12.

Sandpiper Bay Rebels

Gary Swanson captured honors on the Bay nine with a plus 7 and Bill Snyder won the Sand nine with a plus 6 in the Sandpiper Bay Rebels Stableford tournament on Feb. 29.

Players subtracted their handicaps from 36 to get a point quota and divided it in half to get their nine-hole quota.

Bob Arace was second on the Bay nine with plus 5 points with Danny Norman third at plus 2 .

Lou Zotter won closest to the pin honors.

John Hannigan was the runner-up on the Sand nine with plus 3 with John Radziewski and Zotter third at plus 2 .

Len Borriello won closest to the pin.

Brick Landing Men

Frank Reardon, George Jacob, Bob Mularczyk and Bob Melleky combined for a plus 13.5 and won the Brick Landing Men’s shootout on March 1.

Chuck Gibson, Dave Biesack, Ted Lide and George Toepfer were second at minus 2.5 with Gene Bonstein, Bill Shanley, Buddy Hollowell and Larry Agrimonti third at minus 6.

Individual winners were Agrimonti at plus 5, Mularczyk at plus 4.5 and Melleky at plus 4.5.

In the best net tournament on Feb. 26, Ray Audette, Shanley, Agrimonti and Lide won with a minus 28.

Dwight Christenbury, Bonstein, Melleky and Mike O’Brien finished second at minus 27.

Jim Edes, Bob Grabb, Ken Horton and Don Seidler were third at minus 25.


Don Clark and John McCloy had a 183 and won the weekly Players Golf Association tournament.

The game was two-man teams low gross. Bill Kasper and a blind draw came in second at 192.

Ray O’Donnell and Roy Teasley were third at 194, followed by Hal Moore and Ron Wetherington at 195.

Bob Lange and Ernie Schober took fifth at 208 with Don Chappell and Carl Price at 209.

Closest to the pin winners were Bob Lange at No. 5 and Carl Price at Nos. 12 and 15.


Jim Kennedy, Ned Meier, Jim Kilgo and Joe Meo teamed for a 139 to win the C.F.A.G. tournament Feb. 29 at Meadowlands.

Teams counted two nets on all par 4s and par 5s and three nets on the par 3s.

John Ducey, John Methvin, Sid Pennington and Ron Doeblin were second at 140.

The team of Meo, Boomer Needham, Jen Dearborn and Pennington finished at 124 to win the Feb. 27 tournament at Meadowlands. Needham shot his age with a 79.

Scoring was based on three nets on holes 1-6, two nets on holes 7-12 and three nets on holes 13-18.

Bill Gleeson, Meier, Cliff Musselman and Joe Gallo were second with 132.

Frank Janton, John Shea, Ed Ford and Rich West were third at 137.

In the Feb. 25 tournament at Meadowlands, Hugh Chinn, Von Hincher, Steve Maiorca and Musselman came in with a 207 and won a match of cards from John Ogden, Methvin, Needham and Janton for first.

Teams scored two nets and one gross per hole.


A match of cards decided the outcome when Teddy Altreuter, Carolyn Bosman and Barbara Malina tied at 42 in the Renegades Par 4s Tournament Feb. 28 at Carolina Shores. Players used one-half handicap.

Jean Falls shot 96 to win low gross with Altreuter second at 98 and Kathy Hahl third at 101.

Falls, Hahl and Altreuter finished in that order for low net after each had a net 70s.

Falls and Altreuter tied for low putts with 33.

Altreuter birdied No. 12 and Donna Watkins chipped in at No. 3.


Reese Evans shot a 77 to lead the team the included Jim Ritter and Bill Cameron to a plus 12 and the victory in the Beachcombers modified Stableford tournament at The Lakes.

Hal Riebesehl was second in low gross with an 88.

Ritter took low net with a 69 with Evans and Ed Kinney at 69.

Ocean Ridge Couples

Sue and Rich Kane and Diana and Ed Gruver came in with a 171 to capture the Ocean Ridge Couples Stableford tournament March 2 on Tiger’s Eye.

Golfers received zero points for double bogey or higher, one for bogey, two for par, three for birdie, five for eagle and 10 for double eagle.

Pat and George Brooks and Pam and Robert Hartman were second at 158.

Linda and Roger Buck and Alice and Glenn Christiansen took third at 153.

Kathy and Guy Giancarlo and Bill and Marita Sasser were fourth at 148.

Sharing fifth place with 145s were the teams of Sally Duffy, Judy Keegan, and Carole and Walter Milnichuk with Frankie and Joe Neal, Mary Donahoe and David Arnold.

Brierwood Couples

The team of Rita DuGan, Rose Reiter, Bob Nobes and Tom Kronyak took first with a 3 under par in the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble Feb. 27.

Fran Thomas, Marianne Nobes, Howard Boyd and Haywood Edmundson came in second at 1 under.

Sharon Beavers, Pat Kronyak, Walt Wilson and Joe Reiter were third at even par.

Calabash Veterans

Jim Edwards had a net 69 to win First Flight honors in the Calabash Veterans low net tournament March 3 at Brierwood.

John Emerson and Woody Knox tied for second with 75s.

Bill McDavit won Second Flight with a 66 with Hal Riebesehl the runner-up at 68.

Larry Bollinger had a 71 to capture Third Flight with Loren Ruck second at 72.

Closest to the pin winners were Knox, Riebesehl, Emerson and Edwards.