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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Vince Brown scored a hole-in-one Aug. 12 on the 163-yard 12th hole of the Sea Trail Byrd course using a 5-wood.


The Beachcombers played a three low-nets tournament Aug. 15 at Carolina Shores. Winning the gold medal with a score of 192 (minus 24) was the team of Bill Cameron, Jim Beairsto, Ed Hennessey and Dennis Davidson. Low gross with a score of 83 was the team of Bob Byrne, Stu Cleveland and Randy Cogdill. Low net was Dennis Davidson (63). Davidson was also voted golfer of the week.


The Aug. 14 league play for the Brick Landing Ladies Golf Association was a net-score day, with the lowest net score declared “Ace of the Month,” if not previously won.

First flight: Keith Webb and Irene Dowdy were first with a 71. Dale Calhoon came in second with a 73. Second flight: Mary Biesack and Carol Fredericks were tied for first with a 72 and Barbara Karkut and Jackie Seidler tied for third with a 74. Third flight: Ursula Styczynski was first with a 75. Peg Agrimonti was second with a 76 and Vivian Rowe came in third with a 79.

Keith Webb and Irene Dowdy tied for “Ace of the Month.”

Birdies were scored by Dale Calhoon and Keith Webb on hole No. 4 and Carol Fredericks on hole No. 16.


Results of the Brierwood WGA match Aug. 12. In flight A, the low-gross winner was Hilda Hall, who shot an 89 and had a birdie on hole No. 17. Mary Jane Scrivani came in as the low-net winner (66). Mary Schaack had 30 putts.

There were ties in both low gross and low net for the flight B players. Mickey Salerno and Carolu Waldron scored 103 gross, and Cathy Clemmons and Betty Gabor shot 76 for low net. Fewest putts (30) went to Carolu Waldron.

The low-gross winner in flight C was Marianne Nobes (111). She also had the fewest putts (32). Rita DuGan was the low-net winner (78). Florence Hopkins had a chip-in on hole No. 15.


Results of the Las Vegas scramble Aug 4. On the Azalea/Dogwood courses, first place went to Jan Spessard, Barbara Berinoto, Marsha Clark and Jean Baxter (76).

On the Dogwood/Azalea course, first was place went to Alcina Davis, Sue Sadlon, Kathy Rosenberg and Phyllis Tucker (81).

On Aug. 11, the format was three of a kind. In the Magnolia/Dogwood course, first was Barbara Berinoto (28.5). Second was Kathy Patrick (29.5). Third was Geri Conroy (31).

Birdies: Sharon Beckett at Dogwood No. 4, Renee December at Magnolia No. 8. Chip-ins: Geri Conroy at Dogwood No. 2.


On July 31, the format was Stableford. Dave Kilgore was first with +3. Jan Karow and Bob Toeppner tied for second with +2. Tying for third with +1 were Bob Gillespie, Mike Lach and Mike Fiore.

On Aug 7, the format was Stableford. Steve Byrne was first with +8, Tony Gilson second with +5 and Ray Griffin third with +4. Tying for fourth were Steve Beckett and Gabby Grant with +3.

The format Aug. 12 was Tuesday-after-the-PGA (each member chose a pro who played on Sunday in the PGA and added his net to the pro’s score). First on Magnolia/Dogwood courses was Dan Giessingand (Harrington) with a 135. Second was Fred Banta (Villegas) with a 136. Tying for third was Don Granger (Villegas), Jerry Ingalls (Harrington) and Lee Marsh (Rose), each with a 140.

On the Dogwood/Azalea courses, first was Vince Krasniewicz (Garcia), who shot a 136. Lou Berinoto (Harrington) took second with a 138. Tying for third with a 140 were Bill Jennings (Villegas), Dave Olenchalf (Villegas) and Bryan Kantner (Romero).

The format Aug 14 was team Stableford: In first was the team of was Tony Gilson, Dave Mason, Ray Griffin and Jan Karow with -4. In second was the team Gabby Grant, Bruce Kercther, Mark Anderson and Mike Fiore with -10. Tying for third with -13 were John McGann, Joe Longo, Lou Berinoto and Ace Kardoley, along with Tony Ingorgia, Charlie Markell, Ron Ateshian and Dave Kilgore.


The Calabashers played Woodland Valley Aug. 15 and used low net per man as a format.

There were three scores of 70: Charlie Weber, Art Willms and Tom Baston.


Results of the Aug. 12 matches. Low gross, A flight: 1. Bill Allen, 75; 2. Ron Doeblin and Bruce Kertcher, 82; 4. Dick Wilson, 83. Low net, A flight: 1. Bill Allen, 59; 2. Raleigh Putnam, 64; 3. Ron Doeblin, 65. Low gross, B flight: 1. Pete McGerr, 87; 2. Pat Perryman, 92; 3. Jim Burke, 93. Low net, B flight: 1. Pete McGerr and Pat Perryman, 66; 3. Ron Watson, 67; 4. Ralph Phillips, 69.

Closest to the pin: A flight, Bill Allen; B flight, Dennis Sullivan. Fewest putts: Bill Allen (24), Pete McGee (26), Dick Wilson (28), Pat Perryman (29), Tom Ditzler (29), Charlie Dugan (30), Larry Fraizier (30).


On Aug. 11 at Farmstead, Ned Meier, Jerry Rubin, Cliff Musselman and Joe Gallo placed first by a match of cards with a 120. Jim Kennedy, Jen Dearborn, John Methvin and Jody Serensits were second.

On Aug. 15 at Meadowlands, Ron Doeblin, Sid Pennington, John Ducey and Joe Gallo placed first with an 84. Teams scored one net on holes 1-9 and two nets on 10-18. Larry Laws, Jen Dearborn, George O’Connell and John Methvin placed second with a 91.


The following are the winners of the stroke/medal play Aug. 12: Flight I: First, low gross, Marilyn Greenfield (85). First, low net, Honey Martin, Ann Phlegar and Dottie Reynolds (73). Flight II: First, low gross, Marianne Caruana (97). First, low net, Jane Erdtmann, Beth Patria (71). Flight III: first, low gross, Mimi Benson (93). First, low net, Jane Dereshinsky (67). Second, low net, Karen Entwistle, Lois Godfrey (68).


Results of the Aug. 7 scramble: The team of Dawn Rubin, Dottie Russo, Sue Greiner and Barb Juergens finished first (133). Marlene Cleary had the fewest putts (26).

Birdies: Dawn Rubin at No. 12 and No. 16. Marie Strickler at No. 10.

In the individual tourney Aug. 14, finishing first was Marlene Cleary, gross 89. In second was Arlene Leskowicz, gross 99. She had the low net, 76. Fewest putts, 30, by Leskowicz, C. Hamilton and Strickler. Chip-in: Leskowicz at No. 4.


In flight A, Janice Garvin won low gross and low net at the tournament played July 31 at Carolina Shores. Phyliss Gumbrell took second in low gross and low net. In the B flight, Lana Golden won low gross and low net. Halla Cramer finished second. Janice Garvin had a chip-in on hole No. 8.

In the tournament Aug. 7 at Carolina Shores, Nancy Harthausen took first place in flight A for both low gross and low net. Phyliss Gumbrell finished second. In flight B, Gwyn DeRenne took first in both low gross and low net. Halla Cramer was second in both categories.

On Aug. 13, flight A was won by Nancy Harthausen in both low gross and low net. Phyliss Gumbrell finished second in low gross. Joannne Riedel was second in low net by a match of cards. In flight B, Gwyn DeRenne was first in low gross with Lana Golden second by a match of cards. Lana Golden finished first in low net. Gwyn DeRenne was second. Chip-ins: Janice Garvin on hole No.10. Monthly game was fewest putts. Janice Garvin was first (15) and Phyliss Gumbrell second (17).


The Renegades, playing at Carolina Shores Golf Course, used a game format of one point each for first on, first in and closest to the pin. In a tie for first place was Donna Watkins and Kathy Hahl, with 17s, and Jane Jordan, scoring a 15. Kathy Hahl and Carol Groner each scored a low gross of 95, with Hahl winning on a match of cards. Donna Watkins had a 101. Low net was taken by Kathy Hahl, with a 70, followed by Carol Groner, with a 71, and Martha Hannon, with a 72. Kathy Harniman had fewest putts (31). Carol Groner birdied the 12th hole.


The results of the Crow Creek Golf Club Men’s Tuesday League Aug 12: First-place team: Andy McCorison (+4) and Al Ricozzi (+13). Second-place team: Brian Nordberg (+3) and John Buddemeyer (+10). Third-place team: John Huntey (E) and Ray Schatz (+6). Individual A flight winner: Andy McCorison (+4). Individual B flight winner: Al Ricozzi (+13).


Results of Fadeaways modified Stableford match Aug. 15 at Tiger’s Eye. Stan Kwasny, Bob Mecleary, Dick Miller and Mickey Golden won the front nine (+10) and overall (+10). John Koester, John Rimm, Eddie Castinidos and Fred Langston won the back nine (+10). Flight winners: A, +10, Stan Kwasny; B, +7 , Jerry Way; C, + 71/2, Bob Mecleary; D, + 7 , Hank Mattutat.


The Farmstead-Meadowlands Men played a modified Stableford tourney Aug. 12 at Meadowlands.

On the front nine, Howie Murphy, Jim Boone, Garry Sessi and Gordon Much were first at +6.6. In second were Rick Ellwanger, Bill Southard, Bill Gleaver and Larry Robinson at +3. On the back nine, in first were Bill Blewitt, Duane Durbin, Ken Dube, Bob Mecleary at +8 and Howie Murphy, Jim Boone, Garry Sessi, Gordon Much at +8.

The overall winning team was Howie Murphy, Jim Boone, Garry Sessi and Gordon Much at +14.5. In second was Bill Blewitt, Duane Durbin, Ken Dube and Bob Mecleary at +10.5. Flight winners: A, Bill Blewitt at +3.5; B, Jim Bone at +9.5; C, Mike Naudus at +2.5; D, Bob Mecleary at +5.5. Superflight: Jim Boone at +9.5.


The Lockwood Ladies played Aug. 14, and the format was to eliminate all par 5s and subtract one-half handicap.

Georgine Pascale was first at 52, Bobbie Platukis second at 55 and Diane Sandoval third at 57. Birdies: Laura Botto at No. 11, Georgine Pascale at No. 3, Caroline Puckett at No. 3 and Bobbie Platukis at No. 18. Chip-ins: Laura Botto at No. 11, Mary Ward at No. 1 and No. 9, Pam Humenay at No. 17.


Results of the Aug. 11 matches at Meadowlands Golf Course. First flight: Billie Ellwanger had low gross of 75. Jeanne Romberg had low net of 64. Second flight: Katz Radcliffe had low gross of 90. Linda Bewitch had low net of 67. Third flight: Wilma Mowery had low gross of 98. Barbara Sammos had low net of 68 (match of cards).

Birdies: Billie Elwanger on No. 14, Jeanne Rodberg on No. 14, Lauraigne Heroux on No. 14 and No. 15, Mary Jane LaBonte on No. 14, Kaze Ratcliffe on No. 6. Chip-ins: Deloris Dulaski on No. 12, Billie Elwaanger on No. 18. Fewest putts in first flight: Donna Phelps, 32 (match of cards); Linda Jones, 33. Second flight: Marlene Laggard, 32. Eagle: Billie Ellwanger on No. 18.


The Players Golf Association played Aug. 15 at Meadowlands Golf Course. The format was three low nets per foursome. With a 187, the team of Bob Davis, Ernie Weeks, Carl Price and Alex Olmsted won the event. Second with a 190 was the team of Don Chappell, Jack Gorman, Ray O’Donell and George Griffin. Third at 196 was the team of Bob Butkevicius, Bob Lange, Don Clark and a blind draw. Closest to the pin were Ray O’Donnell at No. 5, Ernie Weeks at No. 8, Bob Lange at No. 11 and Bob Butkevicius at No. 15.


The Ocean Ridge Sunday Couples event was played Aug. 17 on Panther’s Run.

The game counted one low net on the par 3s, two low nets on the par 4s and three low nets on par the 5s. Because of inclement weather, the game was shortened to nine holes (the front 9).

First: Al and Judy Keegan, Bill and Carol Biddington at -11. Second: Frank and Dusty Burianek, Bob and Jane Kirkpatrick at -9 (-9 for the last six holes). Third: Richard and Sally Duffy, Bob and Grace Bradicich at -9 (-5 for the last six holes). Fourth: Chappy and Peggy Jones, Don and Peggy Rowland at -7.

Birdies: Frank Burianek at No. 5, a chip-in. Don Rowland at No. 2 and No. 11. Doris McLaughlin at No. 11. Other chip-ins: Bob Bradicich at No. 1.


The format Aug. 12 was play all 18 holes but only count par 3s and 5s toward the game score. Use one-half handicap. Low net wins. First, Lynn Hamlin, 31. Second, Michaela Richardson, 36.5. Third, Cindy Abe, 37. There was a tie for fourth place between Loretta Delamere and Fran Killgoar. 38. Sixth, Mary Ard, 38.5. Seventh, Barbara Swanson, 39.

Birdies: Judy Nicoletti at Piper No. 3, Fran Killgoar at Bay No. 5, Carol Christie at Bay No. 5, Donna Phelps at Piper No. 5 and Bay No. 4, Ann Pollock at Piper No. 6. Chip-ins: Lynn Hamlin at Bay No. 8, Ethel Nobles at Piper No. 1, Sand DeLaCruz at Bay No. 7, Ginny Stout at Bay No. 4.


The format Aug. 10 was count one best ball on the first three holes, two on the next five, three on the next five and all four on the last five.

The player of the day was Bob Nicoletti, who shot a 68, including five birdies.

In the Piper to Bay flight, a -31 by Don Moore, Mike Finkelstein, Barney Evangelista and Dave Foreman took first place. Second went to a -24 by Lou Zotter, Ron Redman, Harvey Stratton and Frank Testa. Third was a -21 from Al Bowman, Joe Cramer, Ed Kilgoar and Dick Eby.

In the Bay to Piper flight, Bob Nicoletti and his team of Jim King, Jim Bennett and Bob Bryce took first place by shooting a -33. Second at -19 was the team of Jeff Smith, Billy Sirk, Pat Dibble and a blind draw. Third was a tie at -18 between the team of Dan Alsup, Wayne Purdy, Bill Pohlman and Bob Conway and the team of Bob Kinsley, Greg Scalzi, Charles Richardson and Otto Nelke.


The format Aug. 15 was blind-draw, two-man teams. Use low nets. The winning team was Ralph Bowman and Chris Christie (133). In second was the team of Mike Finkelstein and Wayne Purdy (136). Tying for third was the team of Jim Bennett and John Grossglass and the team of John Kealey and Dan Norman (137). Billy Sirk and John Murphy were fifth (138). Wayne Purdy and Lou Scalzi tied for low round of the day at net 65. Closest to the pin at Piper No. 3: J.J. Whalen. Closest to the pin at Bay No. 5: Mike Matlock.


Results of the Sea Trail golf tournament Aug. 10 at the Maples Course. First: Ron and Madeline Dubas, and Roy and Mary Cundiff (108). Second: Dan Davis and Andrea Peebles, and John and Karen Rostocky (112). Third: Dick and Mary Couch, and John and Kate Goodrich (115). Fourth: Jerry and Royett Stoll, and Dennis and Sandi Pilney (117).

The Sea Trail Men’s Golf Association played an individual low-net tournament on the back nines of the Jones and Byrd Courses Aug. 12. In flight A, Gene Method was first with a 66. Vince Brown was second with a 67. Pete Hauver was third with a 68 and a winning match of cards over Bob Perna. Ron Cybyske was fifth with a 69 and a winning match of cards over Terry Donahue.

In flight B, Charlie Schorpp was first with a 65. Joe Carpinello was second with a 66. Mickey Debbs was third with a 67 and a winning match of cards over Allen Doolittle. Ben Madura was fifth with a 68 and Jack Dambaugh was sixth with a 69.

In flight C, Tony Imondi was first with a 66. Nick Forlidas was second with a 68 and a winning match of cards over Mike Pozdol. Jerry Tanner was fourth with a 69 and a winning match of cards over Dick Zinser. George Bartley was sixth with a 70.