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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

The final results of the second flight of the Sea Trail Ladies Club Championship golf tournament have been tallied. Mary Couch was first in low gross, shooting 91-104-96—291. She finished one stroke ahead of Sharon Markatos, who shot 96-94-102—292. Markatos was the low-net winner (68-69-74—211).

Complete results of the club championship ran in the Aug. 28 edition.



The Men’s Club Tournament was Aug. 26. The format was two best nets.

Bob Koegel, Bobby Jones, Bill Shanley and Alan Morrissey were first (-32). Glen Gayheart, Ed Lakey, Joe Whalen and Larry Agrimonti were second (-29).

Neil Nucci, Ron Jordan, L.C. Hasty and a blind draw were third (-27).

Skins were won by Gene Bonstein (two), Alan Morrissey (one) and Bill Healy (one).


The Aug. 28 league game format for the Brick Landing Ladies Golf Association was O.N.E.S. Net score on all holes starting with letters O, N, E and S were totaled. Lowest total net score was the winner in each flight.

First flight: Irene Dowdy was first with a 39. Mary Biesack was second with a 40. Barbara Karkut was third with a 41.

Second flight: Vivian Rowe took first with a 31. Cathy Shanley was second with a 35. Jackie Seidler was third with a 39.

Third flight: Peg Campana and Mary Cofer tied for first with a 36. Bernice Logan came in third with a 37.

Mary Biesack had a birdie on No. 13. Chip-ins were posted by Mary Biesack on No. 10, Jean Hasty on No. 8, Elsa Bonstein on No. 16 and Pat Baumgartner on No. 11.


The Brierwood WGA had 14 participants in the Aug. 26 game of throw out, where the two worst holes are eliminated on the front nine and back nine, minus one-half handicap.

The flight A winner was Marje Roach with a net score of 54. Mary Jane Scrivani was second with a net score of 59. Roach had a chip-in and birdie on hole No. 7 and another birdie on hole No. 10. She had the fewest putts (30).

Mickey Salerno was the flight B winner with net 56, followed by Cindy Northrup (61), who also came in with the fewest putts (30).

The winner for flight C with a net score of 59 and fewest putts (31) was Marianne Nobes. Florence Hopkins was second with a net 65. Chip-ins were recorded on hole No.16 by Nobes and hole No. 7 by Hopkins.


The game Aug. 28 was two best balls. In first at 22-under par were Paul Salerno, Mike Profop, Les Craft and a blind draw. In second at 19-under were Dave Harper, Tom Bowen, Jim Pope and a blind draw. In third at 18-under were Bernie Gruzlewski, Joe Brust, Tom Kronyak and Bob Sterner.



In the Brierwood mixed scramble Aug. 27, the team of Deloris Gausch, Carola Hornfeck, Pat Kronyak and Bob Nobes finished first (-1). Second place went to the team of Rita DuGan, Marian Johnson, Barb Wilson and Walt Wilson (+2). Third place went to Sharon Beavers, Marianne Nobes, Tom Kronyak and Odie Johnson. The team of Liz Boyer, Glen Green, Chuck Hornfeck and John Beavers came in fourth.


Results of the Aug. 27 Calabash Elks Golf League match at Brierwood. In the A flight, Don Studds was first (64). Jim Beairsto and Bill Soucy were second (68). In the B flight, Don Mimm was first (64). Bob Malone and Bill Parr were second (71). In the C flight, Bob Ebert was first (76). Jim Filkins and Jim Quigley were second (77).

Closest to the pin: on No. 3, Bob Malone, 20 feet; on No. 9, Fred Ortiz, 24 feet; on No. 14, Bob Murphy, 2 feet, 8 inches; on No. 17, Bob Murphy, 7-6.


The Calabashers played the Carolina Shores Golf Course Aug. 29 and used the Stableford scoring system as the format. The winning team was the threesome of Bob Smith, Mike McCormack and John Duthie (+6). The low gross of the day was a tie between Bob Smith and Tom Baston (85).


Results of the Aug. 26 match played Aug. 26 at Carolina Shores Golf Club.

Low gross in flight A were Bill Allen, 79, Ron Doeblin, 80, and Larry Frazier, 82. Low gross in flight B were Dennis Sullivan, 87, Ralph Phillips, 92, and Ron Watson, 97.

Low net in flight A were Bill Allen and Ron Doeblin, 63; Bruce Kertcher, 67; and Larry Frazier, 68. Low net in flight B were Dennis Sullivan and Ralph Phillips, 63; Ron Watson, 67; and Corbin Ledford, 68.

Closest to the pin in flight A was Mike Wiley. Closest to the pin in flight B was Dennis Sullivan. Fewest putts: Bill Allen, 28; Tim Ditzler, Dennis Sullivan and Ron Doeblin, 30; Dick Wilson, 31; Mark Segar and Bruce Kertcher, 32.


The Carolina Shores LGA played a modified Stableford tourney Aug. 28. Three golfers tied for first at 38 points: Dawn Rubin, Marlene Cleary and Bernice Morris. Fewest putts: Sue Greiner, 26.

Chip-ins: Sue Greiner at No. 3, Dawn Rubin at No. 1. Birdies: Sue Greiner at No. 13, Dawn Rubin at No. 1. Low gross: Dawn Rubin (77). Low net: Bernice Morris (69).


Results of the match Aug. 29 at Carolina Shores. The format was three net scores each hole. First: Bob Barrett, Charlie McDonald, Paul Wuthrich and Rich Boyle (193). Second: Gary Stewart, Buddy Broadnax, Dick Polonski and a blind draw (196, won by match of cards). Third: Art Hahl, Bill Harniman, Rich Hamilton and a blind draw (196). Fourth: Joe Farmarco, Ray Girard, Gary Hertling and John Kain (197). Low gross: Gary Stewart, 72. Low net: Gary Hertling, 65.

Closest to the pin: Tony Sneska at No. 3, Bob Jones at No. 7, Ron Buck at No. 12 and Rich Hamilton at No. 17. Skins: Art Hahl, Frank Talak, Gary Stewart, Dick Polonski, Bob Fyock and Ron Buck.



In the flight A, Phyllis Gumbrell won low gross and low net in the tournament played Aug. 28 at Carolina Shores. Nancy Harthausen came in second in both categories. In flight B, Rose Mary Jones won first place in low gross and low net. Gwyn DeRenne placed second in low gross and Halla Cramer was second in low net.

In the tournament played Aug. 21, Jean Sanborn won first place in the flight A for low gross and low net. Phyllis Gumbrell was second in low gross and Nancy Harthausen was second in low net. In the flight B, Lana Golden took first place in low gross and low net. Mary Fran Ryon was second in low gross and Annette Delisle was second in low net.



On Aug. 24 at Farmstead, Ned Meier, Boomer Needham, Rich West and Joe Gallo placed first with a score of 123. Teams scored one net on holes one through six, two nets on holes seven through 12 and three nets on holes 13-18. Steve Maiorca, Larry Laws, Jen Dearborn and Art Thompson were second at 127.

On Aug. 27 at Brierwood, Boomer Needham, George O’Connell, Steve Maiorca, Cliff Musselman and Joe Gallo placed first with a score of 198. The five-man teams scored three nets per hole. Ned Meier, Sid Pennington, Pete Scott, Rich West and Jody Serensits placed second with a 207.

On Aug. 29 at the Meadowlands, John Methvin, Boomer Needham, Sid Pennington and Ron Doeblin placed first with a score of 136. Teams scored one net and one gross per hole. Ned Meier, Jim Kennedy, Steve Maiorca and Joe Gallo placed second with a 140.


The results of the Crow Creek Golf Club Men’s League for Aug. 19. First-place team: Bob Bazydlo, Bob Lesok and John Buddemeyer (+8). Second-place team: Don Manning, Mike Murphy and Ron Perry (+6).

Individual A flight winner: Bob Bazydlo (+4). Individual B flight winner: Bob Lesko (+5). Individual C flight winner (tie): Ed Darrow and Ron Perry (+1).

The results of the Crow Creek Golf Club Men’s League for Aug 26. In first was the team of Jerry Dickson, John Huntey and Ed Darrow. In second was the team of Andy McCorison, Ray Hickey and Ron Perry.

Flight A winner was Jerry Dickson. Flight B winner was Ray Hickey. Flight C winner was Ed Darrow.

Eagle: Ray Hickey recorded his first-ever eagle on Crow Creek hole No. 5.


The Fadeaways played a modified Stableford blind-draw tourney Aug. 29. Fred Welch, Jack Christensen and Dick Miller won the front nine (+1) and overall (+6 ). Stan Kwasny, Ray Brewer, Earl Dushane and Bill Woods won the back nine (+7 ).

Flight winners: A, +3, Stan Kwasny; B, +6, Fred Welch; C, +5 , Ray Brewer; D, +3 , Dick Miller.


The Farmstead-Meadowlands men’s league played a modified Stableford match Aug. 26 at Brierwood.

Nick Nickle, Ken Dube, Earl Dushane and Mickey Blaz won the front nine (-2). Larry Zub, Richard Smith, Glen Haffield and Dick Kelsius won the back nine (+3). Nick Nickle, Ken Dube, Earl Dushane and Mickey Blaz finished first overall (-0.5). Larry Zub, Richard Smith, Glen Haffield and Dick Kelsius were second (-1.5). Steve Lawson, Bill Cleaver, Mike Naudus and Dave Mareno tied for third with Paul Hourigan, Gary Sessi, Fred Johnson and Nick Caldararo (-4).

Winners by flight: A, Steve Lawson, +2; B, Bill Cleaver, even; C, Earl Dushane, +5; D, Dick Celsius, +7.5. Superflight: Dick Klesius.

Eagle: On Aug. 24, Bob Wiltbank eagled the par-5 14th hole at Farmstead in the “Bud Memorial Tournament using a driver, a 3-wood and a putter.



In the matches Aug. 28 at Lockwood Folly, Laura Botto was first (72), Susann Thompson second (75) and Georgine Pascale and Dianne Sandoval third (76).

Birdies: Laura Botto at No. 8, Barbara Esposito at No. 3. Chip-ins: Laura Botto at No. 3, Mary Ward at No. 13 and Barbara Esposito at No. 14.



The Meadowlands Missfits played Monday. Low gross, flight 1: Janis Ortmeyer, 84; 2. Donna Phelps, 85. Flight 2: 1. Linda Blewitt, 91; 2. Debbie Hoffer, 92. Flight 3: 1. Mary Griffin, 101; 2. Wilma Mowery, 106.

Low net, flight 1: 1. Libby Spivey, 69; 2. Anna Hackathorn, 71. Flight 2: 1. Barb Finn, 71; 2. Jeanette Burton, 72. Flight 3: 1. Penny Crawford, 75 (match of cards), 2. Bonnie Johnson 75.

Birdies: Penny Crawford, No. 5 and 15; Linda Blewitt, No. 11; Phyllis Welch, No. 14; Libby Spivey, No. 15; Eileen Reddy, No. 15. Chip-ins: Penny Crawford, No. 5 and 15; Eileen Reddy, No. 15. Putts: Janis Ortmeyer, fewest putts, 29; Claudette Weter, most putts, 40.


The Renegades played a team game of cha-cha-cha Aug. 28 at Carolina Shores. Coming in first with a score of 186 was the team of Dolores Sanborn, Kathy Harniman, Teddy Altreuter and a blind draw. On a match of cards and coming in second was the team of Betty Johnston, Evelyn Wuthrich, Kathy Hahl and Donna Watkins over Betty Weaver, Dee Gillin, Martha Hannon and Barbara Malina. Low-gross winners were Donna Watkins (94), Dolores Sanborn (99) and Kathy Hahl (101) by a match of cards with Teddy Altreuter. Low-net winners were Donna Watkins (70), Dolores Sanborn (71) and Teddy Altreuter (92). Chip-ins were made by Donna Watkins on No. 7 and Dolores Sanborn on No. 5. Teddy Altreuter had the fewest putts (29).


The scramble tourney was Aug. 29 at Leopard’s Chase. First: Bob Larkin I, John Powers, William Hall and Tom Best (-7, match of cards). Second: Ed Sandidge, Russ Johnson, Charlie Roberts and Carl Schuster. Third: Dave Janowski, Don Bridwell, Dick Jania and Doug Drummond (-7). Fourth: Doug MacDonald, Bob Dugan, Fred Bank and Bob Ludman (-7). Fifth: Gary Prock, Jerry Dinda, Roger Mitchell and Ted Pounds (-6, match of cards). Sixth: Jim McCombs, Craig VanHorn, Bob Hartman and Don Rowland (-6). Seventh: George Brooks, Rich Scaler, Lew Hankes and Milt Bailey (-5, match of cards). Eighth: Guy Giancarlo, Dick Sherwood, Larry Wright and Dick Linton (-5).


The Ocean Ridge Couples League played Aug. 31 at Panther’s Run. The format was two net scores (one from the men, one from the women). First: Don Rowland, Peggy Rowland, Rich Kane and Sue Kane (-11, match of cards). Second: Al Keegan, Judy Keegan, Glenn Christiansen and Alice Christiansen (-11). Third: John Olio, Marlyn Olio, Ed Gruver and Diana Gruver (-9). Fourth: the team of Lew Hankes, Mary Hankes, Larry Wright and Diane Wright and the team of Bob Hartman, Pam Hartman, Jerry Dinda and Margaret Dinda.


On Aug. 26, the Sea Trail Men’s Golf Association played a two-man team, better net-ball tournament on the Byrd (back nine) and Jones (front nine) courses.

In flight A, Jim Hitchcock and Dan Morrin were first by a match of cards with a 62. Ron Dubas and Pete Hauver were second with a 62. Tony Novalis and Lou Perna were third with a 62.

In flight B, George Hill and Dick Sellers were first with a 62. Wayne Hellmann and Gene Method were second with a 63. Charlie Schorpp and Harry Snyder were third with a 64.

In flight C, Niels Kaas and Frank Martorelli were first with a 59. Ron Bombolis and Joe Carpinello were second with a 60. Jim Gooding and Frank Santisi were third with a 62.

In flight D, Mike Jerome and a blind draw with first with a 60 and a winning match of cards over Nick Forlidas and Paul Laputka. Dave Casquarelli and Tony Imondi were third with a 65.

The Sea Trail Men’s Golf Association played an individual low net tournament Aug. 19 on the Maples Course.

In flight A, John Barton was first with a 66. Tony Novalis was second with a 67 and a winning match of cards over Stan Goldstein. Ron Dubas was fourth with a 70 and a winning match of cards over Bill Narath.

In flight B, Tom Robbins was first with a 65. Alan Pitts was second with a 71. Bill Muckridge was third with a 72. Dick Sellers was fourth with a 73. Skip O’Leary was fifth with a 74.

In flight C, Joe Carpinello was first with a 62. Ben Madura was second with a 66. Frank Martorelli was third with a 67. Charlie Schorrp was third with a 68. Jim Gooding was fifth with a 70.

In flight D, Norm Melanson was first with a 63. Nick Forlidas was second with a 64 and a winning match of cards over Rich Chamberlain. Niels Kaas was fourth with a 68. Larry Tedesco was fifth with a 73.

In flight E, Phil Ebel was first with a 68 and a winning match of cards over Dick Zinser. Bob Bobinski was third with a 70. Howard Van Dusen was fourth with a 72. Bob Leahy was fifth with a 73.

Eagle: Dick Sellers Sellers of Sea Trail Plantation made an eagle Aug. 28 on the 335-yard, par-4 second hole of the Maples Course at Sea Trail using a driver and a utility club.


The game Aug. 29 was low individual net score, two games, as the golfers played two courses.

Piper to Bay flight: Low round of the day, 68, Billy Sirk. Second at 71 was Al Paynter. Third at 73 was a tie between Ron Donley and Jack Hinte.

Bay to Sand flight: Low round of the day, 66, Gene McDonald. Second, at 67, was Chris Christie. Third, at 68, was Dan Copeland.

Closest to the pin, at Piper No. 3, was Al Paynter. At Bay No. 3 it was Bill Lester.


Seven teams played in the Aug. 28th tourney. The winners were Boots Bromwell, Jim Barnett, Bob Fyock and Ron Buck with a score of +5. In second, by a match of cards, were Dan Roberts, Joe Farmarco, George Bridges and Bill Teschler at +3 . Third place went to Joe Fioravanti, Joe McDonough, Paul Wuthrich and Mal Mac Raild. In the skins game, only two were awarded: one each to Bob Barrett and Boots Bromwell.