Golf action

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

The Ocean Ridge couples tournament played Sunday at Panther’s Run was a modified Stableford format.

First at -92 was the team of Gordon and Kathy Wicke and Bob and Mary Kish. Second at -80 was the team of Bob Larkin II, Doris McLaughin and Pete and Becky Williams. Tying for third at -76 were the teams of Ed and Di Gruver and Roger and Linda Buck, and Lynn and Beverly Furman and Larry and Diane Wright. Tying for fifth at -75 were the teams of Allen and Judy Keegan and Brian and Toni Roe, and Chappy and Peggy Jones and Bob and Grace Bradicich.


The Beachcombers played a modified Stableford tournament Sept. 12 at Azalea Sands. The winning team with a score of +1 was Hal Riebesehl, Jack Goin and Bill Cameron. Low gross for the day was Gary Gutheil (81). Low nets were Gutheil (66) and Goin (73). Gary Gutheil was voted golfer of the week.


The match Sept. 11 was gross score, no handicap applied. Dale Calhoon was first with an 82. Irene Dowdy came in second with a 92 and Barbara Karkut third with a 95.

Calhoon had a birdie chip-in on No. 1 and Vivian Rowe had a chip-in on No. 13.



The Men’s Club Shootout was Sept. 13. Ray Audette, George Jacob, Ted Lide and Bob Grabb were first (+12.5 points). Ken Horton, Mike O’Brien, Larry Agrimonti and Ray Collins were second (+4.5 points). Jim Edes, Chuck Dixon, Jack Blair and Bill Wells were third (+3.5 points).

Individually, Ray Audette was first at +11.5 points. Mike O’Brien was second at +5.0 points. Gus Mast was third +4.5 points.


It was an overcast rainy looking afternoon Sept. 10, but the team of Oddie Johnson, Carola Hornfeck, Glen Green and Bob Nobes prevailed and came in first (3-over par) in the Brierwood mixed scramble. Second place went to the team of Deloris Gausch, Marion Johnson, Rita Dugan and Chuck Hornfeck. The team of Fran Thomas, Barb Wilson, Marianne Nobes and Ralph Trimmer was third.


The format Sept. 8 was one best ball on the par 5s, two best balls on the par 4s and three best balls on the par 3. In first at 19 under was the team of Paul Salerno, Chuck Hornfeck, Jim Pope and a blind draw.

In second at 15 under was Bernie Gruzlewski, Mike Prokop, Tom Bowen and Joe Brust. In third at 9 under was the team of Bob Nobes, Bob Janovic, Jack Harrison and a blind draw.

On Sept. 11, the format was two best balls. The team of Dave Harper, George Edwards, Jim Pope and a blind draw was first at 19 under. The team of Odie Johnson, Chuck Hornfeck, Harvey Hundley and a blind draw was second at 16 under. The team of Bernie Gruzlewski, Mike Prokop, Tom Kronyak and Jack Harrison was third at 12 under.


In the matches Sept. 9, first place in flight A went to Mary Schaack, who scored a net 26 and had the fewest putts (31). Sue Janovic came in second with a net 28 and also had a birdie on No. 9.

The flight B winner was Jean Billie, who scored net 26. Marianne Nobes was second with a net 28 and had the fewest (28).

Chip-ins were by Janice Owens on No. 3 and Carol Fitz-Gerald on No. 9.


Results of the pick-a-partner matches Sept. 8. Dogwood/Azalea, low gross: first, Mae Drezek and Alcina Davis, 193. Second: Grace Bryne/Geri Conroy, 214. Low net: first, Mardell Ridge and Joan Zera, 145. Second: Joan Miller and Kathy Patrick, 150.

Azalea, Magnolia, low gross: first, Theresa Georgens and Moe Macdonald, 192. Second: Nancy Symka and Kathy Toeppner, 201 (by tiebreaker). Low net: First, Phyllis Tucker and Linda Rothenberger, 146. Second: Janet Iekel and Evelyn Claus, 150.

Chip-in: Dianne Lurcarelli at Azalea No. 3. Birdies: Kathy Patrick at Dogwood No. 4, Linda Rothenberger at Magnolia No. 7.


Jim Beairsto took first-place honors at Brierwood Golf Club on Sept. 10 with a net 66. Jerry Way was second at 67. The flight B winner was Fred Ortiz (62). Ed Hennessey was second (66). In flight C, Lynn Harbold was first (62). Earl Stone was second (72). Closest-to-the-pin winners were Hank Mattutat at No. 3 (2 feet, 3 inches), Ed Kerr at No. 9 (13-0) and No. 14 (28-0) and Butch Cretara at No. 17 (8 feet).


The Calabash VFW Golf League played its weekly modified Stableford match Sept. 9 at Brierwood Golf Course.

First place with a +9 1/2 were Jim Cadiz, Jim Milstead, Bill Hertline and Pat Perryman. Second went to Lee Harrison, Pete McGerr, Todd Martin and Jerry Zimmerman with a +5. Tony Nye, Tom O’Brien, Ken Anthony and Bob Hall finished third at +4. There were 18 players in the skins match. Ken Anthony won three skins, Jim Cadiz two and Tony Nye one. Low rounds of the match were Lee Harrison (75), Jim Cadiz (77) and Tony Nye and Ken Anthony (79).

The threesome of Bill Hertline, Jim Milstead and Bob Matteson finished first at +3 1/2 in the Calabash VFW Golf League modified Stableford match Sept. 15 at Brunswick Plantation. Second at -2 were Larry Clark, Pat Perryman, and Don Fidura. Dennis McLaughlin, Ken Swenson, Lee Harrison and Andy Ward finished third at -4.

Fifteen players entered the skins match. Ken Anthony, Don Fidura and Tony Nye had one skin each. Low rounds of the day went to Lee Harrison (78) and Jim Milstead and Tony Nye (81).


The Carolina Bogey Busters played on Sept. 9 at Carolina Shores Golf Club. Low gross, A flight: 1. Bruce Kertcher, 79; 2. Bill Allen, 80; 3. Tom Detzler and Dick Wilson, 86. Low gross, B flight: 1. Jim Burke, 89; 2. Dennis Sullivan and Pat Perryman, 91.

Low net, A flight: 1. Bruce Kertcher, 63; 2. Steve White, 66; 3. Bill Allen, 67. Low net, B flight: 1. Corbin Ledford and Jim Burke, 65; 3. Pat Perryman, 66; 4. Dennis Sullivan, 67.

Closest to the pin on No. 17 in the A flight was Larry Frazier; in the B flight, Dennis Sullivan. Fewest putts: Dick Wilson, 26; Bruce Kertcher, 27; 3. Charlie Dugan, 28; Tom Ditzler and Bill Allen, 29; Steve White and Ron Doeblin, 30.



On Sept. 8 at Farmstead, Jody Serensits, Boomer Needham, Sid Pennington and Rich West placed first with a 138. Teams scored one net and one gross per hole. Jerry Rubin, John Methvin, Ed Ford and Art Thompson placed second on a match of cards with a 139.

On Sept. 10 at Meadowlands, Bob Jaeger, Sid Pennington, Cliff Musselman and a blind draw placed first with a 121. Teams scored two nets per hole. John Methvin, Jody Serensits, Steve Maiorca and Jim Kennedy were second with a 122.

On Sept. 12 at at Meadowlands, Sid Pennington, Ron Doeblin and Joe Gallo placed first with a 130. The three-man teams scored two nets per hole. Steve Maiorca, Jen Dearborn and Jerry Rubin placed second with a 134.


The following are the winners of the stroke-medal play of Sept. 8.

Flight I: Diana Wells, first low gross (by match of cards), 82.

Honey Martin, first low net (66). Marilyn Greenfield and Pat Schutzman tied for second low net (67). Jane Schlesser was third low net (69).

Flight II: Chris Peacock, first low gross (89). Judy Proffitt and Susan Hadenchuk, first low net (67). Diane Sloat, second low net (70). Cathy Wood, third low net (72).

Flight III: Kathy Andrew, first low gross (97). Pat Barclay, first low net (69). Chris Trickett, second low net (71).

Flight IV: Lois Godfrey, first low gross (103). Bobbie Walker, first low net (71).


In the A flight, Nancy Harthausen won low gross and low net in the tournament played Sept. 4 at Carolina Shores. Phyliss Gumbrell came in second in both categories. In the B flight, Rose Mary Jones was first in low gross while Bev Shaw took second. Bev Shaw placed first in low net and Rose Mary Jones was second.

In the tournament played Sept. 11, Phyliss Gumbrell was first in the A flight for low gross and low net. Janice Garvin placed second in low gross and T.J. Bagley placed second. In the B Flight, Rose Mary Jones won low gross and low net, while Lana Golden was second in low gross and low net.

In the team competition, the format was one low gross per hole. T.J. Bagley, Phyliss Gumbrell and Halla Cramer were first. Janice Garvin, Marge Schober, Doris Pearce and Althea Weiler were second.

Chip-in: Althea Weiler on No. 17.


The winners of the modified Stableford matches played Sept. 9 at Farmstead. Flight A: 1. Steve Lawson, Bob Mckissock, +10.5; 2. Adam Peters, Ed Dodson, +6.5; 3. Kerry Ortmeyer, Duane Durbin, +5.5. Flight B: 1. Richard Smith, Jim Poole, +10.5; 2. Bill Soulhard, Bill Cleaver, +9; 3. Bill Favro, Dick Cecil, +5.5. Flight C: Bob Rangel, Fred Johnson, +13.5; 2. Ron Mayo, Jack Monahan, +10; 3. Dan Bruscella, Dan Andrews +4.5. Flight D: 1. Bob Mecleary, Glenn Haffield, +13; 2. Gordon Much, Ed Peters, +8.5; 3. Sivert Claesson, Mickey Blaz, +6.5.


Rain did not stop the eight teams from playing on Sept. 10. The winning team was Bob Barrett, Gary Hertling, Tony Languell and George Bridges (+13). Second place went to Don Rose, Ray Girard, George Balbach and Mike Deveaux (+12). Third went to Steve Jones, Boots Bromwell, Bill Teschler and Arnie Northrop (+5). Fourth place went to Ernie Schober, Tony Sneska, Jim Barnett and Mal Mac Raild (+3).

Twenty-one players participated in the skins game, but only five skins were awarded. Three went to George Balbach and one each to Northrop and Girard.


In the Lockwood ladies golf tournament Sept. 11, Pam Humenay was first (30.5), Carolyn Puckett second (33) and Laura Botto third (34).

Mary Ward made a birdie on No. 2. Chip-ins: Carol Bowers at No. 9, Gerry Brewer at No. 9 and Patti Ayling at No. 10. The format was count even holes and subtract one-half handicap.


Results of the matches Sept. 8 at Farmstead. Flight 1: first, Phyllis Welch and Lorraine Heroux, 59. Third, Donna Phelps, 62. Flight 2: first, Sigi Mayo, 55. Second: Sue Durbin and Debbie Hoffer, 57. Third: first, Bonnie Johnson, 51. Second, Barb Sammons and Penny Crawford, 55.

Birdies: Donna Phelps, Lorraine Heroux, No. 3. Sigi Mayo, No. 6. Jeanette Burton, No. 10. Myriam LaConte, No. 17. Chip-ins: Lorraine Heroux, No 5. Judy Hardin, No. 9. Sigi Mayo, No. 14. Donna Phelps, Bev Ibbott, No. 18. Fewest putts: Flight 1: Donna Phelps, 25. Flight 2: Debbie Hoffer, 24. Flight 3: Yvonne Kaldahl 31.


Eileen Reddy made a hole-in-one on the sixth hole. She used an 8-iron on the 96-yard hole.


The Ocean Ridge Ladies Golf Association played on Sept. 8 at Lion’s Paw. The format was three low nets. First: Sally Duffy, Judy Gully, Carole Schuster and Judy Keegan (-21). Second: Sue Kane, Peggy Jones, Nancy MacDonald and Betty Coffini (-6).

Low gross: Jeanne Maxon (89). Low net: Carole Schuster (68).

Birdies: Sally Duffy at No. 5 and No. 16, Mickie Underhill at No. 17 and Jan Cameron at No. 11. Chip-in birdie: Skip Lindstrom at No. 11. Chip-in: Jan Cameron at No. 10.

The Ocean Ridge LGA played on Sept. 10 at Tiger’s Eye. The format was low gross and low net of each flight.

Flight A, low gross: Carole Milnichuk. Low net, Toni Roe. Flight B, low gross: Diane Wright. Low net, Judy Gully. Flight C, low gross: Reggie Harrington. Low net, Betty Coffini.


Results of the matches (one net per hole) Sept. 8 at Lion’s Paw: A/B flight: 1. Joe James, Bill Sasser (-6). 2. Jim McCombs, Rich Scaler (-5, match of cards). 3. Ed Gruver, Paul Gully (-5). C/D flight: 1. Clyde Crowl, Carl Schuster (-12). 2. Glenn Christiansen, Ted Pounds (-10). 3. Bill Prophet, Milt Bailey (-6).

Results of the matches Sept. 9 at St. James Player’s Course (format was one net, two nets, three nets, repeat). 1. Gordon Wicke, Paul Gully, Thack Brown, Fred Thorne (-24). 2. A tie at -20 between the team of Doug MacDonald, John Wehner, Bill Hall, Brian Roe and the team of Rick McCafferty, Joe James, Bill Bixler, Bob Wenk (-20). 4. Dave Janowski, Bob Hartman, John Weaver, Carl Schuster (-18).

Results of the matches Sept. 10 at Tiger’s Eye (format was one gross and two nets). 1. Bob Callihan, Wilbur Browning, Bill Sasser, Norm Fitzgerald (-31). 2. Bill Johnston, Alex Brooker, Chuck Fitzgerald, Mike Hetrick (-19). 3. Al Keegan, Bob Larkin II, George Woodard, Bob Theiss (-17). 4. Ed McCloskey, George Cassidy, Fred Bank, Dick Duffy (-13).


The format Sept. 9 was Mutt and Jeff. Count only those strokes taken on the par 3s and par 5s. Subtract one-half handicap. Low net wins.

Sand to Piper: first, Judy Nicoletti, 41.5. Second, Carol Christie, 44.5.

Third, Mique Luckett and Mary Stern, 50. Fifth, Judy Hanna, 51.

Piper to Bay: first, Candy Jones, 37.5. Second, Donna Phelps, 39. Third, Sharon Pies, 40. Fourth, 44.5, Wanda Green and Ginny Stout.

Birdies: Judy Nicoletti at Piper No. 4 and No. 5. Ethel Nobles at Sand No. 8. Carol Christie at Piper No. 6. Joyce Westcott at Piper No. 8. Betty Swain at Bay No. 4.

Donna Phelps at Piper No. 6. Sharon Pies at Piper No. 3. Candy Jones at Piper No. 3. Chip-ins: Judy Hanna at Sand No. 1.


The format for the Rebels’ match Sept. 12 at Sandpiper Bay was individual Chicago: one point for bogey, two points for par, three points for birdie and five for anything better than a birdie. The goal score established by subtracting individual handicap from 36. Use one partner from each of two flights.

First: John Radziewski and Frank Gator at +8. Second: A tie at +3 between the team of Al Hooker and Butch Reeves and the team of John Kealey and Al Paynter. Fourth: Dan Copeland and Billy Sirk at +2. Fifth: A three-way tie at +1 among the teams of John Hannigan and Bill Spellicy, Ron Redman and a blind draw and Gordy Coulson and Al Bowman.

Closest to the pin on the Sand No. 6 hole was Bill Spellicy. Closest to the pin on the Bay No. 5 hole was John Kealey.


Paying a best nine of 18 holes, with one-half handicap, Jane Jordan finished first with a net 25. Kathy Harniman was second at 26 and Carol Groner third at 27. Low-gross winners were Kim Balbach (97), Kathy Harniman (104) and Carol Groner (106). Low net went to Kathy Harniman with a 71 and Kim Balbach and Donna Powers, with 75s. Barbara Malina had a chip-in on No. 9, a birdie on No. 12 and fewest putts (27).


The format for the match Sept. 10 was a variation of the waltz. Count two best balls on the first hole, three on the second, all four on the third and repeat the sequence around the course.

Bay to Sand flight: First place with a -15 were Dan Copeland, Mike Matlock, Guy Taval and Otto Nelke. Second with at -13 were Dan Alsup, P.J. Jones, Jim Braddock and Dick Eby.

Piper to Bay flight: First place at -17 were Don Moore, John Hannigan, Tony Hanna and Frank Alcaraz. Second at -12 were Lance Harding, Al Roeder, Chuck Maglio and a blind draw.

Sand to Piper flight: Bob Kinsey, Hal Foley, Gary Pollock and Frank Gator were first at -10. John Nicholson, Lee Parker, Steve Logan and John Murphy were second at -6.

Norm Burgess turned in the round of the day, a 76 (net 61).

On Sept. 8, the format was count the three best balls. If the total is birdie or better, score one point. Score zero points for par. Score minus-one point for bogey.

Sand to Piper flight: First were Don Moore, Joe Martere, Marv Pethal and a blind draw at +10. Second at +9 were John Hannigan, Joe Cramer, Bill Sarkisian and Dick Eby. Third at +8 were John Radziewski, Wayne Purdy, Jim Barker and Jim Wiseman.

Bay to Sand flight: First place was a tie at +12 between the team of Bob Nicoletti, Mike Matlock, Ed Kilgoar and Tom Ioven and the team of Al Hooker, Norm Burgess, Tony Hanna and Ron Donley. Third at +7 was the team of Al Bowman, Billy Sirk, Bob Bryce and a blind draw.


The Sea Trail LGA member-member tourney was played Sept. 10-11.

The overall net winners at 158.25 were Susan Ferguson and Donna Morris. In second at 158.50 were Sandy Brinegar and Deb Coyt. In third at 164.50 were Mary Alice Jerome and Judy Pusey.

Results of the tourney Sept. 10 on the Jones Course. Best net ball: 1. Georgia Lounsbury and Ruth Apalinski, 30.00 (by match of cards), 2. Madeline Dubas and Jo Donna O’Leary (30.00), 3. Royett Stoll and Pam Fisher (30.00).

Modified alterate shot: 1. Marge Layden and Nancy Santisi (32.25), 2. Candy Fowler and Sue Shackleton (32.50), 3. Peg Frankford and Sharon Winter (32.75).

Birdies: Pat Gooding at No. 2, Sharon Winter at No. 2, Kathy Blaine at No. 5, Gail Cafaro at No. 5, Pat Gambarelli at No. 5, Sandy Pilney at No. 5, Joan Mason at No. 9. Chip-in: Lorraine Kazan at No. 2.

Results of the tourney Sept. 11 at the Byrd Course. In the captain’s choice format, Pat Lupi and Nancy Hanania were first at 24.50. Gail Cafaro and Birgit Carpenter were second at 26.50. Kathy Ivey and Betsy Slover were third at 26.75.

In the two-net ball aggregate format, Martie Tittle and Norma Tofaute were first at 64.00. Ilene McAllister and Ellen Bombolis were second at 66.00. Nancy Flaherty and Sally Arendt were third at 69.00.

Birdies: Jan Bohlinger at No. 12, Candy Fowler at No. 12, Marge Layden at No. 12, Ilene McAllister at No. 12, Nancy Santisi at No. 12, Joan Mason at No. 14, Sally Arendt at No. 16, Louisa Clatterbuck at No. 16, Georgia Lounsbury at No. 16, Sandy Brinegar at No. 17, Sandy Brinegar at No. 18, Jo Donna O’Leary at No. 18, Andrea Peebles at No. 18. Chip-ins: Irene Jones at No. 10, Peg Frankford at No. 11.


Kathy Christen made a hole-in-one Sept. 10 on the fifth hole at the Sea Trail Jones Course during the Sea Trail LGA member-member tourney.