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AJGA event set for March 27-29 in Southport

By Staff Brunswick Beacon

The American Junior Golf Association will have its Preseason Junior tournament March 27-29 at St. James Plantation in Southport. This is the first time in its 31-year history the AJGA is playing a tournament in Southport.

The 36-hole stroke play event will be played at The Members Club Course and will bring 96 of the nation’s top junior golfers from North Carolina and around the country.

Practice rounds will take place March 27. Tournament play will begin March 28 and end March 29. An awards ceremony will immediately follow the final round. Spectators are welcome to attend and admission is free of charge.

The Preseason Junior at St. James Plantation will be one of 85 national junior golf tournaments the AJGA will conduct in 2009. This year’s schedule features tournaments in more than 30 states and Mexico.



The 21st annual Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce golf tournament will be played May 23 at Brierwood Golf Club. This is a captain’s choice four-person team tournament, three flights. The cost is $240 per team and cover fees, beverages and lunch.

Registration is at 8 a.m. and the shotgun start is at 9 a.m. Lunch, raffle, awards and door prizes follow golf.

Entry forms can also be found online at www.brunswickcountychamber.org. Rain date will be May 30. Money raised helps the chamber fund educational programs, economic development and community development. For more information, call Megan Masser at (910) 754-6644, ext. 108.


The Beachcombers played a three low nets tournament Friday at Palmetto Greens. The winning team with a score of 188 (-25) were Jim Beairsto, Jim Ritter, Bob Smith and Bob Brownley. Second with a 193 was the team of Randy Cogdill, Hal Riebesehl, Dennis McCann and Gary Gutheil. Low gross for the day was Reese Evans, 74; Gary Gutheil and Stu Cleveland, 83; and Jim Beairsto, 85. Low nets for the day were Dennis McCann, 63; and Reese Evans and Jim Beairsto, 66. Dennis McCann was voted golfer of the week.


The Brick Landing Men’s Sports Club weekly tournament was Feb. 24. Format was two best nets. Glen Gayheart, Dick Brown and Alan Morrissey were first at -20. Chuck Dixon, Neil Nucci and Bob Melleky were second at -18.


In the points game Feb. 26, the first-place team at 110 points was Paul Salerno, Dick Baynton, Jim Pope and Dave Harper. In second at 100 points was the team of Chuck Hornfeck, Rich Hornfeck, Bernie Gruzlewski and a blind draw. In third at 87 points was the team of Harvey Hundley, Len Henderson, Chuck Nash and Tom Kronyak.


On Feb. 27 the Calabashers played Palmetto Green Golf Course. The Stableford was the format. The winning team at +5 1/2 was Wash Dayton, Bryon Smith, Mark Gilson and Jay Valkenburgh. In second was the team of Mike McCormack, Bob Browning, Tony O’Brien and Phil Smith at +5.


Results of the Feb. 25 Calabash Elks Golf League match at Carolina Shores: In the A flight, Don Studds was first (67). Mike Casper was second (73). In the B flight, Bob Herre and John Parisi were first (68). Al Wright was third (69). In the C flight, Lynn Harbold was first (68). John Duthie was second (70).

Closest to the pin: On No. 3, Ed Kerr 7 feet, 6 inches. On No. 7, Don Studds 6-10 On No. 12, Ed Kerr and Mike Coleman, 18 feet. On No. 17, Don Mimm, 12 feet.



On Feb. 23 at Farmstead, Frank Janton, Bob Jaeger, John Methvin and Cliff Musselman placed first with a 150. Members played off the 12 handicap, with the teams scoring one net from A-flight members and one net from B-flight members. Jim Kennedy, Steve Maiorca, Jody Serensits and Joe Gallo were second with a 151.

On Feb. 25 at Meadowlands, Sid Pennington, Ned Meier, Jody Serensits and Cliff Musselman placed first with a 145. Members played off the 12 handicap with the teams scoring two nets per hole and each member designating four holes for scoring. Jim Kennedy, Bob Jaeger, John Ogden and a blind draw were second with a 150.

On Friday at Meadowlands, Sid Pennington, Ron Doeblin, John Ducey and Joe Gallo placed first with a 147. Play was off the 12 handicap with members scoring two nets per hole. Jim Kennedy, Hugh Chinn, Frank Janton and Cliff Musselman were second with a 150.

Sid Pennington eagled the 471-yard par-5 ninth hole using a driver, 5-wood and putter.


The game Feb. 27 was score one low net on the par 5s, score two low nets the par 4s and score three low nets the par 3s. First: Wayne Burchfield, Dick Polonski, Paul Jordan and George Bridges 131. Second: R. Alexander, John Crane, Tony Sneska and Roger Thompson, 120. Third: Gary Stewart, Dan Roberts, Mal Mac Raild and Joe Clark, 121 (match of cards). Fourth: Glen Ikens, Chester Drouin, Buddy Broadnax and Bill Teschler, 121. Low gross: 76, Wayne Burchfield. Low net: 66, Tony Sneska. Closest to the pin: No. 3 and No. 7, Dick Polonski; No. 12, Tony Sneska; No. 17, Frank Talak. Skins: Glen Ikens, Tony Sneska, Bill Marsh, Dan Roberts, R. Alexander, Bill Teschler; Dick Boyle, Joe Clark, Wayne Burchfield, Mal Mac Raild and Tony Sneska.


In a modified Stableford match Feb. 20 at Oyster Bay, front-nine winners at -2 were Ed Kerr, Jerry Way and Mickey Blaze. Back-nine winners at -7 were Donnie Studds, John Parisi and Sam Gambino. Overall winners at -11 were Herb Johnson, Ed Peters, Bob Mecleary and Fred Langston. Flight winners: B, -2, Jerry Way; A, even, Donnie Studds; D, +3, Mickey Golden; C, +2, Ed Peters.

In a modified match Feb. 27 at the Sea Trails Maple Course, Gary Larouche, Ted Peters, Hank Beuke and Mickey Blaze swept the front nine at +8, the back nine at +5 and overall at +13 ½. Flight winners: B, +5 ½, Jerry Way; A, +3 ½, Gerry Speck and Donnie Studds; C, +8 ½, Jim Diskewich; D, + 4 ½, Mickey Blaze.



Modified Stableford winners in a scramble Feb. 24 at Farmstead: front nine, Ed Hobgood, Steve Lawson, Dick Klesius, Nick Nickle, -4; Bill Favro, Geoff Browne, Duane Durbin, Bob Mecleary, -3; Tim Oliver, Bill Southard, Stan Lagiewski, Ken Dube, -3. Back nine: Bill Favro, Geoff Browne, Duane Durbin, Bob Mecleary, -3; Jim Weter, Bob Wiltbank, Dan Bruscella, Nick Caldararo, -3. Overall: Bill Favro, Geoff Browne, Duane Durbin, Bob Mecleary, -6; Jim Weter, Bob Wiltbank, Dan Bruscella, Nick Caldararo, -5; Tim Oliver, Bill Southard, Stan Lagiewski, Ken Dube -5.


The Foxy Ladies played Feb. 26 at the Shaftsbury Glen Golf Course. Seven teams participated. The format was two best balls, net. The winning team was Sigi Mayo, Pat Wolff, Peggy Acree and Ruth Linder. Coming in second was the team of Marje Roach, Janice Owens, Nancy McGlothlin and a blind draw.



Six teams played in the Stableford tourney Feb. 25. The winning team shot even par. It was Joe McDonough, Buddy Broadnax, Wayne Burchfield and a blind draw. In second was the team of Tony Sneska, Dick Boyle, Bill Teschler and Mal Mac Raild at -2. In third was the team of Tony languell, Don Rose, Don Koebel and Rich Gagliano at -4.


The Lockwood Folly LGA game on Feb. 26 was choose four holes from the front and four holes from the back, including two par 5s, plus one other hole, minus half handicap. There was a tie for first with Fran Hursh and Phyllis Johnson at 25.5. Bobbi Platukis was second at 26.5. Platukis birdied No. 2.



Results of the matches Feb. 23 at Meadowlands Golf Course. The format was even holes times two, less handicaps. 1. Bonnie Johnson, 70; 2. Anna Merritt, 77; 3. Myriam LaConte, 78; 4. Nancy Griffin, 79. Fewest putts: Sue Durbin and Bev Ibbott, 32.



Results of the event Feb. 25 at Tiger’s Eye. Format: two best nets. One from the A and D players and one from the B and C players. First: Michelle Sherwood, Grace Bradicich, Gwen Fitzgerald and Pam Bank (-22). Second: Patsy Mays, Val Ratchford, Reggie Harrington and Debbie MacFarland (-15). Birdies: Michelle Sherwood on No. 17 and Jeanne Maxon on No. 2. Low gross: Jeanne Maxon, 83. Low net, Grace Bradicich, 68.


The team of Hal Moore, Jack Gorman, Rich Reinecke and Ron Wetherington scored a 150 and won the weekly Players Golf Association with a match of cards over Nick Samela, Bob Lange, Don Clark and Wil Garvin. The game was two low nets on the first nine and three low nets on the second. Finishing third with a score of 155 was Bill Favro, Dick Pearce, Alex Olmsted and John McCloy. Fourth at 158 Bob Butkevicous, Bob Flack, Ray O’Donnell, and Bill Kasper. Fifth with a 159 were Ernie Weeks, Jim Marsh, Roy Teasley and Ernie Schober. Closest to the pin were Dick Pearce at No. 3, Ernie Weeks at No. 6, Jim Marsh at No. 12 and Jack Gorman at No. 17.



On Feb. 19, Bill Kasper, playing with the Players Golf Association, scored a hole-in-one at Meadowlands Golf Course on the par-3 15th using a 9-iron.


The game of the day for the Friday Rebels at Sandpiper Bay was individual net scores with a blind-draw partner from the alternate course. 1. J.J. Whalen and Al Paynter 130; 2. Gary Swanson and Norm Burgess 134; 3. Sam Milora and Jack Hinte, 136; 4. Al Bowman and John Murphy, 139; 5. Chuck Denny and Bill Sirk, 139. Closest to the pin: at No. 3 Piper,Tony Rossi; at No. 6 Piper, Chris Christie.


Teamwork was what was needed as the Renegades played Carolina Shores last week. The game was 6’s, which called for one low gross of a foursome for the first six holes, two low grosses for the second six holes and three low grosses for the third six holes.

The winning team was Kathy Hahl, Barbara Malina, Martha Hannon and Kay Craig with a score of 193. Coming in second, on a match of cards, was the team of Sally Nolan, Donna Watkins, Teddy Altreuter and Laura Duncan. In third was the team of Sharon Clark, Dolores Sanborn, Kathy Harniman and Evelyn Wuthrich with a score of 195.

Low-gross winners were Dolores Sanborn, 103; Kathy Hahl, 103 (match of cards); Barbara Malina, 104. Low net was Kay Craig with a 68, followed by Kathy Harniman with a 71 and Barbara Malina with a 72.

Donna Watkins had fewest putts (30). Sally Nolan had a chip-in on No. 1.



The game Feb. 25 was new to the group: Play the first ball from the red tee, second from the yellow tee and the third from the silver tee. Repeat throughout the 18 holes and count the three best balls from each hole.

Sand to Piper flight: First place was taken by Don Moore, Wayne Purdy, John Wilkes and Ron Donley with a -20. Second at -19 was the team of Al Hooker, Joe Cramer, John Hannigan and John Murphy.

Bay to Sand flight: First place went to Dan Alsup, Len Borriello, Bob Arace and Frank Alcaraz.

On Feb. 23, the game was count two best balls on the first six holes, three on the second six and all four on the last six holes.

Piper to Bay flight: Billy Sirk, John Grossglass, Frank Gajderowicz and a blind draw scored -15 to take first. Second at -4 was by Chris Christie, Vince Nyland, Jack Hinte and Tony Hanna. Third at -3 was by John Radziewski, Al Bowman, Wayne Purdy and John Murphy.

Bay to Sand flight: In first tying at -12 was the team of Bob Eason, Chick Scinto, Norm Burgess and Jack Dobson along with Barney Evangelista, Tom Townsend, Ron Donley and a blind draw.



Results of the event Feb. 20. Format: best drive of foursome, everyone plays own ball in, best two nets. First (110, -34), Ed Apalinski, Ches Burton, Mary Couch and Kate Goodrich. Second (111, -33), Dennis deLagarde, Lee Sutton, Diane Scheck and Ruth Apalinski. Third: (113, -31), Dick Couch, John Goodrich, Flo Hill and Julie Burton.



Results of the event Feb. 28 at the Maples Course. The format was par 4s only, half handicap. Flight 1: 1. Janet Jacobson, 31.5; 2. Judy Pusey, 34; 3. Pat Sutton, 36. Flight 2: 1. Betty Ann Potvin, 29; 2. Louisa Clatterbuck, 34.5; 3. Sue Shackelton, 35. Flight 3: 1. Loretta DeVita, 34.5; 2. Birgit Carpenter, 35.5; 3. Lynn Wiedman, Mary Lou Miller, 36.5. Flight 4: 1. Susan Seidel, 30.5 2. Denise Kenney, 32; 3. Julie Burton, 32.5.

Birdies: Marti Kennedy, No.16; Janet Jacobson, Nos. 7 and 16; Joan Mason, Nos. 5 and 8; Susan Seidel, No.17; Kathy Blaine, No. 17 Judy Pusey, No. 16.

Chip-ins: Judy D’Amico, No. 15; Marti Kennedy, No. 2; Susan Seidel, No. 17; Kathy Blaine, Nos. 5 and 17; Pat Sutton, No.10; Judy Pusey, No.16; Janet Jacobson, No. 9.



Results of the event Feb. 24 at the Byrd Course. The format was individual low gross, flighted. A: First, Monte Beebe, 75; second, John Young, 79; third, Ron Dubas, 84; fourth, Bill Muckridge, 85; fifth, Bill Kenny, 87. B: First, Dennis deLagarde, 89 (match of cards); second, John Bowles, 89; third, Frank Giampietro, 90; fourth, Jim Hunt, 92; fifth, Wayne Hellman, 93. C. First, Frank Martorelli, 91; second, Charlie Schorpp, 93; third, Jim Gooding, 96; fourth, Gary Fagan, 97 (match of cards); fifth, Brad Dague, 97. D: First, Bill Locke, 91; second, George Bartley, 94; third, Jerry Tanner, 100 (match of cards), fourth, Rich Ikeda, 100; fifth, Dick Bodner, 101.