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Brunswick Ladybirds open season at Oak Island

By Staff Brunswick Beacon

The governing club of this year’s season of the Brunswick Ladybirds is Brunswick Plantation. The officers are Sue Sadlon, president; Carrie Wilson, vice president/treasurer and Laura Lagenaur, secretary.

The first tournament, which officially kicked off the season, was played March 11 at Oak Island. Following are the results:

First flight, low gross: T1. Sherry Marsh, 83 (St. James), Faye Curry, 83 (St. James), 2. Laura Botto, 84 (Lockwood Folly). Low net: 1. Judy Myers, 70 (Carolina National), 2. Loretta Swanson, 71 (Carolina Shores). Fewest putts: Marti Kennedy, 29 (Sea Trail). Second flight, low gross: T1. Ann Phelgar, 87 (Carolina National), Maryann Darzano, 87 (St. James), 2. Keith Webb, 89 (Brick Landing). Low net: 1. Judy Hardin, 71 (Meadowlands), T2. Nancy Kumlin, 74 (Brierwood), Sandy Owens, 74 (Brunswick Plantation), Sally Manifold, 74 (Meadowlands); Fewest putts: Jan Howard, 33 (The Lakes).

Third flight, low gross: 1. Mary Alice Jerome, 88 (Sea Trail), 2. Judy Carpenter, 94 (St. James), 2. Elsa Bonstein, 94 (Brick Landing). Low net: 1. Honey Martin, 72 (Carolina National), T2. Lynda Smith, 74 (Oak Island), Sharon Burns, 74 (The Lakes). Fewest putts: Penny Sillery, 35 (Carolina National).

Fourth flight, low gross: 1. Rochelle Simpson, 93 (St. James), 2. Louisa Clatterbuck, 98 (Sea Trail). Low net: 1. Gerri Sovak 72, (The Lakes), 2. Myrna Robinson, 74 (Lockwood Folly). Fewest putts: Gwen Jerome, 30 (Meadowlands).

Fifth flight, low gross: 1. MaryLu Prescott, 95 (Oak Island), 2. Beverly Farmarco, 100 (Carolina Shores). Low net: T1. Sue Todd, 74 (Oak Island), Diane Sloat, 74 (Carolina National), 2. Mo Stombaugh, 75 (Oak Island). Fewest putts: Shari Kelly, 35 (St. James).

Sixth flight, low gross: 1. Kathy Imbro, 98 (Oak Island), 2. Carol Hartsell, 100 (Oak Island). Low net: T1. Betty Ikens, 72 (Carolina Shores), Kay Teagardner, 72 (Lockwood Folly), T2. Pat Terwilliger, 73 (Carolina National), Wanda Krasniewicz, 73 (Brunswick Plantation). Fewest putts: Judith McCormack, 32 (St. James).

Seventh flight, low gross: 1. Maggie Holcomb, 99 (Carolina National), T2. Laura Lagenaur, 104 (Brunswick Plantation), Rosemari Fassbender, 104 (Carolina National). Low net: 1. Mary Hankes, 72 (Ocean Ridge), 2. Barbara Paolicelli, 73 (Carolina National), 2. Fran Hursh, 73 (Lockwood Folly). Fewest putts: Kay Gregory, 33 (Lockwood Folly).

Eighth flight, low gross: 1. Sandra Donovan, 103 (St. James), 2. Carrie Wilson, 105 (Brunswick Plantation). Low net: T1. Mary Klinedinst, 71 (Lockwood Folly), Janet Keppler, 71 (Sea Trail), 2. Donna Morris, 72 (Sea Trail). Fewest putts: Cindy Northrup, 33 (Brierwood).

Ninth flight, low gross: T1. Jo Cambria, 104 (Sea Trail), Emily Campbell, 104 (Brunswick Plantation), T2. Gwen Fitzgerald, 105 (Ocean Ridge), Peg Blair, 105 (Oak Island). Low net: 1. Mimi Benson, 69 (Carolina National), 2. Gloria Lee, 72 (Sea Trail). Fewest putts: Judi Bishop, 32 (Meadowlands).



Bill Smith of Ocean Isle Beach recorded an eagle March 7 on the 15th hole at Panther’s Run. He used a driver and 6-iron on the 355-yard hole for his second eagle in a year. Witnesses included Ed Sandidge and Hank Vogt.



VFW Post No. 10400 of Boiling Spring Lakes will have its third annual golf tournament 8 a.m. April 25 at the Lakes Country Club. Teams will consist of four players with a tournament fee of $40 per player. Format for the tournament will be captain’s choice. Each player receives 18 holes of golf with cart. Prizes, raffle and food will follow at the VFW. Please send in registration fee by April 15 to Dan McDonald, 880 Cambridge Road, Southport 28461 or call in your team to the country club at (910) 845-2625.


Results of the Beachcombers’ event at Woodland Valley. Low gross: Paul Michal (85), Reese Evans (86) and Stu Cleveland (89). Low net: Jim Ritter (67), Paul Michal (68), Bob Smith (69).

Team low two nets on each hole: Tie at 24-under par by the team of Michal, Bob Byrne and Dennis McCann and the team of Cleveland, Smith and Jim Beairsto.

Golfer of the week was Michal.


The Men’s Club Shootout was Saturday. Al Zyga, Mike O’Brien, Owen Letter and a blind draw were first (+1.5 points). Ray Audette, Dwight Christenbury, Joe Barry and Ron Wetherington were tied for second at (-10.5 points) with Jim Barrett, Pete Fedeli, Dave Igelman and a blind draw

Individually, Al Zyga was first (+5.5 points) and Owen Letter was second (+4.5 points).


In the Brierwood Wednesday nine-hole mixed scramble March 11, two teams tied for first: The team of Fran Thomas, Liz Boyer, Sharon Beaversand Bob Nobes tied at even par with the team of Glen Green, Marianne Nobes and John Beavers. Taking second at 1-over par was the team of Rita DuGan, Deloris Gausch and Ralph Trimmer.


Results of the two best balls match March 12. First at 39-under par was the team of George Edwards, Jim Pope, Bob Sterner and a blind draw. In second at 21 under was the team of Jim Robinson, Dave Harper, Les Craft and Jack Harrison. In third at 16 under was the team of Bernie Gruzlewski, Tom Bowen, Dick Baynton and Chuck Nash.


The format for the Brierwood Women’s Golf Association event March 10 was low gross, low net.

In the first flight, Hilda Hall and Sherry Pittman tied with low gross of 85. Sara Baynton had a low net of 70. The leader for fewest putts at 29 was Sherry Pittman.

In flight 2, Pat Kronyak had a low gross of 102. The low net at 66 was by Rita DuGan, who also had fewest putts of 28.

In flight 3, Ruth Linder had the low gross of 107. The low-net award went to Jean Billie (67). Tied for fewest putts of 34 each were Linder, Shirley Groff and Sharon Beavers.

Chip-ins were made by Sara Lula on No 10, Hilda Hall on No. 5, Sherry Pittman on No. 10 and 14. Birdies were made by Nancy Kumlin on No. 16, and Pat Kronyak on No. 7.


Results of the match play March 8: Alcina Davis, May Drezek, Evelyn Haley, Barbara Johnson had three victories. Kathy Lucyszyn, Marge Neilson, Carrie Wilson and Wanda Woodlief, Ellie Grant and Sue Sadlon had 2.5 victories. Sandy Owens, Becky Seibert and Donna Strangroom had two victories. Chip-in: Evelyn Haley on Dogwood No. 5.


The Calabashers played the Carolina Shores Golf Course, and the winning team was the threesome of Phil Smith, Tom Nally and Rod Rodriguez at -5.


Results of the Calabash Elks golf league match March 11 at Carolina Shores.

In the A flight, Jim Beairsto and Ed Kerr were first (67) and Bill Malloy was second (69). In the B flight, John Parisi was first (70) and Earl Stone was second (71). In the C flight, Bob Schuster and Jim Schuster were first (64) and Lynn Harbold was second (65).

Closest to the pin: On No. 3, Ed Kerr and Bob Schuster (7 feet). On No. 7, Ted Peters (6-0). On No. 12, Ed Kerr (9-0). On No. 17, Tom Bezek (3-0).


On March 9, the Calabash VFW played its weekly modified Stableford tournament at Sandpiper Bay. First: Pete McGerr, Ray Ketcham, Vince Krasniewicz and Chuck Lengyl at +9. Second: Ed Grampietro, Ray Barno, Tony Nye and Rod Rodriguez at +7. Third: Rich Murray, Mike Connolly, Pete Jelstrom and Bill McCormick at +6 1/2. Fourth: Rich Marnell, Chuck Murray, Bobby Poulton and Bill Hertline at +5. Fifth: Chuck Gurreri, John Koester, John DiFlure, and Lee Harrison at +3 1/2. Low rounds of the day were Lee Harrison, 76, Ed Grampietro, 78, Bobby Poulton and Tony Nye, 82.


Results of the event March 10 at Brierwood. Low gross, A: 1. Bill Allen, 82; 2. Dick Wilson, 85; 3. Steve White, 86. B: 1. Pat Perryman, 93; 2. Corbin Ledord, 97; 3. Mike Donahuye, 98.

Low net, A: 1. Dick Wilson, 69; 2. Noel Christie, 69; 3. Bill Allen, 69; 4. Steve White, 69; B. 1. Corbin Ledford, 66; 2. Pat Perryman, 70; 3. Mike Donohue, 71.

Closet to pin at No. 3: In A, Dick Wilson; in B, Pat Perryman.

Fewest putts: Dick Wilson and Jim Parsch, 28; Mike Donohue, 29; Steve White, 30; Noel Christie and Pat Perryman, 33.



On March 9 at Farmstead, Ned Meier, Steve Maiorca, John Methvin and Jody Serensits placed first at 141. Format for the day was cha-cha-cha. Bob Jaeger, Ron Doeblin, Cliff Musselman and Rich West were second at142.

On March 11 at Meadowlands, Steve Maiorca, Sid Pennington, John Ducey and Joe Gallo placed first at 147. Members playing off the 12 handicap scored one gross and one net per hole. Placing second on a match of cards were Jim Kennedy, Jerry Rubin, Jody Serensits and Hugh Chinn. Frank Janton, George O’Connell, John Ogden and a blind draw were third.

On Friday at Meadowlands, Frank Janton, Ron Doeblin, Jen Dearborn and Joe Gallo placed first at 236. Format for the day was one gross and two nets per hole. Boomer Needham, Jerry Rubin, Sid Pennington and Cliff Musselman were second at 243.

Ron Doeblin eagled the 481-yard par-5 14th, using a driver, a 5-wood and a putter.


The match Friday was modified Stableford net scores. First: Gary Hertling, George Bridges, Gene Sandborn and Joe Clark (164). Second: Art Hahl, Dick Polonski, Buddy Broadnax and John Kain (163). Third: Gary Stewart, Tony Sneska, Paul Jordan and Roger Thompson (162). Fourth: Bill Marsh, Keith Rogerson, Jim Burke and Dick Boyle (152).

Low gross: Glen Ikens (83). Low net: Roger Thompson (70). Closest to the pin: No. 3, Tony Sneska; No. 7 Paul Jordan; No. 12, John Dougherty; No. 17, Keith Rogerson. Skins: Glen Ikens, Gary Stewart, John Kain, Tony Sneska, Dick Polonski, Paul Jordan, and Wayne Burchfield.


Results of the Crow Creek men’s league match March 10 in which three formats were used: Three-man team gross quota points (each player’s net points are added together for the team score). Two-man team gross quota points (each player’s net points are added together for the team score). Individual best net quota points.

Three-man team: 1. Carl Graves (+3), Rich Kimsal (+3) and Richard Bye (+1) for a +7; 2. Jerry Dickson (-3), Andy McCorison (-5) and Brian Nordberg (+10) for a +2. Two-man team: 1. John Huntey (E) and Jerry Zimmerman (+4) for +4; 2. Bob Klopp (E) and Ray Hickey (+1) for +1; 3. Paul Murray (+1) and Mike Murphy (-2) for -1. Individual winner: Brian Nordberg (+10). Second: Jerry Zimmerman (+4).


In a modified Stableford match March 14 at The Thistle, winning the front nine at -1/2 was a tie between the team of Donnie Studds, Ed Peters and Earl Dushane and the team of Ed Kerr, Frank Case and Fred Langston. Winning the back nine +14½ and overall +13 were John Koester, Ted Peters, Bill Deskiewich and Hank Mattutat.

Flight winners were: A, +8, Gary Larouch; B, +4, Ted Peters; C, +3½, Bill Deskiewich; and D, +5½, Fred Langston.


Results of the modified Stableford March 10 at Meadowlands: Front nine: 1. Ray LaConte, Richard Smith, Pat Finnegan, Roger Rawley (+15). 2. Jake Mathieu, Steve Lawson, Fred Johnson, Russ Thompson (+13). 3. Jim Weter, Bob McKissock, Bill Tenza, Nick Nickel (+10.5). Back nine: 1. Jim Weter, Bob McKissock, Bill Tenza, Nick Nickel (+25.5). 2. Bill Blewitt, Jim Boone, Jim Poole, Jack Monahan +21.5. 3. Bill Favro, Bob Wiltbank, Pat Weese, Bill Tyson (+18.5). Overall: 1. Jim Weter, Bob McKissock, Bill Tenza, Nick Nickel (+36). 2. Ray LaConte, Richard Smith, Pat Finnegan, Roger Rawley (+27.5). 3. Jake Mathieu, Steve Lawson, Fred Johnson, Russ Thompson (+24.5).


John Kain eagled the 261-yard par-4 seventh hole at Palmetto Greens with a pitching wedge, leading his team to first place in the Al Graham Stableford tourney. The team scored a +15 out of a possible 16 points. Also on his team were Mike Donahue, Ron MacDowell and Leo Jarmusz. Second place went to John Baron, Mal Mac Raild, Paul Wuthrich and Jim Garrigan with a +5. In third was the team of Buddy Broadnax, Don Rose, George Bridges and Don Koelbel at +4. In fourth via a match of cards was the team of Jim Barnett, the Fyock brothers and Roger Thompson at +2. Eight teams played in the tourney.


On March 9 at Meadowlands Golf Course, low-gross results: 1. Myriam Laconte, 81; 2. Sally Manifold, 87; 3. Judy Hardin, 88; 4. Bev Ibbott, 89. Low net: 1. Libby Spivey, 62; 2. Bonnie Johnson, 65; 3. Sue Durbin, 68; 4. Kaz Ratcliff, Dorine Stoecker, 69.

Birdies: Sally Manifold, No. 6; M.J. Labant, No. 7; Eileen Reddy, No. 11; Kaz Ratcliff, No. 11; Myriam Laconte, No. 12; Billie Ellwanger, No. 14; Linda Blewitt, No. 14; Barb Finn, No. 15.

Chip-ins: Billie Ellwanger, No. 4; Anna Hackathorn, No. 4; Wilma Mowery, No. 4; Yvonne Kaldahl, No. 9; Myriam Laconte, No. 12. Fewest putts: Linda Connolly, 29; Billie Ellwanger, Denni Maynard, Myriam Laconte, 30.


Results of the March 9 event at Tiger’s Eye (four nets, three nets, two nets, repeat). 1. Doug MacDonald, Greg Kent, Fred Bank, blind draw (-29). 2. George James, Bernie Powers, Eric Dunham, Bob Ludman (-23). 3. Mel Scott, Rick McCafferty, Reece Hoben, Lou Stamboni (-22). Closest to pin: No. 2, George James; No. 11, Stan Mays.

Results of the March 11 event at Panther’s Run (combined net scores of A and D player on odd holes, combined net scores of B and C players on even holes.) 1. Alex Brooker, Rick McCafferty, John Olio, Bill DeHaan (-14). 2. Ed McCloskey, Bill Hall, Mike Hetrick, Bob Ludman (-8). 3. Terry Zuk, Bob Larkin, Reece Hoben, Bob Wenk (-6). 4. Wally Milnichuk, Roger Buck, Wayne Underhill, Dick Connolly (-5). 5. Doug MacDonald, Jim Crosby, Craig VanHorn, Bill Hotop (-3). 6. Gary Prock, Jim McCombs, Dave Powers, Glenn McLellan (-2). Closest to pin: No. 2, Bob Wenk; No. 11, Ed Gruver.


The results of the Hate ’em match March 10, in which the golfers, before teeing off, select three holes they hate and exclude them from their score. Full handicap. Low net wins. Bay to Sand: 1. Judy DeStefon, 41; 2. Angela Nicholson, 45; 3. Barb DeMore, 47; T4. Beth Pethtal, Jacqui Bridge and Marci Berry, 49.

Sand to Piper: 1. Lorraine Dobson, 41; T2: Joanne Orendorf, Ella Mae Brooks and Joyce Westcott at 46; T5: Mary Stern and Ann Pollock at 47.

Birdies: Jane Duvall, Piper No. 5; Carol Christie, Piper No. 3; Judy Nicoletti, Bay No. 2 and No. 7; Joanne Clements, Sand No. 8. Chip-ins: Joanne Clements, Sand No. 8.


The Players Golf Association tournament at Farmstead Golf Course was a cha-cha-cha tournament. The winning team with a score of 114 was Hal Moore, Bob Davis, Ron Wetherington and a blind draw. Second with a 118 was the team of Bill Favro, Jim Marsh, Roy Teasley and Nick Samela. Third with a 121 was the team of Bob Lange, Ernie Schober, Wil Garvin and blind. Fourth at 130 were Jack Gorman, Ernie Weeks, John McCloy and Rich Reinecke. Fifth at 131 were Don Clark, Bill Kasper, Dick Pearce and Ray O’Donnell. Closest to the pin were Nick Samela at No. 3, Bill Favro at No. 6, Bob Davis at No. 12 and Bob Lange at No. 17.


Results from Friday. The game was low individual net score. Two courses were used and separate games were played.

Piper to Bay flight: first, a tie between Tim Salius and Ron Donley at 68. Third: a tie between Bob Arace and Don Bartholemew at 71.

Bay to Sand Flight: first, Gordy Coulson with a 66. Second: Joe Cramer, 67. Third: a tie between Barney Evanglista and Guy Tavel, 69.

Closest to the pin: No 3 Bay, Joe Cramer; No. 5 Bay, John Murphy.


The Renegades played at Carolina Shores Golf Course, using a format in which one worst hole score per side was reduced to par, using full handicaps. Sharon Donahue came in first with a 61. Karen Hertling and Dee Gillin were second and third with 62s on a match of cards.

Jean Falls had the low gross of 96 with Carol Groner was second with a 101 on a match of cards over Karen Hertling. Low-net winner was Jean Falls with a 69 on a match of cards over Karen Hertling. Dee Gillin got third with a 70.

Evie Hart had a birdie on No. 12. Sharon Clark, Pauline Millosky, Carol Groner, Evelyn Wuthrich and Jean Falls had chip-ins. Carolyn Bosman had fewest putts (29).



Man in the box was the game of the day March 11. Count three scores per hole, including one from a designated player. Player A on holes 1, 5, 9, 13; player B from holes 2, 6, 10, 14, etc. Chose the best three from the last two holes.

Sand to Piper flight: Chris Christie shot a 75 to lead his team, which also included John Hannigan, Guy Tavel and Al Paynter, to a -28, the best round of the day and first place. Second went to Lou Zotter, Chick Scinto, Bob Zambri and Jack Dobson, who scored a -22. Third was a -11 by Dan Alsup, P.J. Jones, Mike Matlock and Jim Braddock.

Piper to Bay flight: John Donnelly, Al Bowman, Tim Salius and Bill Pohlman finished first at -26. Second went to John Radziewski, Norm Burgess, Dick Eby and a blind draw at -24. Third went to Bob Nicoletti, Ed Killgoar, Frank Gajderowicz and Chuck Maglio at -17.

Bay to Sand flight: First was a tie at -21. Gary Swanson, Tom Townsend, John Wilkes and a blind draw tied with Denny Sams, Wayne Purdy, Gary Pollock and John Murphy.

Third place went to Tony Rossi, Bob Eason, Tony Hanna and Frank Alcaraz.

On March 9, the game was new to the group. Count both gross scores for the 18 for the A and B players on each team. Also count the net scores from the C and D players. Lowest total score wins.

Sand to Piper flight: Don Baker, Ed Killgoar, Greg Scalzi and Don DeMore scored a 307 to take first. Second went to John Radziewski, Hal Foley, Jeff Smith and John Wilkes with a 310.

Piper to Bay flight: Lou Zotter and his team of Chuck Denny, Tony Hanna and Ron Donley shot a 318 to take first. Two teams, Dan Copeland, Billy Sirk, Bobby Bryce and Frank Alcaraz along with the team of Bob Nicoletti, Al Bowman, Guy Tavel and Bill Pohlman, tied for second with a 320.

Bay to Sand flight: First went to Herb Wheelock, Don Capretta, Sam Milora and Bob Zambri with a 314. Gordy Coulson, Jim Creighton, Tom Townsend and Al Paynter followed with a 316 for second place.



Results of the Stableford match March 11 at the Maples Course. There was a three-way tie for first at +23 strokes: Team 1: Nadine Cybske, Flo Hill, Martie Tittle, Carol Humphreys; team 2: Judy Pusey, Mary Couch, Joan Scheidle, Carol Gartner; team 3: Susan King, Sherry Abernethy, Joanne DeYonge, Denise Kenny.

Birdies: Kathy Blaine, No. 3; Jo Larson, No. 8; Diane Scheck, No. 11; Bobbie deLagarde, No. 12; Mary Couch, No. 13; Carol Humphreys, No. 17. Chip-ins: Carol Gartner No. 1; Mary Couch, No. 2; Nancy Santisi, No. 9; Loretta DeVita, No. 16; Carol Humphreys, No. 17.



The Sea Trail men’s league played a two-man team Stableford on the March 10 at the Maples Course. A flight: 1. Roy Cundiff and Bubber Youngblood, +23; 2. Joe Carpinello and George Hill, +11; 3. Frank Martorelli and Dick Sellers, +6 (match of cards); 4. Ron Bombolis and Bob Miller, +6. B flight: 1. Dennis deLagarde and John Goodrich, +19; 2. Rich Chamberlain and Frank Giampietro, +17; 3. John Barton and Wayne McKee, +8 (moc); 4. Stan Goldstein and Larry Tedesco, +8. C flight: 1. Jim Gooding and Bob Perry, +15; 2. Jim Hitchcock and Howard Van Husen, +13; 3. Charlie Hanlon and Charlie Winter, +12; 4. Bill Kenny and George Spinatsch, +10. D flight: 1. Monte Beebe and George Scheidle, +12; 2. Tony Novalis and Mike Pozdol, +10; 3. Ron Dubas and Tom Smith, +8; 4. Ron Jenei and Dick Lawson, +7.



The St. Paddy’s Couples Tournament was played Sunday on the Byrd Course. Front-nine results: 1. Karen and Frank Baker, JoAnn and Rich Abrams. 2. Diane and Nick Carcich, Betty Hewell and Vick Hahn. 3. Charlene and Allen Doolittle, Julie and John Sullivan. Back-nine results: 1. Carol and Marv Peters, Babe and Ben Madura. 2. Darlene and Gregg DeCrane, Pat Booth and Dick Kocak. 3. Pam and Jim Hardie, Marge and Jim Libby. Closet to the pin on the front nine: John Bashaw; back nine, Carol Peters. Highest score on the back nine: Jane and Bill McGee, Cherle and John Rothermele; front nine, Barbara and John Bashaw, Mickie and Jack Borders.