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Renegades play annual St. Patrick's Day tourney

By Staff Brunswick Beacon

The Renegades annual St Patrick’s Day Tournament was played March 19 at Palmetto Greens Golf Club. Thirty-six Renegades and their guests participated. The team game was one low net, two low nets, three low nets. 1. Bob Kilgore, Laura Duncan, Ruth Peagler Falls, Bill Altreuter; 2. Sharon Clark, Carolyn Bosman, Barbara Malina, Martha Hannon; 3. Carol Groner, Jean Falls, Lin Penta, Jane Mahncke; 4. Kathy Harniman, Sharon Donohue, Jerry Powers, George Malina; 5. Karen Hertling, Teddy Altreuter, Joe Clark, Doug Falls. Closest to the pin: Bill Altreuter.


The Beachcombers played a two low-nets tournament March 20 at Carolina Shores. Finishing in first with a score of 119 (-25) was the team of Bob Brownley, Ed Hennessey and Jim Beairsto. Low round of the day was Stu Cleveland, 86, and Jim Beairsto, 87. Low nets were Bob Smith and Bob Brownley, 66, Jim Beairsto and Ed Kinney, 69. Bob Smith was voted golfer of the week.


The Brick Landing Ladies Golf Association played an “even holes only” match March 19, with net strokes on even holes totaled for score.

Carol Fredericks and Lois Huber tied for first in the first flight at 35. Pat Christenbury and Keith Webb tied for third at 37.

Barbara Karkut took first in the second flight at 32. Jackie Seidler was second at 33 and Cathy Shanley was third at 37.

In the third flight, Sue Nelson and Peg Campana tied for first at 38 and Pat Baumgartner was third at 39.

Birdies were made by Keith Webb on No. 7 and Jackie Seidler on No. 4.


Brick Landing Nine Is Fine had its first match of the new season March 19.

Everyone picked a name randomly and then played her own game. Net scores were combined. In first was the team of Alice Wargo and Bev Cunningham. In second was the team of Monica Jones and Alice Wargo.

Marge Comer birdied No. 4.


The weekly tournament was March 17. Format was two best nets. Dave Biesack, Gus Mast, Bill Kosanke and Jerry Maloney were first at -34. Al Zyga, Eric Nelson, Neil Nucci and Alan Morrissey were second at -28.

The Men’s Club shootout was Saturday. Al Zyga, Dick Brown, Bill Wells and a blind draw were first (+9.5 points). Ray Audette, Brian Walker, Owen Letter and Dave Igelman were second (+6.0 points). Neil Nucci, Buddy Hollowell, John Kupstas and a blind draw were third (+3.0 points).

Individually, Dick Brown was first with +5.5 points and Seth Harter and Brian Walker tied for second with +4.5 points.


The Brierwood Men’s Golf Association played the points game March 19. In first at 97 points was the team of Bob Nobes, Marty Brkal, Dave Harper and Jack Harrison. In second at 86 points was the team of Jim Robinson, Al Ostrager, Jim Pope and Les Craft. In third at 75 points was the team of George Edwards, Bernie Gruzlewski, Tom Bowen and Joe Brust.

On Saturday, the format was two best balls. In first at -20 was George Edwards, Al Ostrager, Jim Roach and Dave Harper. In second at -17 was Hollen Groff, Ralph Trimer, Jerry Lula and Jim Pope. In third at -8 was Jim Robinson, Marty Brkal, Tom Bowen and Dick Bayton.

On Monday, the format was one best ball on the par 5s, two on the par 4s and three on the par 3s. First at -22 was Paul Salerno, Tom Kronyak, Joe Brust and a blind draw. Second at -19 was the team of George Edwards, Tom Bowen, Jack Harrison and a blind draw and the team of Bob Nobes, Al Ostrager, Bob Janovic and Chuck Nash.


The team of Rita DuGan, Sharon Beavers, Marianne Nobes and Bob Nobes took first-place honors at 1-over par in the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble March 18. The team of Fran Thomas, Deloris Gausch, Ralph Trimmer and John Beavers took second.


In the Brierwood Women’s Golf Associaton play on March 17, the format was best nine, subtracting one-half handicap.

Mimi Ostrager won flight 1 with a 28, and Cindy Northrup tied with Nancy Kumlin for second place with a 29. Cindy also had fewest putts (31).

In flight 2, Marianne Nobes won with a 28, and Shirley Groff tied Jean Lacerenza for second with a 30. Jean also had fewest putts with 34 and had a chip-in on No. 1.


The format March 10 was team Stableford. Magnolia-Dogwood: 1. Stan Drezek, Miklos Buchelt, Ray Griffin and Joe Cantello (+2); 2. John McGann, Rich Davis, Ray Zera and Mike Hansen (0); 3. Jerry Ingalls, Tom Cionek, Ohlen Boyd and Pasquale LaVacca (-3).

Dogwood-Azalea: 1. Phil Meckling, Joe Longo, Ron Ateshian and John Walsh (+14); 2. Gabby Grant, Ed Kobierowski, Bruce Kertcher and Dave Kilgore (+9); 3. Dan Giessing, Steve Seibert, Ken Green and Don Granger (+5).

The format March 12 was individual Stableford. Azalea-Magnolia: 1. John McGann, +7; 2. Andy Smyka, +4; 3. Bryan Kantner, +3; T4. Tony Ingorgia, Stevbe Seibert +2. Magnolia– Dogwood: 1, Don Haniquet, +6; T2. George Lucyszyn, Perry Day, +3; 4. Barry Anshell, +2; 5. Tom Casey +1.


The Calabashers played their weekly outing at Carolina Shores. The format was best three low nets of the foursome. Winners at -29 were Gary Gutheil, Tony O’Brien, Lynn Harbold and Larry Bollinger. Closest-to-the-pin winners were Jake Mathieu, Ralph Capuano, Wash Dayton and Bill Nemeth. On Friday, the Calabashers played the Woodland Valley Course, using the Stableford as a format. Two teams tied at +1/2: the team of Bob Browning, Phil Smith and Rod Rodriguez and the team of Tony O’Bbrien, Art Willms and Mike McCormack.


Results of the March 18 Calabash Elks Golf League match at Carolina Shores. In the A flight, Don Studds was first (69); Jake Mathieu and Bob Pidgeon were second (72). In the B flight, Tom Klink was first (66); Al Wright was second (72). In the C flight, John Duthie was first (62); Jim Filkins was second (64).

Closest to the pin: On No. 3, Jim Barker, 4 feet, 8 inches. On No. 7, Jake Mathieu, 6-10. On No. 12, Don Studds, 4 feet. On No. 17, Rich Adduce, 6 feet.


On March 18 at Meadowlands, Jim Kennedy, Steve Maiorca, Bob Hathaway and Joe Gallo placed first with a 155. Teams scored three nets on the par 5s, two nets on the par 4s and one net on the par 3s. John Ducey, Ned Meier Jody Serensits and Boomer Needham were second with a 156.

On Friday at Meadowlands, Steve Maiorca, John Ducey, Ned Meier and Cliff Musselman were first with a 157. Teams scored one net on the par 3s, two nets on the par 4s and on gross and two nets on the par 5s. Hugh Chinn, George O’Connell, Joe Meo and a blind draw were second with a 163.


Results of the one low net, one low gross event March 20. First: Art Hahl, Ed Morris, Paul Jordan and a blind draw, 134, on by a match of cards. Second: Gary Stewart, Ron Buck, Gene Sandborn and Bill Teschler, 134. Third: Glen Ikens, Dick Polonski, Dan Roberts and a blind draw, 139. Low gross: Art Hahl, 77. Low net: Gene Sandborn, 66.

Closest to the pin: No. 3, Gene Sandborn; No. 7, Art Hahl; No. 12, John Kain; No. 17, Keith Rogerson. Skins: Gene Sandborn, Joe Clark, Roger Thompson, Franl Talak and Ron Buck.


Club 25 kicked off the 2009 season with a sold-out tournament at St. James Plantation playing the Irwin Course of the Members Club. One hundred twenty-five women golfers from Brunswick County, New Hanover County, Horry County and Winston-Salem participated in this tournament.

Dianne Belair (Prestwick) led the field with a low score of 79. She was followed in the first flight by Suzanne Moro (Whispering Pines) in second, Faye Curry (St. James) in third, Mary Barclay (St. James) and Candace Cochrane (Sandpiper Bay) in fourth and Babs McIntosh (Wachesaw Plantation) in sixth.

Barb Cleghorn (Whispering Pines) won the second flight, with Carol Kelly (The Cape) in second, Karen McCloskey (Ocean Ridge) in third, Patsy Mays (Ocean Ridge) in fourth and Sherry Marsh (St. James) and Marlene Wollney (Wachesaw Plantation) in fifth.

Amy Hurst (The Legends) won the third flight. Nancy DeMuth (The Cape) and Karla Reens (St. James) tied for second. Jane Martini (Wilmington Municipal) came in fourth, Rhan Parham (Wachesaw Plantation) was fifth and Iris Parr (Black Bear) was sixth.

The fourth flight was led by Cass Chickillo (St. James) in first, Beverly Ibbott (Meadowlands) in second and Joan Shorrock (Burning Ridge) in third. Phyllis Welch (Meadowlands) came in fourth and Ann Phlegar (Carolina National) and Keith Webb (Brick Landing) tied for fifth.

In the fifth flight, Connie Koch (Carolina National), Michelle Kozinetz (Island Green) and Carole Sanders (Glen Dornoch) tied for first, followed by Maryann Darzano (St. James) in fourth, Hazel Reid (Winston Salem) in fifth and Chris Schmit (St. James) in sixth.

Mae Drezek (Brunswick Plantation) won the sixth flight. Cheryl Hankinson (Magnolia Greens) took second place. They were followed by Cheryl Kobani (International Club at Myrtle Beach) in third, Jane Schlesser (Carolina National) in fourth and Phyllis Childers (Carolina National) and Sue Keylor (Olde Point) in fifth.

The seventh flight was won by Maureen Worfolk (St. James) with Linda Painter placing second. Sue Menage (The Cape) took third place, followed by Judy Carpenter (St. James) and Grace Loyack (Ocean Ridge) in fourth and Greta Bellek (Black Bear) in sixth.

Mary Campbell (Magnolia Greens) won the eighth flight, followed by Fran Killgoar (Sandpiper Bay) in second, Jo Pugliese (St. James) in third, Nancy Branflick (Ocean Ridge) in fourth, Buzz Fuller (The Lakes) in fifth and Loretta Delamere (Sandpiper Bay) in sixth.

In the ninth flight, Dawn Miller (Magnolia Greens) took first place, followed by Ann Hazelton (St. James) in second and Gerri Sovak (The Lakes) in third. Mary Jean Rose (St. James) came in fourth, Mary Ann Furniss (Wilmington Municipal) fifth and Theresa Georgens (Brunswick Plantation) sixth.

Closest-to-the-pin winners were Barb Cleghorn (Whispering Pines) and Karen McCloskey (Ocean Ridge).

There were six winners in the skins game: Keith Webb, Irene Dowdy and Carol Fredericks, all from Brick Landing, and Jan Howard from the Lakes, Connie Koch from Carolina National and Candace Cochrane from Sandpiper Bay.


Results of the Crow Creek Men’s League match March 17 in which two formats were used: two man blind draw gross quota, individual best net quota points. Two-man blind: 1. Dick Reardon (+4); 2. Walt Fedyna (+3, via tie breaker); 3. John Sparks (+3). Individual best net quota points: 1. John Sparks (+5); 2. Walt Fedyna (+4); 3. Rich Kimsal (+3).


In a modified Stableford match March 20 at Sandpiper Bay, front-nine winners tying at even were Ed Kerr, Rich Halloran, JackChristensen, Ed Castinidos and Herb Johnson, Jon Zedder and Frank Case.

Back-nine winners tying at +4 1/2 were John Koester, Terry Canahan, Ed Peters, Earl Dushane and Herb Johnson, Jon Zedder and Frank Case.

Overall winners at +4 1/2 were Herb Johnson, Jon Zetter and Frank Case.

Flight winners: C, +1, Jack Christensen; A, +4, Herb Johnson; B, +5 ½, Terry Carnahan; D, even, Hank Mattutat.



Results of the modified Stableford match March 17 at Farmstead. Front nine: 1. Bob McKissock, Jim Boone, Duane Burbin, Ken Dube, +8; 2. Tim Oliver, Steve Lawson, Jack Monahan, Mike Naudus, +4.5. Back nine: 1. Jake Mathieu, Paul Groves, Bill Tyson, Nick Caldararo, +1.5; 2. Bill Blewitt, David Vanasse, Ron Mayo, Pat Finnegan, -0.5. Overall: Bob McKissock, Jim Boone, Duane Burbin, Ken Dube; +5; Jake Mathieu, Paul Groves, Bill Tyson, Nick Caldararo, 0.5; Bill Blewitt, David Vanasse, Ron Mayo, Pat Finnegan -0.5.


The group played the Pearl East Golf Course March 19. The format was best two net balls of the foursome. The winning team was R.J. McCord, Marianne Nobes, Cindy Northrup and Mimi Ostrager. In second was the team of Sara Lula, Shirley Groff, Cheryl Robinson and a blind draw and the team of Dianne Lock, Mary Fonte, Janice Owens and a blind draw.



Seven teams played in the Al Graham Stableford. The winning team at +3 was Roger Thompson, Dan Roberts, Ron Buck and Leo Jarmusz. Second place by a match of cards at -6 was the team of Bob Alexander, Joe Fioravanti, Jim Barnett and Keith Rogerson. Third at -6 third went to Buddy Broadnax, Gary Hertling, John Kain and Mal Mac Raild. Fourth went to Jerry Strickler, Don Rose, Bob Fyock and Mike Donahue at -7.


Results of the Lockwood Ladies’ fewest-putts golf tournament March 19 at Lockwood Folly. First: Dianne Hoffman, 26. Second: Phyllis Johnson, 30. Third: Trish Benardo, 31. Birdies: Laura Botto, No. 18; Dianne Hoffman, No. 4 and No. 16. Chip-ins: Trish Benardo, No. 13; Hilda Cummins, No. 15; Dianne Hoffman, No. 3 and No. 16; Mary Knopfle, No. 10.



The ringers tournament was played March 11 and March 16 at Panther’s Run. The format was individual better net over two rounds. Flight 1: 1. Patsy Mays (63, tie broke on last nine holes), 2. Jeanne Maxon (63, tie broke on last three holes). Flight 2: 1. Peggy Jones (62), 2. Mickie Underhill (64). Flight 3: 1. Diane Wright (59), 2. Linda Buck (63). Flight 4: 1. Nancy MacDonald (55), 2. Bev Furman (56). Flight 5: 1. Kathy Bassett (57), 2. Judy Keegan (65).

Birdies: Di Gruver, No. 2; Mickie Underhill, No. 6; Judy McLellan, No. 6; Patsy Mays, No. 12; Diane Wright, No. 16; Mickie Underhill, No. 11; Patsy Mays, No. 17, Jeanne Maxon, No. 16. Chip-ins: Nancy MacDonald, No. 3. Chip-ins: Jeanne Maxon, No. 18. Peggy Jones, No. 7. Chip-in-birdies: Skip Lindstrom, No. 15, Bev Furman, No. 3; Karen McCloskey, No. 17.

Resuts of th cha-cha-cha event March 17 at Crow Creek. Foursomes used one net on hole number one, two nets on hole number two and three nets on hole number three, then repeat.) First: Karen McCloskey, Pam Bank, Frankie Neal and Marie Pugh. Second: Cathy Story, Jan Henson, Debbie MacFarlane and Ann Turner. Third: Jeanne Maxon, Ginny Alger, Linda Buck and Jan Hall.

Results of an event March 18 at Tiger’s Eye. Foursomes used one net on the first hole, two nets on the second hole, then repeat. First: Sally Duffy, Reggie Harrington, Margo Russell and Kathy Giancarlo. Second: Grace Bradacich, Peggy Jones, Kathy Giancarlo and Valerie Ratchford. Chip-ins: Grace Bradacich on No. 15. Low net: Deb MacFarlane (68). Low gross: Sally Duffy (88).

The format Monday at Lion’s Paw was evil par 3s: Foursomes count two gross scores on all par 3s and one low net on all other holes.

First: Sally Duffy, Nancy MacDonald, Bev Furman and blind draw Grace Bradicich. Second: Michelle Sherwood, Ann Turner, Val Ratchford and blind draw Jeanne Maxon.

Birdies: Mary Donohoe, No. 6. Chip-in birdies: Jeanne Maxon, No. 17.

Low net: Bev Furman, 63. Low gross: Karen McCloskey, 86.



Results of the nine-hole scramble March 16 at Lion’s Paw. Front nine: 1. George Brooks, Norm Fitzgerald, Glenn McLellan, Bill Hotop (-2). 2. Rich O’Connor, Bill Edwards, Glenn Christiansen, John Pugh (-1). Back nine: 1. Guy Giancarlo, Roger Buck, Paul Socha, rotation player (-4). 2. Jim Story, John Wehner, Earl Miller, Bob Ludman (-2).

Results of the March 17 match at Crow Creek. Flight A: Tied at 68 net, Doug MacDonald and Mario Rinalli. Flight B: Rick McCafferty (67), Don Bridwell (69). Flight C: Tied at 65, Fred Bank and Joe Neal. Flight D: Tied at 70, Mike Ratchford and Bill DeHaan. Closest to pin on No. 8: Bob Larkin II.

Results of the March 18 event at Tiger’s Eye (one net from A/B players and one net from C/D players. 1. Al Keegan, Howard Ray, Larry Wright, Jack Anderson (-24, match of cards). 2. Lee Jones, Terry Zuk, Reece Hoben, Eric Dunahm (-24). 3. Guy Giancarlo, John Cary, Jim Crosby, John Pugh (-23). 4. Steve Westfall, Bob Larkin II, Frank Burianek, Bill Hotop (-22). Closest to pin: No. 6, Terry Zuk; No. 17, Don Rowland (team).



Here are the results of the Ocean Ridge couples event played Sunday at Panther’s Run. The game counted one best net on holes one to six, two best nets on holes seven to 12, and three best nets on holes 13-18.

First: Lynn Furman, Dick Connolly, Joan Graham, and Jan Hall and the team of Roger Buck, Carl Schuster, Alice Christianson, and Pam Fitzgerald at -18. Second: Howard Ray, Chappy Jones, Dusty Burianek, and Pam McCafferty and the team of Greg Paynter, Bill Hall, Reggie Harrington, and Grace Bradicich at -16.

Birdies: Rich McCafferty, No. 18; Greg Paynter, No. 2; Roger Buck, No. 3;

Norm Fitzgerald, No 15 and No. 18 (chip-in); Jan Hall, No. 17. Other chip-ins: Grace Bradicich, No. 13. Low nets were Norm Fitzgerald at 68, Grace Bradicich at 67 and Howard Ray at 64.


Results of the point quota event March 17. Subtract handicap from 50 to get point quota. Eagle is eight points, birdie is five, par is three, bogey is two, double bogey is one point. Total the points to determine the score. Player closest to or over her quota wins.

Piper to Bay: 1. Barb Swanson, +8; 2. Mary Dickerson, +5; 3. Kathy Manning, +4; 4. Judy Nicoletti, +2. Bay to Sand: 1. Mary Stern, +9; 2. Ann Leahy, +6; T3: Judy DeStefon and Marcie Berry, +5. Birdies: Judy Nicoletti, Piper No. 3; Kathy Manning, Piper No. 5.


The Players Golf Association weekly tournament was played March 19 at Meadowlands Golf Course. The format was two-man teams with low net of each team counted. The team of Bob Davis, Dick Pearce, Wil Garvin and a blind draw scored a 117 and finished first. Second with a 120 was the team of Nich Samela, Ernie Schober, Pat Jones and Angilo Bertolozzi. Third with a 122 was the team of Bill Favro, Bob Flack, Bill Kasper and Ron Wetherington. Fourth with a 126 were Ernie Weeks, Ray O’Donnell, Bob Lange and Don Clark. Fifth with a score of 130 were Jim Marsh, Tom Briggs, Roy Teasley and John McCloy. Closest to the pin were Ernie Weeks at No. 5, Angilo Bertolozzi at No. 8, Bob Davis at No. 11 and Bob Flack at No. 15.


The Rebels played “Chicago” March 20 on the Sand to Piper Course and net points on the Bay to Sand Course. Players got one point for bogey, two points for a par, three for a birdie and five for eagle or better. “Chicago” players subtracted their handicap from 36 to establish a goal score. There was a blind draw from each course to establish partners in the game.

First place was a 47, which established a tie between Joe Cramer and Ron Donley and Al Bowman and Al Paynter. Third went to Bill Snyder and Otto Nelke, who scored a 42. Fourth was a 41 by Jim Creighton and Mike Casagranda. Fifth was a tie between P.J. Jones and Bill Zanzalari and Tim Salius and Barney Evangelista.

Closest-to-the-pin winners were Bob Eason on Sand No. 3 and P.J. Jones on Sand No. 8.

Low gross round of the day was turned in by Gary Swanson, a 76.


The President’s Cup competition started March 18. The best low-gross and low-net players over a three-round qualification will reach the finals later this year. The rounds March 18 were flighted by handicap, each group playing a separate course. Low gross and low net were the day’s winners. However, the scores will be combined to establish position within the cup competition.

Sand to Piper flight, low gross: 1. Charlie Richardson, 89; 2. Al Paynter, 90; 3. Bob Bryce, 91. Low net: 1. Frank Alcaraz, 64; 2. Ron Donely, 66; 3. Tony Hanna, 69.

Piper to Bay flight, low gross: 1. Ed Killgoar, 82; 2. Barney Evanglista, 85; 3. John Hannigan, 86. Low net: 1. Ron Redman, 67 2.Tim Salius, 68; 3. Wayne Purdy, 71.

Bay to Sand flight, low gross: 1. John Radziewski, 78 ; 2. Lou Zotter, 79; 3. Al Hooker, 81. Low net: 1. Bob Radcliff, 65; 2. Sam Milora, 66; 3. Gene McDonald, 68.



Results of the event March 18 at the Byrd Course (nine blind holes, half handicap). Flight 1: 1. Lynn James, 30.5; 2. Judy Pusey, 33.5; 3. Pat Gooding, 34; 4. Lorraine Kish, 35, match of cards. Flight 2: 1. Flo Hill, 33; 2. Kathy Blaine, 34, match of cards; 3. Gail Cafaro, 34, match of cards; 4. Lynn Wiedman, 34, match of cards. Flight 3: 1. Loretta DeVita, 32.5; 2. Virginia Foulds, 33; 3. Kate Goodrich, 34, match of cards; 4. Annette Laputka, 34, match of cards. Flight 4: 1. Kathy Ivey, 29.5; 2. Ellen Bombolis, 33; 3. Carrie Wiles, 36; 4. Janet Keppler, 36.5.

Chip-ins: No. 2, Julie Burton; No. 3, Kathy Ivey; No. 4, Lorraine Kazan; No. 6, Karen Rastocky; No. 7, Jeanine Berger; No. 8, Sharon Winter; No. 9, Birgit Carpenter; No. 10, Virginia Foulds; No. 11, Barbara Lawson. Birdies: No. 3, Lynn James; No. 3, Pat Gooding; No. 4, Lorraine Kazan; No. 16, Ellen Bombolis.