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Men defeat women in Sea Trail Battle of the Sexes tournament on March 29

By Staff Brunswick Beacon

The Sea Trail battle of the sexes tournament was played March 29 at the Maples Course. This is a yearly spring event. Forty-seven couples played a net game, head-to- head, against their spouse or partner. To the ladies’ surprise, the men finished as the 2009 couples champions, winning by a landslide. Four couples tied and received one-half point each. The men finished with 31 points and the women won 16 matches.


On Friday in a Rebels event, Jack Hinte eagled the Bay Course eighth hole at the Sandpiper Bay, the No. 1 handicap hole. He teed off with a driver and holed out with a 3-wood. He had the low net round of the day, 60.


The Beachcombers played a two low-nets tournament Friday Cypress Bay. The winners with a score of 123 were Stu Cleveland, Bob Smith and Hal Riebesehl. Low score of the day was Stu Cleveland, 85. Low-net honors went to Hal Riebesehl, 66. Hal Riebesehl was voted golfer of the week.



The weekly tournament was March 31. The format was captain’s choice. Jim Edes, Larry Agrimonti, Bob Mularczyk and Austin Duncan were first at -9. Three teams tied for second at -7: John McGuirt, Ken Horton, Ted Lide and Ralph McClean; Bill Kosanke, Bill Healy, Gus Mast and Alan Morrissey; Gene Bonstein, Mike O’Brien, Bob Gorman and Bob Grabb.

The men’s club shootout was Saturday. Butch Cunningham, Dick Brown, Pete Fedeli and Joe Whalen were first (+11.5 points). Eric McCauley, Mike O’Brien, Larry Agrimonti and Dave Igelman were second (+4.5 points). Ray Audette, Bob Grabb, Jim Campana and Alan Morrissey were third (+3.5 points).

Individually, Butch Cunningham was first at +8.0 points. Glen Gayheart was second at +5.0 points. Dwight Christenbury was third at +4.0 points.


In the two best-balls event Monday, winning at 23-under par were George Edwards, Dave Harper, Jim Pope and Walt Wilson. In second at 17 under were Bob Nobes, Marty Brkal, Bob Janovic and Jack Harrison.

In the couples tournament Saturday, the format was two best-balls net, discarding one hole on each side. In first at 108 were Bill and Ruth Ton King and Reggie and Carol Fitz-Gerald. In second at 110 were Al and Sandy Bloom and Tom and Pat Kronyak. In third at 117 were Harvey and Yvonne Hundley and George Edwards and R.J. McCord.


The team of Liz Boyer, Sharon Beavers and Bob Nobes finished first at 3-over par in the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble April 1. In second were Marianne Nobes, Glen Green and Ralph Trimmer.


The Brierwood Women’s Golf Association played on March 31. The format was best 15 holes, less full handicap. First-flight winner went to Sarah Lula with a score of 42. Tied for second in flight 1 were Mimi Ostrager, Sandy Bloom and Sherry Pittman at 52. Pittman also had fewest putts in this flight (30). In Flight 2, Cindy Northrup was first at 47. Nancy McGlothlin was second at 49. A tie for fewest putts of 34 went to Northrup and Sue Janovic. Ruth Linder won flight 3 at 47. Second went to Sharon Beavers at 49. The fewest putts was by Gloria Brkal (28). Chip-ins: Gloria Brkal and Sherry Pittman on No. 12 and Mary Schaack on No. 13. Sarah Lula had a birdie on No. 15.


On Friday the format was captain’s choice at Cypress Bay Golf Course. The winning team was the threesome of Al Wright, Rod Rodriguez and John Duthie at 73 (+1). In second was the team of was Phil Smith, Mike McCormack and Bill Bowden at 74.


On March 30, the Calabash VFW Golf League traveled to Land-O-Lakes for its Monday modified Stableford match. First: Pete McGerr, Pat Perryman, Rich Marnell and Durwood Jackson at +12 1/2. Second: Tommy Tucker, Charlie Gurreri, Benny Bruno and Jim Small at +7 1/2. Third: Bob Radcliffe, Jim Cadiz, George Berts and Tom O’Brien at +5 1/2. Finishing fourth at +5 were Bobby Poulton, Denny Wise, John Goss and Ken Anthony. Low rounds of the day were Lee Harrison, 76; Tony Nye, 79; Bob Radcliffe, 81; and Bobby Poulton, 82. Bobby Poulton had two skins; John Goss and Lee Harrison, one skin each.


The St. Patrick’s Day tournament at Carolina Shores Country Club and Golf Course was delayed a week because of rain. Jean Sanborn, Betty Kibblehouse and George and Nancy Harthausen were the winners.

Longest drives and closest to the pin were won by Joe Cramer for the men and Nancy Harthausen for the women

The March 26 tournament had flight A low-gross winners Nancy Harthausen and Jean Sanborn and low-net winners Jean Sanborn and Nancy Harthausen. Top low-gross and low-net honors in flight B went to Joanne Riedel. In second for low gross was Gwyn DeRenne; for low net, Rose Mary Jones.

The game of the day, carts, was won by Janice Garvin and Annette Delisle. Chip-ins: Ellie Girard on Nos. 11 and 17.


Results of the match April 3 at Carolina Shores. The format was one team low net on holes one to six; two low nets holes seven to 12, three low nets holes 13-18. First: Bill Marsh, Keith Rogerson, Gary Hertling and a blind draw, 120. Second: Art Hahl, Tony Sneska, Frank Talak and John Kain, 125. Third: Glen Ikens,Buddy Broadnax, Dan Roberts and Roger Thompson, 126. Low gross and low net: Bill Marsh. Closest to the pin: John Kain at No. 3, Dan Roberts at No. 7, Dick Polonski at No. 12 and Keith Rogerson at No. 17. Skins: Ron Buck, Keith Rogerson, Arnie Northrop, Gary Hertling and John Kain.


The match March 24 used three formats. Three-man team winners: Jerry Dickson, Brian Nordberg and Jim Bulakowski at +11. Two-man team Winners: Ed Darrow and Dick Reardon at +10. Individual best-net quota points: First: Dick Reardon (+8). Second: John Huntey and Jim Bulakowski (+6).


Results of the modified Stableford match March 27 at Crown Park. Back nine at +7 and overall at +18 1/2, the winners were Donnie Studds, Tom Barasso, Jim Blume and John Studds. Front-nine winners at +12 were John Koester, Jack Christensen and Mickey Blaze. Flight winners: A, at +10 ½, Ed Kerr; B, at +7, Jim Blume; C, at +2, Ed Peters; D, at +2, Mickey Blaze.

On April 3 at Woodland Valley, the team of Donnie Studds, Jerry Way and Frank Case swept the front nine at +7, the back nine at - 3 1/2 and overall at +3 ½.

Flight winners: A, at +8, Gary Larouche; B, at 3 ½, Jerry Way; C, at +3, Frank Case.


Results of the modified Stableford match played March 31 at Meadowlands. Front nine: 1. Jim Weter, Dick Klesius, Curtis Brenk, Rick Ellwanger, +6.5; 2. Bill Blewitt, Dan Bruscella, Larry Zub, Pat Finnegan, +4.5. Back nine: 1. Jim Weter, Dick Klesius, Curtis Brenk, Rick Ellwanger, +13; 2. Lee Heroux, Paul Groves, Dick Cecil, Ken Dube, +12. Overall: 1. Jim Weter, Dick Klesius, Curtis Brenk, Rick Ellwanger, +19.5; 2. Lee Heroux, Paul Groves, Dick Cecil, Ken Dube, +12.5; 3. Bill Blewitt, Dan Bruscella, Larry Zub, Pat Finnegan, +10.

Individually: A, Jim Weter, +11.5; B, Toni Mantini, +1.5; C, Paul Hourigan, +8; D, Ken Dube, +10. Superflight: Jim Weter, +11.5.


Results of the Ocean Ridge Sunday couples event played at Lion’s Paw. The game counted the best two nets on odd-numbered holes and the best three nets on even numbered holes. 1. Roger Buck, Peggy Jones, Dick Connolly, and Margaret Dinda at -25; 2. Chappy Jones, Doris McLaughlin, Bob Bradicich, and Kathy Wicke at -21; 3. Frank Burianek, Barb Seelos, Bill Sasser, and Linda Buck at -19; 4. Pete Seelos, Dusty Burianek, Al Bassett, and Alice Christianson at -13.

Birdies: Frank Burianek, Nos. 12 and 15; Bill Sasser, No. 8; Jerry Dinda, No. 18.

Chip-ins: Linda Buck, No. 7; Dick Connolly, No. 5; Margaret Dinda, No. 18; Marita Sasser, No. 1; Debbie Sisk, No. 11.

Low nets were Margaret Dinda and Joan Graham at 69, Bev Furman at 68, Toni Roe at 67 and Peggy Jones and Dusty Burianek at 65.


The Ocean Ridge Ladies Golf Association played April 6 at Lion’s Paw. The format was flighted low gross and low net. Flight 1: low gross, Jeanne Maxon (88). Low net: Pam Fitzgerald (71). Flight 2: low gross, Peggy Jones (92). Low net: Nancy MacDonald (69). Flight 3: low gross, Peggy Rowland (100). Low net: Skip Lindstrom (72).

Closest-to-the pin on No. 11: Joan Graham. Birdies: Peggy Jones on No. 7. Chip-ins: Jan Hall on No. 1.


Results of the March 30 even at Lion’s Paw (one gross and two net scores). 1. Ed McCloskey, Rich Scaler, John Olio, Frank Thomas (-9); 2. Kevin Cotter, Bill Hall, Joe Coffini, Bill Hotop (even); 3. Jim Story, John Wehner, Bill Edwards, Bob Ludman (+1); 4. Rod Peterson, Earl Miller, Don Rowland, Lynn Furman (+2); 5. Chuck Gibson, Norm Fitzgerald, Lou Branflick, Kurt Lindstrom.

Results of the April 1 event at Lion’s Paw (flighted format, net scores). A: Bob Callihan, (67), Al Keegan (68). B: Gordon Wicke (70); Howard Ray (72). C: Rich Scaler (66), John Cary (70). D: Lynn Furman (67); Earl Miller (68). E: Don Rowland (69, match of cards); Glenn McLellan (69 m/c). Closest to pin on No. 17: Lee Jones.


The Piperettes played a game on March 31 in which only par-4 holes were counted and one-half handicap was subtracted. Low net wins. Piper to Bay: 1. Angela Nicholson, 25; 2. Ella Mae Brooks, 28.5; 3. Mique Luckett, 30; 4. Jean Hartwell, 31; 5. Joanne Clements, 31.5. Sand to Piper: 1. Betty Swain, 20.5; 2. Jane Duvall, 21; 3. Peggy Restiano, 23; T. 4, Judy DeStefon and Madonna Snyder, 24.

Birdies: Judy Nicoletti, Sand No. 4 and Piper No. 8; Candy Jones, Piper No. 3; Patty Lawton, Sand No. 8; Barb DeMore, Piper No. 6; Barb Swanson, Piper No. 6; Peggy Restiano, Piper No. 6; Mary Dickerson, Bay No. 7; Ann Pollock, Piper No. 6.

Chip-ins: Judy Nicoletti, Piper No. 8; Betty Swain, Piper No. 9; Candy Jones, Sand No. 7; Barb DeMore, Sand No. 9; Beverly Sarkisian, Bay No. 5. The game was individual low net score with a blind-draw partner.


The game Friday was individual low-net score with a blind-draw partner. First: Chris Christie and his eagle-making partner, Jack Hinte, 128. Second was a tie at 135 between Barney Evangelista and Bill Spellicy, who tied with Ron Thompson and Lou Zotter. Fourth went to Bill Pohlman and John Grossglass, who carded a 136. Denny Sams and Al Hooker took fifth with a 140.

Closest to the pin: Dan Norman at Bay No. 3 and Denny Sams at Bay No. 5.


The scheduled game for April 1was rained out so golfers played individual Chicago and subtracted handicap from 36 to establish goal score.

Piper to Bay: First with the round of the day, Gerg Scalzi with a +11. Second was a tie between Ron Donley and Al Paynter with a +4.

Bay to Sand: Charlie Richardson at +3 was first. Second was a +2 by Bill Croxton. Third was a three-way tie at -1 among Billy Sirk, Paul Backman and Bob Knisley.

Sand to Piper group did not report.

On March 30, the format was new: pre-picked partners played six holes of Texas scramble (individuals play in from the best drive), six holes of alternate shot and six holes of best ball. Partners counted one ball per hole.

Sand to Piper: Mike Matlock and his partner Wayne Purdy tied with Ron Yuricek and his partner Joe McEllroy at -3 for first. Third at -2 were Phil Whittaker and John Wilkes. Fourth at -1 were by Joe Cramer and his partner Jack Dobson.

Piper to Bay: The round of the day good for first was by Herb Wheelock and J.J. Whalen at -10. Jim Creighton and Bob Arace were second at -8. Third were Norm Burgess and Jim Braddock at -6. Fourth were Sam Milora and Vince Niland at -5.

Bay to Sand: Bill Snyder and Ed McTighe were first at -7. Chuck Denny and Greg Scalzi were second at -5. Al Hooker and Bobby Bryce combined for a -4 and third place. Fourth were Dan Copeland and Paul Backman at -3.


The Sea Trail Men’s Golf Association played two-man teams, best net ball, in-flight, March 31 on the Jones Course. A flight: 1. Ron Dubas and Charlie Hanlon, 62; 2. Lou DeVita and Stan Goldstein, 64 (match of cards) 3. Brian Blaine and Skip O’Leary, 64; 4. Jim Hitchcock and Bill Muckridge, 64; 5. Ron Jenei and Tony Novalis, 64; 6. Bill Kenny and Bob Perry, 64. B: 1. Terry Donahue and Frank Santisi, 57; 2. Ron Bombolis and Dick Sellers, 59 (m/c); 3. Lou Perna and Dave Salisch, 59; 4. Wayne Hellmann and Bob Mason, 59; 5. George Hill and Bob Miller, 60; 6. Frank Martorelli and Bo Sellers, 61. C flight: 1. Don Jacobson and John Rothermel, 59 (m/c); 2. Jack Bender and Tom Layden, 59; 3. Jack Dambaugh and Bill White, 60 (m/c); 4. Mike Jerome and Charlie Schorpp, 60; 5. Brad Dague and Frank McLearen, 60; 6. Joe Carpinello and Niels Kaas, 61. D flight: 1. Paul Laputka and Tom Smith, 56; 2. Ches Burton and Dick Latham, 58; 3. Vince Ignatowicz and John McDermott, 61; 4. Bill Connor and Howard Van Dusen, 62 (m/c); 5. Haley Jones and Ed Seidel, 62; 6. George Bartley and Bob Leahy, 65.


Brian Hughes won the Martin’s PGA TOUR Superstore Amateur at the St. James Plantation Members Course. Hughes won his first championship flight event over Bob Vislocky. In the A flight, Don Lloyd was the winner over Ryan Bland. In the B flight, Paul Walker won in a two-hole payoff over 16-year-old Greg Hensley. In the C flight, Pat Sufka was the winner over Ron Payne. In the D flight, Greg Reynolds was the winner.

In the senior division championship flight, Don Sheads was the winner. In the A flight, Mitchell Jordan won over Tom Garceau. In the B flight, Larry Smothers won over Al Glander. In the C flight, Floyd Eilber won over Paul O’Bryant.

The next tour event is April 18 at Lockwood Folly. For more information, call (866) 918-4653.