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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Results of the Sandpiper Bay Men’s Golf Association Two-Man Shootout tournament.

The tournament began April 6, when the format was two-man best ball for the first nine holes and two-man net total score for the second nine holes. There was one point per hole and the winners of the nine holes received an extra point.

Day 2 was April 8, when the format was a two-man scramble for the first nine holes and individual match play with full handicaps on the last nine holes. Again, there was one point per hole, with the winners of the nine holes getting an extra point.

The group was divided into three flights and all three of Sandpiper Bay courses were used.

First flight: first place, Bob Knisley and Sam Milora, 30 1/2 points. Second place: Dan Copeland and Ed McTighe, 27 points. Third was a tie at 26 1/2 points between the team of Ed Killgoar and John Donnelly and the team of Gordy Coulson and Jim Creighton

Second flight, first place: Dennis Restiano and Dick Cross, 36 points. Second place: Ron Robichaud and Barney Evangelista, 31 1/2 points. Third place: Bob Arace and Chuck Denny, 26 1/2 points. Fourth place: a tie at 26 points between the team of Steve Logan and Ray Cooksey and the team of Vince Niland and Lee Parker.

Third flight, first place, Jeff Smith and John Wilkes, 34 points. Second place: Bill Pohlman and John Grossglass, 27 points. Third place: Joe Mcllory and Tom Luckett, 26 1/2 points. Fourth place: Bill Croxton and Paul Backman, 26 points.

Closest to the pin, day 1: No. 8 Sand, Tom Townsend; No. 6 Piper, Ray Cooksey; No. 5 Bay, Don DeMore. Closest to the pin, day 2: No. 8 Sand, Lou Zotter; No. 6 Piper, Tom Townsend, No. 5 Bay, Don DeMore.


The Beachcombers played the second round of the old guys vs. young guys Friday at Woodland Valley. The young guys came away with a two-point win. The year-long tournament now stands with the young ahead, 31-29. Low scores were Randy Cogdill, 83, and Paul Michal, 88. Low net was Hal Riebesehl, 69. Fred Ortiz was voted golfer of the week.


The Brick Landing Ladies Golf Association’s April 9 League Day was a best-side event. Players chose their best side and deducted half their handicap for a net score.

In the first flight, Keith Webb was first with a 31. Irene Dowdy placed second with a 33 and Cathy Shanley came in third with a 37.

The second-flight winner was Polly Berkheimer with a 28. Barb Karkut was second with a 30 and Peg Campana came in third with a 36.

Birdies were made by Keith Webb on No. 18, Polly Berkheimer on No. 4 and Bonnie Giehl on No. 2.



The weekly tournament was April 7. Format was two best nets on the front nine, three best nets on the back nine.

John Kupstas, Eric Nelson, Bud Hollowell and Jerry Maloney were first at -35. Dick Brown, Larry Agrimonti, Jay Votaw and Ron Wetherington were second at -23. Bud Hollowell and Austin Duncan each won one skin.

The men’s club shootout was Saturday. Bobby Jones Ken Horton, Pete Fedeli and Dave Igelman were first (+20.5 points). Rick Skorney, Joe Whalen, Jim Campana and Alan Morrissey were second (+15.0 points). Ray Audette, Jack Blair, Jay Votaw and a blind draw were third (+14.5 points).

Individually, George Dowdy was first with +11.5 points. Jack Blair was second with +9.0 points. Bob Koegel and Ken Horton tied for third with +8.0 points.


The match April 9 was two best balls. In first at 24-under par were Al Bloom, Dave Harper, Jim Pope and Jack Harrison. In second at 23 under were Paul Salerno, Bernie Gruzlewski, Joe Brust and Marty Brkjal. In third at 15 under were Bob Nobes, Tom Kronyak, Dick Baynton and Bob Sterner.

On Monday, the match was points. In first at 126 points were Paul Salerno, Jerry Lula, Jim Pope and a blind draw. In second at 123 points were Harvey Hundley, Marty Brkal, Dick Baynton and Les Craft. In third at 115 points were Bob Nobes, Dave Harper, Odie Johnson and Jack Harrison


The format for the Brierwood Women’s Golf Association event April 7 was low gross, low net. In the first flight, Marje Roach had a low gross of 92. Tied at low net of 73 were Hilda Hall and Mickey Salerno. Hilda was the leader with fewest putts at 28.

In flight 2, Sandy Bloom had a low gross of 105. The low net at 72 was by Cindy Northrup and fewest putts went to Nancy McGlothlin with 31.

In flight 3, Ruth Linder had low gross of 109. The low-net award went to Shirley Groff at 72. Ruth also had the fewest putts, 33.

Chip-ins were made by Mary Schaack on No. 13, Sandy Bloom and Nancy McGlothlin on No. 1. Birdies were made by Nancy Kumlin on Nos. 2 and 6 and Sandy Bloom on No. 1.


In the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble April 8, the team of Deloris Gausch, Sharon Beavers, Bob Nobes and John Beavers finished first at 2 under. In second place, at 1-over par, was the team of Marianne Nobes, Rita DuGan, Fran Thomas and Ralph Trimmer.


Results of the Ladies’ Golf League event March 31. Dogwood-Azalea: first-place team with a score of 60 was Mae Drezek, Becky Seibert, Evelyn Claus and Emily Campbell. Second-place team with a score of 63 was Alcina Davis, Donna Stangroom, Gerry Gosselin and Gail Colwell. Azalea-Magnolia: first-place team with a score of 59 was Janet Iekel, Gail Jennings, Linda Rothenberger and Kathy Lucyszyn. Second-place team with a score of 63 was Denise Kantner, Kathy Patrick and Dianne Lucarelli. Third-place team with a score of 64 was Kathy Toeppner, Diane Tufts, Pat Melvin and Wanda Woodlief.

Birdie: Alcina Davis on No. 9 Azalea. Chip-ins: Pat Melvin on No. 9 Azalea, Mary Helen Naecker on No. 3 Dogwood.



Brunswick 25 Ladies League played its second tournament of the season April 7 at Carolina National on the Egret and Ibis courses.

Pat Shutzman (Carolina National) placed first in the top flight with at 79. Judy Nicoletti (Sandpiper Bay) came in second. Babs McIntosh (Wacchesaw Plantation) and Marie Strickler (Carolina Shores) tied for third, with Jeanne Maxon (Ocean Ridge) in fourth and Heidi Cherry (Myrtle Beach National) in sixth.

Linda Bergstrom (Carolina National) led the second flight, followed by Marilyn Greenfield (Carolina National), Sherry Marsh (St. James), Ann Bryan (Castle Bay), Jane Martini (Wilmington Municipal) and Patsy Mays (Ocean Ridge).

In the third flight, Amy Hurst (Legends) placed first. There was a three-way tie for second with Cheryl Kobani (International Club), Ann Panesi (Old Point) and Betsy Bergstrom (Rivers Edge) sharing honors. Iris Parr (Black Bear) came in fifth, and Linda Averette and Rhan Parham, both of Wacchesaw Plantation, tied for sixth.

Pat Dickerman (Magnolia Greens) won the fourth flight. Carol Byrne (Carolina National) and Phyllis Welch (Meadowlands) tied for second. Mary Ann Stiles (Tournament Players Club) and Keith Webb (Brick Landing) tied for fourth, and Beverly Ibbott (Meadowlands) and Joyce Rosenau (Quail Creek ) tied for sixth.

Connie Koch (Carolina National) and Michelle Kozinetz (Island Green) tied for first in the fifth flight. Mae Drezek (Brunswick Plantation) and Joan Shorrock (Burning Ridge) tied for third, and Geri Miller (International Club) and Diana Wells (Carolina National) tied for fifth.

Mary Beth Mayo (Carolina National), Sue Menage (The Cape) and Penny Sillery (Carolina National) tied for first in the sixth flight. Jane Schlesser (Carolina National) took fourth place and Cheryl Hankinson (Magnolia Greens) took fifth. Grace Loyack (Ocean Ridge) and Nettie McKenney (The Cape) tied for sixth.

In the seventh flight, Pam Bank (Ocean Ridge) took first place, Fran Kilgoar (Sandpiper Bay) came in second and Nancy Griffin (Meadowlands) came in third. Janice Metz (Magnolia Greens) and Linda Painter (Barefoot Landing) tied for fourth and Phyllis Childers (Carolina National) came in sixth.

Linda Anderson (The Cape) won the eighth flight and Cookie Trzaski (Island Green) came in second. Elaine Pipino (Carolina National) took third place and Buzz Fuller (The Lakes) came in fourth. Barb Finn (Meadowlands) and Mickie Underhill (Ocean Ridge) tied for fifth.

Mil Crane (Carolina National) won the ninth flight and Susann Thompson (Lockwood Folly) came in second. Theresa Georgens (Brunswick Plantation) came in third, Ginny Alger (Ocean Ridge) fourth, Dorine Stoeker (Meadowlands) fifth and Harriette Powell (Tidewater) in sixth.

Joyce Rosenau (Quail Creek) and Jane Martini (Wilmington Municipal) won the closest- to-the-pin competition.

There were five skins winners: Jeannie Rosberg (Grand Strand Golf Association), Amy Hurst (Legends), Irene Dowdy (Brick Landing), Jan Henson (Ocean Ridge) and Beth Griffin (Whispering Pines).


The Calabash VFW Golf League played a modified Stableford match April 6 at Farmstead Golf Links. First: Rich Murphy, George Berts, R. J. Branham, and Pete McGerr, +16. Second: Tommy Tucker, Bob Sobota, Bill Nemeth and Rod Rodriguez, +15. Third: Art Dobbs, Ken Anthony, Roger DeJordy and Charlie Guerreri, +7. Fourth, at + 5 ½, Larry Clark, Rich Marnell, Jim Cadiz and Joe Williams. George Berts had two skins and Bob Sobota and Pete McGerr had one skin each.

Pat Perryman eagled the par-5 ninth hole and Rod Rodriguez eagled the par-5 14th hole. Low rounds of the day were Lee Harrison, 80, and Tony Nye, 81.


Results of the match April 7 at Carolina Shores Golf Club. Low gross, flight A: 1. Larry Frazier, 81; 2. Dick Wilson, 85; 3. Bill Allen, 87. Low gross, flight B: 1. Mike Donahue, 97; 2. Ron Watson, 105.

Low net, flight A: 1. Larry Frazier, 65; 2. Dick Wilson and Noel Christie 70; 4. Bill Allen, 73. Low net, flight B: 1. Mike Donahue and Ron Watson, 73.

Closest to the pin at No. 12: Jim Burke. Fewest putts: Dick Wilson and Bill Allen, 29; Noel Christie and Mike Donahue, 30; Larry Frazier, 31; Jim Burke, 32.



On April 6 at Farmstead, members played a skins game. Cliff Musselman won holes 3, 5 and 7; Sid Pennington, holes 11, 16, 17 and 18; John Ogden, No. 14 and Joe Gallo No. 15.

On April 8 at Meadowlands, Jerry Rubin, George O’Connell, Hugh Chinn and Cliff Musselman placed first with a 151. The team scoring was one net on Nos. 1-6, two nets on Nos. 7-12 and three nets on Nos. 13-18. Placing second with at 154 were Steve Maiorca, Bob Jaeger, John Ducey and Joe Gallo.

On Friday at Meadowlands, Sid Pennington, Ron Doeblin, Cliff Musselman and Joe Gallo placed first with a 90. Teams scored one net on the par-4 and par-5 holes and two nets and a gross on the par 3s. Placing second with a 102 were Ned Meier, John Ducey and Boomer Needham and a blind draw.


The game Friday was two low nets. First: Bob Barrett, Arnie Northrop and Gary Hertling 124 (match of cards). Second: Bill Marsh, Dick Polonski and Dick Boyle, 124. Third: Glen Ikens, Ron Buck and John Kain, 127. Low gross: Gary Stewart, 77. Low net: Bill Marsh, 65.

Closest to the pin: No. 3, Arnie Northrop; No. 7, Bill Marsh; No. 12, Gary Hertling; No. 17, Wayne Burchfield. Skins: Bill Marsh, Bob Barrett, Gary Hertling, Joe Farmarco, Buddy Broadnax, Dick Polonski and Frank Talak.


Results of the Crow Creek Men’s Golf Association match on April 7. Three-man team winners: Jim Bulakowski, Paul Murray and Mike Murphy for a team total of +6. Runner-ups: the team of Joe Millard, Dick Reardon and Ed Scanlan and the team of Jerry Dickson, Bill Dopson and Ed Darrow. Each had a team total of +2. Fourth: David Hannah, Richard Bye, Joe Russell for a team total of -2.

Individual best net quota points within each flight: A: Jim Bulakowski (+3), B: Dick Reardon (+6), C: Mike Murphy (+2).


Results of the modified Stableford golf match April 10 at Crow Creek. The team of Ed Kerr, Jerry Way, Bob Mecleary and Earl Dushane swept the front nine at +6, the back nine at +9 and overall at + 15 1/2.

Flight winners: A, +10 ½, Ed Kerr; B, + 3 ½, Jerry Way; C, even, Bob Mecleary; D, + 5 ½, Ed Castinidos.


The winners of the Al Graham Stableford tourney April 8 were Doug Falls, Buddy Broadnax and John Kain. They finished at +2. Second place went to Keith Rogerson, Bill Teschler, Jim Burke and Oliver Ferland by a match of cards with the team of Glen Ikens, Bob Fyock, Dick Boyle and Joe Clark. Both teams finished at +1. Six teams braved the cold start to play in the tourney.


The Grand Strand Seniors Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event April 6 at The Lakes Country Club in Boiling Spring Lakes. The format is stroke play with handicap. Each flight is awarded a low-gross and low-net winner. This week it had 47 golfers, so there were four flights, A through D. All par 3s have closest-to-the-pin awards for white and gold tees. The following are the winners for this week: A flight: Jim Childs (81 gross), Nick Samela (63 net). B flight: Ron McConnell (86 gross), Rick Tarrant (66 net). C flight: Norm Melanson (88 gross), Lefty Gomes (69 net). D flight: Dale Tidwell (92 gross), Ed Carney (69 net). Closest to the pin: White tee: No. 2, John DeBona, 31 feet, 0 inches; No. 6, Bill Jones, 18-6; No. 14, Bob Watkins, 39-2; No. 17, Ron Pazur, 6-1. Gold tee: No. 2, Nick Samela, 51-0; No. 6, Will Hartman, 43-1; No. 14, Dick Zinser, 6-5; No. 17, Jimmy Fox, 17-4.


On April 8 at Lion’s Paw, the format was team Stableford, in which teams of four accrued points for net bogies, pars, birdies, eagles and double eagles.

First: Michelle Sherwood, Mickie Underhill, Debbie MacFarlane and blind-draw Kathie Wickersham (154). Second: Patsy Mays, Pam Bank, Skip Lindstrom and Judy Keegan (148). Third: Cathy Story, Linda Buck, Peggy Rowland and Ann Turner (146).

Debbie MacFarlane broke 100 for the first time during league play.

Low gross: Jeanne Maxon (89). Low net: Dorothy Bahnick (64). Birdies: Karen McCloskey on No. 13, Judy Keegan on No. 9, Dorothy Bahnick on No. 1 and Linda VanHorn on Nos. 6 and 9.

Chip-ins: Skip Lindstrom on No. 18, Diane Wright No. 2, Jan Cameron No. 7, Michelle Sherwood No. 7, Debbie MacFarlane No. 18 and Lorraine Crosby No. 15.


The Piperettes played a game April 7 in which only putts were counted. Piper to Bay: 1. Joanne Clements, 33; 2. Ro Martere, 34; 3. Bonnie Whitaker, 36; 4. Ann Leahy, 37.

Bay to Sand: 1. Jacquie Bridge, 28; 2. Joanne Orendorf, 32; T. 3, Barb DeMore and Michaela Richardson, 33.

Birdies: Michaela Richardson, Sand No. 2. Chip-ins: Jacquie Bridge, Bay No. 1 and Bay No. 6; Angela Nicholson, Bay No. 9; Michaela Richardson, Sand No. 2; Jane Duvall, Bay No. 9.


The Players Golf Association’s weekly tournament was played April 9 at Meadowlands Golf Course. The format was two low nets, except holes nine and 18, where all four nets were used. Winning team with a score of 137 was Nick Samela, Ernie Schober, Dick Pearace and a blind draw. Second with a 139 were Bob Davis, George Griffin and Hal Moore. Third with a 146 were Bill Favro, Bill Kasper, Bob Lange and Chilp Chappell. Fourth at 147 were Jack Gorman, Carl Price, Wil Garvin and Don Clark. Closest to the pin were Chip Chappell at No. 5 and No. 8, Bill Favro at No. 11 and Ernie Schober at No. 15.


The game Saturday at Sandpiper Bay was Stableford. Two courses were used, so a blind- draw partner was chosen from the opposite course. First at +11 were Mike Matlock and Bob Eason. Second at +9 were Don Moore and Chris Christie. Third at +8 were Lou Zotter and Tony Rossi. Fourth at +4 were Doug Stokes and John Radziewski. Fifth at +2 were Otto Nelke and Billy Sirk.

Closest to the pin at No. 3 Bay, Al Bowman; No. 5 Bay, Lou Zotter.


On April 9 at Carolina Shores Golf Club, the Renegades played a game of better-of-both nines, using half handicaps. Winners were Sharon Donahue with a net score of 32 on a match of cards over Sally Nolan and Donna Powers.

Low-gross winners were Barbara Malina (100) and Donna Powers over Dolores Sanborn in a match of cards (102). Low-net winners were Donna Powers (66) and Sharon Donahue over Barbara Malina (66). Teddy Altreuter had fewest putts (29). Chip-ins: Sharon Donahue on No. 11, Dolores Sanborn on No. 17, Martha Hannon on No. 17 and Kathy Harniman on No. 18.


Jim Libby and Walt Marsh won the playoff and were the overall winners of the Sea Trail Plantation annual member-member tournament April 7-8 at the Maples and Byrd courses. The format was best net ball, in-flight.

Augusta flight: 1. Bill Berger and Charlie Hanlon, 122; 2. Scott Bernreuther and Wayne Hellmann, 123; 3. George Lynch and James Wagner, 126; 4. Tony Novalis and Dave Salisch, 126.

Baltusrol flight: 1. Lou DeVita and Jim Joley, 119; 2. John Bowles and Jim Gooding, 119; 3. Terry Donahue and Gary Keife, 123; 4. John Johnsen and Tom O’Rouke, 124. Congressional flight: 1. Brad Dague and Gary Fagan, 114; 2. Jim Hitchcock and Bob Manfred, 120; 3. Vince Brown and Bob Perna, 121; 4. Niels Kaas and Dennis Morris, 121.

Doral flight: 1. Bill McNeil and Jim Tennant, 118; 2. Larry Keiley and Charlie Schorpp, 121; 3. Hank DeMattia and Don Pusey, 122; 4. Joe Carpinello and Ralph Kenney, 123.

Muirfield flight: 1. Bill Connor and Ron Jenei, 118; 2. Mike Pozdol and Gene Scheck, 120; 3. Rich Chamberlain and Ed Seidel, 123; 4. Dave Cyrulik and John Rothermel, 124. Pebble Beach flight: Jim Libby and Walt Marsh, 122; 2. Jack Borders and Dave Jenkins, 124; 3. Joe Varga and Herb Welch, 127; 4. Buck Buchan and Gerry Nappy, 127.



Results of the match (odd holes, low net) April 8 at the Byrd Course. Flight 1: 1. Loraine Kish, 37; 2. Jo Anne Larson, 38; 3. Joan Mason, 39 (match of cards). Flight 2: 1. Sherry Abernethy, 39 (match of cards); 2. JoAnn Barton, 39 (match of cards); 3. Bobbie deLagarde, 40 (match of cards). Flight 3: 1. Pat Lupi, 35; 2. Ruth Apalinski, 36; 3. Diane Scheck, 37 (match of cards). Flight 4:1. Betsy Slover, 38; 2. Virginia Foulds, 39 (match of cards; 3. Karen Rastocky, 39 (match of cards).

Birdies: Judy Pusey, No. 3; Pat Lupi, No. 13; Hal White, No. 18. Chip-ins: Joyce Hellmann, No. 4; Madeline Dubas, No. 4; Birgit Carpenter, No. 9; Louisa Clatterbuck, No. 12; Hal White, No. 18.


The Spring 2009 Builders Golf Challenge will be played May 13 at Magnolia Greens Golf Plantation. The cost is $400 a team or $100 a person and includes lunch and awards reception. Registration is at 11:30 a.m. and the shotgun start is at 12:30 p.m. Sponsorships are still available. Contact Bryan Sartin at 799-2611 or bryan@wilmhba.com.


Four area golf clubs—St. James in Southport, Farmstead and Meadowlands in Calabash and Rivers Edge in Shallotte—are offering Get Golf Ready in Five Days.

Get Golf Ready introduces and re-introduces golfers to the game through a series of five 60- to 90-minute lessons. The suggested price is $99, which can vary from location to location, but the focus is the same: to provide a fun, inexpensive and all-encompassing golf learning experience for people of all skill levels and experience. The curriculum is full-swing lessons, short-game lessons, introduction to the rules of golf, instruction on proper golf-course etiquette and on-course playing experiences.