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By Staff Brunswick Beacon


The Brick Landing Plantation Ladies Golf Association league play June 11 was an “ace day.” The lowest net score won “ace of the month” and will be eligible to play in the Ace of the Year Tournament later this year. The winner of the first flight was Cathy Shanley with a net 66. Lois Huber was second with a 71 and Bernice Logan came in third with a 74. Second-flight winner was Sue Nelson with a net 66. Sharon Deutsch came in second with a 72 and Martha Cullen was third with an 84. Cathy Shanley and Sue Nelson tied for “ace of the month” honors.


Results of the points game June 11. In first with 103 points was the team of Harvey Hundley, Mike Prokop, Morris Hall and Tom Bowen. In second at 93 points was the team of George Edwards, Jim Pope, Tom Kronyak and Joe Brust and the team of Larry Boyer, Dave Harper, Les Craft and a blind draw.


Competitive matches dominated the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble June 10. At 1-over par, the team of Deloris Gausch, Glen Green, Bob Nobes and John Beavers won by one stroke over the team of Fran Thomas, Marianne Nobes, Marian Johnson and Wayne McGlothlin. In third was the team of Rita DuGan, Nancy McGlothlin, Ralph Trimmer and Odie Johnson at 3-over par.


The format for the Brierwood Women’s Golf Association event June 9 was low gross, low net. In flight 1, Nancy Kumlin had a low gross of 75 and Sue Janovic had a low net of 68. Fewest putts of 29 were by Nancy Kumlin and Mary Schaack. In flight 2, Janice Owens recorded a low gross of 96. Carolu Waldron and Sandy Bloom tied with a low net of 68, and Ruth Linder had the fewest putts (31). In flight 3, Marianne Nobes had low gross with a 108, while Shirley Groff had a low net of 67 and fewest putts (27).

Chip-ins were made by Nancy Kumlin on No. 14, Mary Schaack on No. 13, Sue Janovic on No. 5 and Shirley Groff on No. 3. Birdies were made by Nancy Kumlin on the following holes: Nos. 9, 11, 14, 15 and 16. Janice Owens birdied No. 9.


Results of the Stableford event June 11: T-1. Bob Toeppner, Joe Sicuranza, +10; T-3. Bob Gillespie, Tony Gilson, Tony Ingorgia, Ray Harris, +4; 7. Charlie Markell, +2; T-8. John Byars, Lou Berinoto, Hector Castro, Steve Seibert, Rich Coffey, +1.


On June 8 at Farmstead, Sid Pennington, Rich West, John Ducey and Jody Serensits placed first with a 143. The teams scored two nets per hole. Placing second with a 144 were Jim Kennedy, Steve Maiorca, Hugh Chinn and Joe Meo.

On June 10 at Meadowlands, Ned Meier, Jen Dearborn, Jody Serensits and Rich West placed first with a 144. Scoring was three nets on holes 1-6, two nets on 7-12 and one net on 13-18. Jim Kennedy, George O’Connell, Hugh Chinn and Cliff Musselman were second with a 146.

On Friday at Meadowlands, Sid Pennington, Ned Meier, Jen Dearborn and Joe Gallo placed first with a 78. Teams scored one net on the par-4 and par-5 holes and two nets on the par 3s. Placing second with an 81 were Jerry Rubin, Jim Kennedy, John Ducey and Cliff Musselman.


On June 10 at Meadowlands Jim Kennedy recorded an eagle on the 439-yard, par-5 14th hole. Jim used a driver and a 5-wood and holed out with a pitching wedge.


The Calabash Veterans Golf Association had its weekly outing Monday at Cypress Bay. Format was individual low net. Runner-up in B flight was Bob Matteson with a 66. The flight winner was Phil Smith with a 56. In the A flight, the winner was Bob Smith on a match of cards with Harry Birnie. Both had 67s. Closest-to-the-pin winners were John Marcotte (twice), Don Eisenman and Hal Riebesehl.


Results of the June 10 Calabash Elks Golf League match at Carolina Shores: In the A flight, Mike Coleman was first (60). In the B flight, Earl Stone was first (66). In the C flight, Ken Swenson was first (62). Closest to the pin: on No. 3, Mike Coleman, 9 feet. On No. 7, Jim Beairsto, 10-0. On No. 12, Bill Toomey, 13 inches. On No. 17, Bob Pidgeon, 4-0.


On Friday, the Calabashers played at Carolina Shores Golf Course and used the Stableford as a format. The winning team was Phil Smith, Charlie Weber and Rod Rodriguez at +7. The low rounds of the day were 87 by Rod Rodriguez and 88 by Tony Partridge.


On June 3 at Palmetto Greens, Tom Klink eagled the 423-yard 18th hole. He used a 3-iron, and a 5-iron and holed out with a sand wedge. He was awarded a check for $100.


Results of the event played June 9 at Brierwood. Format was two nets per hole (par 144). In first by a match of cards was the team of Larry Frazier, Noel Christie, John Ciemniewski and a blind draw at 21-under par 123. In second at 21 under was the team of Dick Wilson, Ray McDowell, Ron Watson and a blind draw. In third at 18 under was the team of Raleigh Putnam, Corbin Ledford, Tom O’Reilly and a blind draw.


Larry Frazier eagled the 420-yard, par-5 sixth hole June 9 at Brierwood. He used a driver and a 5-iron and sank the putt.


Results of the event Friday (one ball on par-4s, two balls par-3, and four balls par-5s. First: Dan Roberts, Arnie Northrop, Dick Boyle, and Bob Fyock, 125. Second: Gary Stewart, Tony Sneska, Buddy Broadnax and John Kain, 126 (match of cards). Third: Art Hahl, Ron Buck, Gene Sanborn and Bill Teschler, 126. Low gross: Gary Stewart, 76. Low net: Dick Boyle, 63. Closest to the pin: at 3, Gary Stewart; at 12, Tony Sneska; at 17, Tony Sneska. Skins: Gary Stewart, Bob Fyock, Joe Farmarco, Tony Sneska, Ron Buck, Dick Boyle, Joe Fiorvanti, Art Hahl, Mal Mac Raild and Buddy Broadnax.


The format June 11 was T’s and F’s minus half handicap. (Players counted scores on holes beginning with T’s and F’s.) Carol Szarka came in first with a net 31 and Dawn Rubin was second with net 32.5. Marie Strickler had fewest putts (30). She birdied No. 2 and chipped in for a birdie on No. 7. Low gross went to Dawn Rubin with an 80 and low net was a tie between Carol Szarka and Fran Pritchard, with 68s.


On June 11, the Carolina Shores Niners played a low-net event. Halla Cramer was first and Doris Pearce second. Flight A, Nancy Harthausen took first in low gross and net, while Phyllis Gumbrell was second in low gross and Jean Sanborn second in low net.

Chip-ins: Jean Sanborn at No. 7, Nancy Harthausen at No. 5 and Halla Cramer at No. 5.

June 6 results: flight A low gross and net won by Jean Sanborn. Phyllis Gumbrell finished second. B flight: T.J. Bagley won low gross and net Joanne Riedel placed second.


Using quota points, the three-man-team winners June 9 were Artie Stoecker, Royal Philpott and John Buddemeyer (+20). In second were Bob Bazydlo, John Huntey and Dan Phipps (+12). In third were Ray Schatz, Ed Darrow and Ed Scanlon (even). Individual best net quota points for each flight: A, Royal Philpott (+6); B, Artie Stoecker (+10); C, Dan Phipps (+7).


Scores from the best-nine holes event June 8 at Farmstead: Eileen Reddy, 41; Dolores Dulaski, 44; Keety Fitzpatrick, 45; Wilma Mowery, 47; Sue Durbin and Pat Hamrick, 48. Birdies: Pat Hamrick at 12; Eileen Reddy at 5, 6 and 15; Wilma Mowery at 17, Myriam LaConte at 14, Anna Merritt at 1. Chip-ins: Eileen Reddy at 13, Myriam LaConte at 14, Keety Fitzpatrick at 12, Penny Crawford at 17.

Results of the Stableford match played June 9 at Farmstead: Front nine: Steve Lawson, Kevin Lutzy, Tom Holcome, Jacob McLamb, +14.5. Ed Dodson, Owen Fletcher, Jim Marsh, Russ Thompson, +13. Dick Turner, Howie Murphy, Paul Hourigan, +12. Back nine: Steve Lawson, Kevin Lutzy, Tom Holcome, Jacob McLamb, +16.5. Roger Gietzen, Pat Weese, David Vanasse, Pat Finnegan, +16.5. Bill Favro, Toni Mantini, Jack Monahan, Gordon Much, +8.5. Overall: Steve Lawson, Kevin Lutzy, Tom Holcome, Jacob McLamb, +31. Roger Gietzen, Pat Weese, David Vanasse, Pat Finnegan, +22.5. Ed Dodson, Owen Fletcher, Jim Marsh, Russ Thompson, +20.5.


Nine teams played in the June 6 tourney. The winners with a +10 were Chet Drouin, Buddy Broadnax, Charlie Harless and Jim Barnett. The second-place team carded a +6 and was Boots Bromwell, Jerry Strickler, Tony Sneska and Ernie Schober. In third at +5 were Mike Donahue, Don Koelbel, Ron Mac Donald and his son Pat. In fourth via a match of cards were Gary Hertling, Bill Teschler, Bob Fyock and Mal Mac Raild at +2.


The Grand Strand Seniors Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event June 8 at Burning Ridge Golf Club in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The format is stroke play with handicap. Each flight is awarded a low-gross and low-net winner. This week it had 83 golfers, so there were six flights, A through F. All par-3s have closest-to-the-pin awards for white and gold tees. The following are the winners for this week: A flight: John Stokley (74 gross), Ron Pazur (65 net). B flight: Henry Powell (76 gross), Nick Samela (67 net). C flight: Eric Pope (79 gross), Bob Drake (63 net). D flight: Rick Del Busse (87 gross), Stan Rifkin (67 net). E flight: Bob Cantwell (88 gross), Frank Woodruff (65 net). F flight: Dale Tidwell (95 gross), Ernie Dionne (62 net). Closest to the pin: white tee: No. 2, John Krug, 2 feet, 4 inches; No. 5, Wayne Johnson, 13-6; No. 12, Bob Drake, 15-0; No. 17, Ron Pavao, 6-5. Gold tee: No. 2, Tony Languell, 6-4; No. 5, Dick Pearson, 24-5; No. 12, Eric Pope, 9-10; No. 17, Jack Davison, 5-2.


Results of the event June 11 (omit par-5s and subtract one-half handicap): 1. Trish Benardo, 54; 2. Jeanne Mavis, 55; 3. Carol Bowers and Myra Robison, 56.5. Chip-ins: Carolyn Puckett at 13, Shelia Schreiber at 13, Jeanne Mavis at 14.


Results from the fewest-putts event June 8 at Tiger’s Eye: 1. Ginny Alger, 31 putts; 2. Patsy Mays, 32. Birdies: Grace Bradicich at 1. Chip-ins: Judy Dwyer at 10. Low net: Ginny Alger, 70. Low gross: Cathy Story, 93.

Results of the better-net pars event June 10 at Lion’s Paw: 1. Cathy Story, Joan Hill, Debbie MacFarlane, Mary Hankes (score of 62); 2. Erma Krahl, Carole Schuster, Joan Marsh, Carol Wakefield (59). Birdies: Linda VanHorn at 11 and 18, Judy Keegan at 6, Joan Hill at 6, Debbie MacFarlane at 3. Chip-in birdie: Judy Keegan at 11. Low gross: Patsy Mays, 83; low net: Judy Keegan, 58.


Results of the match June 8 at Tiger’s Eye (four net scores per foursome). T-1: Jerry Mullen, Bill Walker, Rick McCafferty and Lou Branflick and the team of Mike Clodfelter, Gordon Wicke, Ed Gruver and Joe Coffini (-7). Low gross: Bob Callihan and Jim Story at 71. On June 10 at Lion’s Paw, these were the flighted net scores: A: George Brooks (65), Dick Orndoff (67), Chuck Gibson (68). B: Roger Buck (68), Craig VanHorn (69), Frank Burianek (71). C: Dave Rosenfeld (73, match of cards), Dick Jania (73 mc), Reece Hoben (74). D: Kurt Lindstrom (68), Joe Coffini (74), Mike Hetrick (76). E: Bob Ludman (69), Bill Edwards (70), Brian Roe (71). Low gross: George Brooks (77).



Results of the Ocean Ridge Sunday mixed couples event played Sunday at Tiger’s Eye. Because of inclement weather, only holes 1 through 13 were used in the Stableford team scoring. 1. Roger Buck, Fred Bank, Peggy Jones and Ruth Ray with 90 points. 2. Phil Harrington, Brian Roe, Pam Fitzgerald, and Ruth Ray (blind draw) with 89 points. 3. Howard Ray, Chappy Jones, Linda Buck and Mary Hankes with 76 points. 4. Frank Burianek, George Brooks, Peggy Rowland and Ann Turner with 71 points.

Birdies: Toni Roe at 4 (chip-in) and at 6, Roger Buck at 10, Frank Burianek at 7, George Brooks at 13 (chip-in), Peggy Rowland at 17, Brian Roe at 6, Pam Fitzgerald at 8 and 11, Norm Fitzgerald at 8, Chappy Jones at 6 and 12, Ed Gruver at 9. Other chip-ins: Ruth Ray at 12, Ann Turner at 16, Howard Ray at 7, Chappy Jones at 7.


Nick Samela, Ernie Schober, Dick Pearce and Carl Price scored a 118 and won the weekly PGA tournament at Meadowlands. The game was cha-cha-cha. Second with a 121 were Bob Davis, Ray Girard, George Griffin and Don Clark. Third by a match of cards was Bob Butkevicius, Bob Lange, Jack Gorman and Mike Phipps. Also at 123 were Ernie Weeks, Alex Olmsted, Bill Kasper and Hal Moore and the team of Bill Favro, John Calabreese and Jim Marsh. Closest to the pin: Jack Gorman at 5, Bob Butkevicius at 8, Dick Pearce at 11 and Bob Lange at 15.


Ray Girard eagled the par-5 fourth hole at Meadowlands using a driver and a hybrid to reach the green and then one-putted.


The Piperettes played a low-gross, low-net tournament June 9. Low gross: T-1, Barbara Swanson and Beth Pethtal, 88; T-3, Carol Christie and Mary Stern, 92. Low net: 1. Ann Leahy, 62; 2. Ann Pollock, 66, 3. Barb DeMore, 67; T-4, Peggy Donawick and Ginny Stout, 68. Birdies: Wanda Green, Sand No. 6; Mary Stern, Bay No. 3. Chip-ins: Barbara Swanson, Bay No. 4.


The Renegades played a team game of two low nets per foursome at Carolina Shores, with the winning team being Evelyn Wuthrich, Carol Groner, Martha Hannon and Teddy Altreuter with a score of 121. Coming in second with a 122 was the team of Dolores Sanborn, T.J. Bagley, Lin Penta and Kathy Harniman. Third place went to Sharon Donahue, Mary Fran Ryon, Karen Hertling and Kathy Hahl with a 126.

Low-gross honors went to Carol Groner, who shot a 93. Sharon Clark was second with a 95 and Kathy Harniman was third with a 100.

Low net went to Martha Hannon (65) on a match of cards over Kathy Harniman. Carol Groner was third at 66. Carol Groner also had fewest putts (29) and had a chip-in birdie on No. 7. Chip-ins: T.J. Bagley at No. 6, Karen Hertling at No. 9, Donna Powers at No. 11 and Sharon Clark at No. 6.



Results of the Sea Trail flag tournament played June 10 on the Jones Course. 1. Donna Morris, 2. Marge Layden, 3. Hal White, 4. Jo Larson, 5. Pat Gooding, 6. Janet Keppler, 7. Flo Hill, 8. Sandy Reynolds, 9. Marti Kennedy, 10. Sharon Winter, 11. Mary Lou Miller. Birdies: Flo Hill, No. 2; Sandy Reynolds, No. 5; Jan Bohlinger, No. 5; Pat Gooding, No. 13; Candy Fowler, No. 13; Donna Morris, No. 14; Jo Larson, No.17.

Chip-ins: Joan Mason, No. 1; Nancy Santisi, No. 3; Loraine Kish, No. 8; Joann Barton, No. 16.


The Trail Men’s Golf Association played a two-man team Stableford on the Jones course June 9. A flight: 1. John Markatos and Bo Sellers, +4; 2. Lou DeVita and Gene Method, +3 (match of cards); 3. John Barton and Bob Perry, +3. B flight: 1. Tom MacDonald and Ben Madura, +7 (mc); 2. Gregg DeCrane and Frank Overton, +7; 3. Jim Foley and Bill Locke, +2 (mc). C flight: 1. Jerry Burbank and Jim Gooding, +12; 2. Joe Carpinello and Gary Fagan, +9; 3. Duane Lewis and Norm Melanson, +6. D flight: 1. Bill Connor and Tom Layden, +16 (mc); 2. Ralph Gardner and Ron Klein, +16; 3. Tom Smith and Bill White, +11.


Results from the Winding River Ladies Golf Association game June 9 of nine hidden holes, minus 50 percent handicap. Flight 1: Jane Erdtmann, net 30.5; Mary Schuler, 31; Carol McAndrews, 33. Flight 2: Kathy Gustafson, net 30.5; Carol Rogers and Lynn Gobrick 31. Flight 3: Janet Gorman, net 32; Nancy Salerno and Chris Trickett, 32.5. Birdies: Kathy Gustafson and Nora Sandor. Chip-ins: Jane Erdtmann, Carol Rogers and Pat Wepprecht.