Golf action

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon


Winners of the Beachcombers’ 1-2-3 tournament Friday at Carolina Shores with a score of 113 (-23) were Stu Cleveland, Bill Cameron, Ed Hennessey and Gary Gutheil. Low gross for the day were Jim Bearisto, 84; Paul Michal and Gary Gutheil, 86. Low nets were Jim Bearisto, 64; Paul Michal and Bill Cameron, 68; and Dan O’Connell, 69.


The Brick Landing Ladies Golf Association had its annual member-member tournament June 18. Scores were based on points per hole. The team of Jackie Seidler and Jean Lakey won the tournament with a score of 84. Cathy Shanley and Maria Medici took second with a score of 81. Third was the team of Dale Calhoon and Pat Baumgartner with a score of 79.

Birdies: Dale Calhoon on Nos. 5 and 7; Bonnie Giehl on No. 9; Irene Dowdy on No. 18. Polly Berheimer chipped in on No. 8 and Shirley Dowd on No. 18.


The Brierwood mixed scramble was June 17 and the team of Marian Johnson, Marianne Nobes and Bob Nobes finished first at 4-under par. In second was the team of Haley Russell, Fran Thomas, Carola Hornfeck and Ralph Trimmer. In third was the team of Glen Green, Odie Johnson and Chuck Hornfeck.


Results of the points game June 18. First with 122 points were Bob Snopek, Dave Harper, Tom Kronyak and Les Craft. In second with 94 points were George Edwards, Chuck Hornfeck, Walt Wilson and Bob Sterner. In third with 76 points were Harvey Hundley, Odie Johnson, Morris Hall and Jack Harrison.

The game Monday was one best ball on the par-3s, two on the par-4s and three on the par-5s. In first at 27 under were George Edwards, Bernie Gruzlewski, Jim Pope and Tom Kronyak. In second at 25 under were Chuck Hornfeck, Bob Janovic, Bob Sterner and a blind draw. In third at 22 under were Marty Brkal, Mike Prokop, Joe Brust and a blind draw.


The Brunswick County Lady Birds golf league continued its season with tournaments May 28 at St. James Plantation and June 2 at Brierwood. The tournament scheduled for May 14 at Carolina National was canceled.

Results from the St. James Plantation event:

First flight, low gross: Mona Dye, 76 (Brierwood), T-2. Faye Curry, 79 (St. James), Marilyn Greenfield, 79 (Carolina National). Low net: T-1. Billie Ellwanger, 68 (Meadowlands), Sherry Marsh, 68 (St. James). 2. Linda Bergstrom, 70 (Carolina National). Fewest putts: Pat Schutzman, 25 (Carolina National). Second flight, low gross: Chris Schmitt, 86 (St. James), 2. Diana Wells, 87 (Carolina National). Low net: Karla Reens, 69 (St. James), 2. Joann Barton, 71 (Sea Trail). Fewest putts: Judy Hardin, 30 (Meadowlands). Third flight, low gross: T-1. Rochelle Simpson, 92 (St. James), Ginny Alger, 92 (Ocean Ridge), 2. Dawn Cloutier, 92 (Carolina National). Low net: Mil Crane, 69 (Carolina National), T-2. Irene Dowdy, 73 (Brick Landing), Jane Boyce, 73 (The Lakes). Fewest putts: May Helen Naecker, 36. (Brunswick Plantation). Fourth flight: low gross: India Cofer, 91 (St. James), 2. Gwen Jerome, 94 (Meadowlands). Low net: Sue Wood, 70 (Oak Island), T-2. Cindy Northrup, 71 (Brierwood), Judith McCormack, 71 (St. James). Fewest putts: Beverly Farmaco (Carolina Shores) and Barbara Johnson, 35. (Brunswick Plantation). Fifth flight, low gross: Peggy Rowland, 92 (Ocean Ridge), 2. Marge Layden, 95 (Sea Trail). Low net: T-1. Ann Turner, 67 (Ocean Ridge), Barbara Paolicelli, 67 (Carolina National), T-2. Gail Clifton, 72 (St James), Sue Sadlon, 72 (Brunswick Plantation). Fewest putts: Lynn Weidman, 35 (Sea Trail). Sixth flight, low gross, T-1. Carrie Wilson, 97 (Brunswick Plantation), Lynne Moore, 97 (St. James), 2. Carol Rogers, 98 (Carolina National). Low net: Wanda Krasniewicz, 69 (Brunswick Plantation), 2. Barbara Lawson, 70 (Sea Trail). Fewest putts: T-1. Sandy Donovan, 37 (St. James), Diane Sloat, 37 (Carolina National), Fran Hursh, 37 (Lockwood Folly), Jean Rentch, 37 St. James. Seventh flight, low gross: T-1. Darla Powell, 99 (St. James), Karen Entwistle, 99 (Carolina National), 2. Janet Gorman, 100 (Carolina National). Low net: Barbara Pezanowski, 70 (St. James), T-2. Beth Patria, 72 (Carolina National), Maggie Holcomb, 72 (Carolina National), Gerry Gosselin, 72 (Brunswick Plantation). Fewest putts: Mimi Benson, 33 (Carolina National). Eighth flight: low gross, Kay Gregory, 99 (Lockwood Folly), 2. Donna Holshouser, 104 (Oak Island). Low net, Lonna Hogan, 69 (St. James), T-2. Arlene Brown, 70 (St. James), Sharon Deutsch, 70 (Brick Landing). Fewest putts: Ruth Linder, 34 (Brierwood).

Results of the Brierwood event:

First flight, low gross: Mona Dye, 77 (Brierwood), 2. Laura Botto, 78 (Lockwood Folly). Low net: Marie Strickler, 64 (Carolina Shores), 2. Judy Myers, 65 (Carolina National). Fewest putts: T-1 Dianne Hoffman, 28 (Lockwood Folly), Nancy Kumlin, 28 (Brierwood). Second flight, low gross: T-1. Jan Howard, 84 (The Lakes), Judy Hardin, 84 (Meadowlands), 2. Jan Bohlinger, 85 (Sea Trail). Low net: Hilda Hall, 68 (Brierwood), 2. JoAnn Barton, 70 (Sea Trail). Fewest putts: Mary Alice Jerome, 29 (Sea Trail). Third flight, low gross: Florence Greene, 88 (Oak Island), 2. Nancy Griffin, 89, (Meadowlands). Low net: T-1, Irene Dowdy, 67 (Brick Landing), Linda Parks, 67 (Oak Island), 2. Rochelle Simpson, 68 (St. James). Fewest putts: Gerri Sovak, 32 (The Lakes). Fourth flight, low gross: Carol Hartsell, 91 (Oak Island), 2. MaryLu Presscott, 93, (Oak Island). Low net: Ellen Lyons, 64 (Lockwood Folly), T-2. Sylvia Varrell, 69, (The Lakes), Judith McCormack, 69 (St. James). Fewest putts: Bev Farmarco, 28 (Carolina Shores). Fifth flight, low gross: Sandy Bloom, 94 (Brierwood), T-2. Linda Gelinas, 97 (Carolina National), Lynn Weidman, 97 (Sea Trail). Low net: Sue Wood, 69 (Oak Island), 2. Kay Teagardener, 71 (Lockwood Folly). Fewest putts: Bobbi Davis, 33 (The Lakes). Sixth flight, low gross: Carrie Wilson, 94 (Brunswick Plantation), 2. Gerry Gosselin, 96 (Brunswick Plantation). Low net: Fran Hirsh, 67, (Lockwood Folly), 2. Carole McNeil, 68 (Carolina National). Fewest putts: Evelyn Buckner, 30 (Carolina National). Seventh flight, low gross: Emily Campbell, 97 (Brunswick Plantation), 2. Mimi Benson, 99 (Carolina National). Low net: Donna Holshouser, 71 (Oak Island), T-2. Gerry Brewer, 72 (Lockwood Folly), Pat Wish, 72 (Brunswick Plantation), Dianne Lucarelli, 72 (Brunswick Plantation). Fewest putts: Mary Tacea, 32 (Brick Landing). Eighth flight, low gross: T-1. Ruth Linder, 102 (Brierwood), Gloria Lee, 102 (Sea Trail), 2. Nancy Lilly, 108 (Brunswick Plantation). Low net: Pat Haniquet, 70 (Brunswick Plantation), 2. Marianne Nobes, 71 (Brierwood). Fewest putts: Judy Taylor, 34 (Carolina National).


Results of the one-on-one team game June 8: 1. Alcina Davis, Kathi Drag, Emily Campbell, Geri Conroy. T-2. Kathy Toeppner, Linda Rothenberger, Wanda Krasniewicz, Joan Miller; Mary Ann Walker, Barbara Berinoto, Kathy Lucyszyn and a blind draw.

Chip-ins: Emily Campbell at Dogwood 6, Barbara Johnson at Dogwood 7, Eleanor Tucker at Azalea 6, Carrie Wilson at Azalea 8, Dianne Lucarelli at Azalea 4. Birdie: Dianne Lucarelli at Dogwood 8.


On June 15 at Farmstead, Jim Kennedy, Sid Pennington, Bob Jaeger and Joe Meo placed first with a 63. Members played a captain’s choice scramble. Placing second with a 67 were Ned Meier, Rich West, John Methvin and Jody Serensits.

On June 17 at Meadowlands, Steve Maiorca, Boomer Needham, Joe Meo and a blind draw placed first with a 147. Format for the day was reverse cha-cha-cha. Placing second with a 150 were Sid Pennington, Bob Jaeger, Jody Serensits and John Methvin.

Ninety-two year old Joe Meo beat his age with a round of 91.

On Friday at Meadowlands, Ron Doeblin, Cliff Musselman and Sid Pennington placed first with a 94. The three-man teams scored one net on the par-3s and par-4s and one net and one gross on the par-5s. Placing second were Ned Meier, Boomer Needham and Joe Gallo.


Ned Meier made an eagle June 17 at Meadowlands Golf Club on the 452-yard, par-5 fourth hole. Meier used a driver and a 7-iron and holed out with a gap wedge.


On Friday, the Calabashers played at Crown Park Golf Course and used the Stableford as a format. The winning team was Rod Rodriguez, Woody Knox and John Duthie at 7.5. In second was Bill Miller, Tom Nally and Gary Duda at +3.


Rod Rodriguez had an eagle Friday on the par-5 ninth hole at Crown Park Golf Course. He used a driver, a 3-wood and one-putted. He also had the low round of the day, an 84.


The format was two balls on even holes, three balls on odd holes and four balls on holes 9 and 18: First: George Balbach, Dick Polonski, Gary Hertling and a (blind draw), 165. Second: Dan Roberts, Tony Sneska, Bill Harniman and Joe Fiorvanti, 171 (mc). Third: Bill Marsh, Bob Barrett, Gene Sanborn and John Kain, 171. Low gross: Joe Farmarco, 76 (mc). Low net: Joe Farmarco, 64. Closest to the pin: at 3, Tony Sneska; at 7, Gary Stewart; at 12, Tony Sneska; at 17, Gary Hertling. Skins Ron Buck, Tony Sneska, Bob Barrett, Roger Thompson, Bill Marsh and Gary Hertling.


In a modified Stableford match June 12 at Beechwood Golf Club, the team of Ted Peters, Brian Dushane and Hank Mattutat swept the front at +7, the back at +6.5 and overall at +13.5. Flight winners: A, +3.5, Herb Johnson; B, +7.5, Ted Peters; C, +6, Ray Brewer; D, +4, Hank Mattutat.

Results of the modified Stableford match Friday at the Maples Course. The foursome of John Koester, Ted Peters, Ray Ketcham and Hank Mattutat won the front at +1.5 and the overall at -0.5. The back at -1.5 was won by Fred Welch, Frank Case, Hank Beuke and Fred Langston. Flight winners: A, +1.5, John Koester; B, +3, Ted Peters; C, +1, Ray Ketcham; D, even, Fred Langston.


The Foxy Ladies Golf Group played on June 18 at Meadowslands Golf Club. Six teams participated. The format was two-best balls. In first were Mimi Ostrager, Betty Gabor, Marianne Nobes and Dianne Lock (blind draw). Second: R. J. McCord, Cheryl Robinson, Ursula Styczynski and Jean Lacerenza. Third: Nancy Kumlin, Nancy McGlothlin, Gloria Brkal and Janice Owens (blind draw).


Twenty-eight players on seven teams played in the Stableford tourney. All three top places were determined via a match of cards as all three teams carded a +8. The winners were Paul Jordan, Mal Mac Raild, Tony Languell and Charlie Harless. Second went to Bill Harniman, Mike Donahew, Jim Barnett, Bill Teschler. In third were Chet Drouin, Ed Dupuis, Don Rose, Sandy Howard.


The Grand Strand Seniors Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event June 15 at River Oaks Golf Plantation in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The format is stroke play with handicap. Each flight is awarded a low-gross and low-net winner. This week it had 67 golfers, so there were four flights, A through D. All par 3s have closest-to-the-pin awards for white and gold tees. The following are the winners for this week: A flight: Tony Giresi (81 gross), Marshall Beaver (67 net). B flight: Gene Gordon (82 gross), Rick DeBusse (68 net). C flight: Frank Masi (89 gross), Don Clark (69 net). D flight: Dale Tidwell (99 gross), Ed Barber (68 net). Closest to the pin: White tee: No. 4, Ron Pazur, 6 feet, 0 inches; No. 8, Mitch Jordan, 34-9; No. 12, Gary Amidon, 5-10; No. 17, Tom Etedali, 10-0. Gold tee: No. 4, Marshall Beaver, 10-7; No. 8, Ernie Weeks, 10-1; No. 12, Don Clark, 8-10; No. 17, Bob Cantwell, 1-11.


Results of the event June 18 (counted odd holes and subtracted one-half handicap).

1. Carolyn Puckett, -34.5 (match of cards); 2. Kay Gregory, -34.5. 3. Bobbi Platukis. Birdies: Myrna Robinson at 10, Carolyn Puckett at 11, Susann Thompson at 11. Chip-ins: Pam Humaney at 16, Myrna Robinson at 10.


Results of the event June 15. 1. Anna Hackathorn, 71; T-2. Nancy Andrews, Elaine Mallon, Linda Blewitt, 75; 3. Eileen Reddy, 77. Birdies: Carol Boudreau, No. 15; Mary Griffin, No. 12; Linda Blewitt, No. 17. Chip-ins: Mary Griffin, No. 15. Low putts: T-1. Eileen Reddy, Bett McMorrow; 2. Anna Hackathorn.


Results of the cart partners event June 15 at Lion’s Paw. First: Cathy Story, Mickie Underhill, Bev Furman, Judy Dwyer (blind draw), winning on match of cards at 129 (15 under). Second: Carole Milnichuk (blind draw), Linda Johnston, Judy Keegan, Judy Dwyer, 129 (15 under).

Birdies: Diane Wright at 6, Linda Johnston at 11, Pam Fitzgerald at 1. Chip-ins: Mary K. Donahoe at 8, Carole Milnichuk at 14. Low gross: Cathy Story, 88; Pam Fitzgerald, 88. Low net: Diane Wright, 69.

Results of the event June 17 at Tiger’s Eye. The format was fewest putts. First: Sally Duffy, Pat Brooks, Frankie Neal and Diane Wright. Second: Linda VanHorn, Doris McLaughlin, Joan Hill and Mary Hankes. Individually, T-1. Sally Duffy and Pat Brooks. Birdies: Sally Duffy at No. 2, Diane Wright at No. 11, Doris McLaughlin at Nos. 6 and 10. Chip-in birdies: Pat Brooks at No. 9, Mary Hankes at No. 11. Chip-ins: Linda VanHorn, No. 15. Low net: Pat Brooks, 70; Low gross: Sally Duffy, 87.

Results of the event Monday at Lion’s Paw (evil par-3s: use two gross balls on par-3s and one net on par-4s and par-5s). Winners at 13 under (71) were Michelle Sherwood, Mickie Underhill, Peggy Jones and Mary K. Donahoe.

Birdies: Michelle Sherwood, Nos. 9 and 11; Linda Johnston, No. 11; Carol Milnichuk, No. 6. Chip-in: Michelle Sherwood, No. 8. Low gross: Carol Milnichuk, 88. Low net, Peggy Jones, 65.


Result of the event June 15 at Panther’s Run (two nets on par-4s, three nets on par-5s, four nets on par-3s. 1. Norm Fitzgerald, Bill Edwards, Carl Schuster, Sandy Lonsinger (-19). 2: Jim Story, Lou Branflick, Chuck Fitzgerald, blind draw (-11 match of cards). 3: Ed McCloskey, Ed Gruver, Bob Ludman, Ted Pounds (-11, mc). Closest to pin: No. 2, Ed McCloskey; No. 17, Greg Kent.

Results of the Stableford event June 17 at Tiger’s Eye. 1: John Olio, Dave Arnold, Roger Buck, Fred Bank (113 points). 2: Norm Fitzgerald, Bob Ludman, Wally Milnichuk, Guy Giancarlo (85). 3: Brian Roe, Dave Janowski, Craig VanHorn, Bob Larkin II (84). Closest to pin: at 2, George James; at 6, Roger Buck; at 11, Hank Vogt; at 17, Don Rowland.


Results of the event played Sunday at Lion’s Paw. The game counted two best nets from each foursome, one from the men and one from the women. As a Father’s Day gift, men could redo one putt on the front nine and one putt on the back nine. 1. Howard and Ruth Ray and Brian and Toni Roe at -29. T-2. George and Pat Brooks and Fred and Pam Bank; Wally and Carole Milnichuk and Don and Peggy Rowland, -20.

Birdies: Roger Buck at 10, Fred Bank at 1, Pat Brooks, at 12 (a chip-in), George Brooks at 14 (a chip-in), Brian Roe at 14, (a chip-in). Other chip-ins: Carl Schuster at 17. Low nets were Brian Roe at 61, Pat Brooks and Carole Milnichuk at 66, Ruth Ray at 67, George Brooks at 68 and Carole Schuster and Pam Bank at 69.


When the Renegades played at Carolina Shores last week, the game was “Mutt and Jeff,” in which only par-5s and par-3s counted, with half handicaps. Sharon Donahue was first with a 24 and Jane Jordan second with a 27. Low-gross winner was Kim Balbach (99) over Carol Groner on a march of cards. Sharon Donahue was third (101).

Low-net winner was Sharon Donahue (66), with Lin Penta second and Jane Jordan third. T.J. Bagley and Kathy Hahl had the fewest putts (28). Sharon Clark had a chip-in birdie on No. 11. Karen Hertling had a birdie on No. 12. Other chip-ins were by Sharon Donahue (1) and T.J Bagley (2).


Results of the match June 17 (convert worst hole to par, subtract handicap). Flight 1: 1. Lynn James, 66 (match of cards). 2. Joan Mason, 66 (match of cards). 3. Jan Bohlinger, 66 (match of cards). Flight 2: 1. Mary Lou Dunbar, 59. 2. Kathy Blaine, 63 (match of cards). 3. Louisa Clatterbuck, 64. Flight 3: 1. Nancy Hanania, 62. 2. Donna Morris, 66. 3. Virginia Foulds, 68. Flight 4: 1. Myrt Crowe, 63. 2. Anne Giordano, 66. 3. Janet Keppler, 71 (match of cards).

Birdies: Gail Cafaro, No. 3. Donna Morris, No. 3. Pat Gooding, No. 11. Lynn James, No. 12. Joan Mason, No. 12. Mary Lou Dunbar, No. 14. Kathy Blaine, No. 16. Candy Fowler, No. 17. Chip-ins: Betty Ann Potvin, No. 2. Donna Morris, No. 3. Joanna Brawley, No. 4. Mary Lou Dunbar, No. 14. Marilyn Ferguson, No. 15.



The Sea Trail Lady Niners hosted the Grand Strand on the Maples Course June 17. Sixty-four players participated. 1. Cherle Rothermele, Sea Trail; Ronnie Oehme, Carolina National; Sally Gerdes, Indigo Creek; Halla Cramer, Carolina Shores. 2. Marlene Glick, Sea Trail; Evie Goin, Prestwick; Carol Gartner, Sea Trail; Joy Healy, Island Green. 3. Sally Dambaugh, Sea Trail; Jean Sanborn, Carolina Shores; Rose Mary Jones, Carolina Shores. Longest drive: Cherle Rothermele. Closet to the pin: Jean Sanborn.

The Lady Niners’ Father’s Day Tournament was played on the Jones Course. Front-nine winners: 1. Darlene and Greg DeCrane, Anita and Bob Clark; 2. Marge and Jim Libby, Carol and Marvin Peters. On the back nine: 1. Gary and Inger Dickson, Mickie and Jack Borders; 2. Carol and Bob Gartner, Jane and Bill McGee.


Results of the stroke/medal play event June 2. Flight I: Low gross, Jane Schlesser, 84; low net, Marilyn Greenfield, 67. Flight II: first low net, Susan Desloge 67, 1.5 points; first low net, Mary Schuler, 67, 1.5 points. Flight III: Low gross, Diane Sloat, 97, 3 points; first low net, Judy Proffitt, 68, 2 points; second low net, Carol Rogers, 72, 1 point; second low net, Marianne Caruana, 72, 1 point. Flight IV: low gross, Amberleen Britton, 100, 3 points; first low net, Donna Agopsowicz, 68, 3 points.

Birdies: Susan Desloge, MaryBeth Mato, Betsy Pessetto and Diane Sloat. Chip-ins: MaryBeth Mato and Betsy Pessetto.



Cindel Gwyn, of Calabash, finished tied for 21st Thursday in the North Carolina Women’s Amateur Championship. Gwyn shot 79-76-155 (+11) in the two-day tournament on the 5,896-yard course at Wilson Country Club.

Katherine Perry, of Cary, fired the only sub-par round of the final day to win by two strokes over Patty Moore, of Charlotte.

Because of heavy rains in the Wilson area, the first round was canceled. The championship, which is normally contested over 54 holes, was shortened to 36 holes.

Perry, a 17-year old rising high school senior, will get a chance to show off her steady game against some of the best women in the world in July at the U.S. Women’s Open Championship.